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November 17, 2017 10:15 AM UTC

As He Exits Gubernatorial Race, Brauchler Needles Coffman

  • by: Jason Salzman

(Promoted by Colorado Pols)

This guy to the rescue!

As he exited the gubernatorial race this week, Republican attorney general candidate George Brauchler criticized current AG Cynthia Coffman, telling KCOL radio host Jimmy Lakey that Coffman’s last-minute “decision to abandon her position as attorney general” put the AG’s office at risk of falling into Democratic hands–something he did not want to see happen. And this helped push him out of the gubernatorial race.

“The timing was so important to my decision,” said Brauchler, the district attorney who tried the Aurora theater shooter, on KCOL’s Nov. 14 show. “When she made the decision to abandon her position as attorney general less than a year before the general election, my phone just started going crazy, started blowing up with people who are saying, ‘What are we going to do to hold this seat?’ The idea of one of the progressive, extremist-type candidates on the other side taking that seat — in addition to possibly having the governorship — it would just put us, Jimmy, on a path where — I’m not even sure we’d be on the road to California. We would be California.  And I was convinced — and I believe — that the best role I can play right now for helping my home state is to defend that Attorney General’s position and to make sure it is held by a conservative and not someone who wants to legislate through litigation.”

Political operative and pundit Laura Carno, who served on Brauchler’s advisory committee, underscored the point on Lakey’s show the same day.

“I’m disappointed that a statewide official left an office where she was going to be running for reelection, and that really should be one of the offices that we don’t have to worry about — a popular incumbent running for reelection,” said Carno on Greeley’s KCOL, adding that she also agree with Brauchler that the “numbers” in the gubernatorial race, with new opponents, did not look good. “But now, with Cynthia Coffman moving over to the governor’s race, that puts at significant risk that attorney general spot. And if we’re going to — if we have the potential of having a Gov. Polis – God forbid– we have to have somebody with guts in that attorney general’s office. So, by the end of the conversation, although I started out saying, ‘I have got to talk George Brauchler out of this,’ there was just no other decision. And I appreciate that he moved over to protect that seat. So, that’s how I’m looking at it, and [I’m] disappointed that he was put in that position. But, I get it. I’m supportive. And I’m still a huge George Brauchler fan. I think he’s an eminently decent human being.”

In other statements, Brauchler acknowledged that the entrance of former Congressman Tom Tancredo into the gubernatorial race complicated his path to a primary victory, as did Coffman’s late decision to run.

“[Tancredo] also competes for some of the same votes that I’d compete for,” Brauchler told the Colorado Independent.

Unless Brauchler draws a primary opponent, he will likely face one of these Democrats vying for the their party’s nomination: Boulder prosecutor Michael Dougherty, attorney Brad Levin, Denver prosecutor Amy Padden, State Rep. Joe Salazar of Thornton, or former CU Law School dean Phil Weiser.


9 thoughts on “As He Exits Gubernatorial Race, Brauchler Needles Coffman

    1. Yeah, Republicans hate it when a Democratic state's economic policies, you know, actually succeed:

      California’s economy ranked sixth in the world in 2016, according to rankings released by Palo Alto economist Stephen Levy on Friday. That’s the same as the year before, when California overtook France and Brazil. But the state’s economy isn’t stagnating; California’s economy is growing so quickly that Levy thinks the state will overtake the United Kingdom this year for No. 5.

      Levy, head of the Center for Continuing Study of the California Economy, said the rankings are evidence of the state’s vigor in the aftermath of the recession. As recently as 2010, the state had fallen to 10th in the rankings

      If only Sam Brownback could move there and “Fix” things 😉

  1. Oh P-U-L-E-E-Z-E…..

    He makes it sound as though he is making the supreme sacrifice in running for A.G.

    Broccoli: "If not me, who? If not now, when?" Well, if not Boy George, then Ken Buck and Cole Wist were ready to give it a run.

    Cynthia Coffman's decision has given Georgie a graceful way out of a race he could not win. And an opportunity in a race he has some chance of winning.

    1. Hey, I didn’t really want to run for AG, but I’m a team guy.  I can’t say I’m a first-stringer — I’m one hell of a back bench cheerleader though.  My team is anybody who can put me in any office.  I’m hoping to figure out what I want to be when I grow up — coach said I’d make a damn fine something someday!

  2. Wow. The phone was ringing off the hook imploring Brauchler to run for AG because of the unthinkable horror of that office falling into the hands of the Californicators.  How selfless and altruistic of Brauchler to save Colorado from certain hell and damnation  if he had not stepped in the save day. In fact, Brauchler is worthy of sainthood in sacrificing himself for such a cause.

    Have to end it here. The spin is making me so dizzy I can't see the keyboard anymore.

  3. It would be ironic for the state's top attorney to be a guy who tweeted from the courtroom during a death penalty trial then essentially lied to the judge about it and claimed he was "only" texting.  Judge Samour gave him a pass he didn't deserve.  

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