House Tax Bill is VERY GOOD to Donald Trump’s Family

President Trump says that the Republican tax proposals represent the largest tax cuts “in the history of our country.” This is not even close to being true, unless perhaps Trump is talking about the benefits to his own family.

As NBC News reports:

President Donald Trump has insisted, for months, that the Republican tax plan he supports won’t benefit him.

“It’s not good for me. Believe me,” he said at a Sept. 27 event in Indiana to sell the plan. “My plan is for the working people, and my plan is for jobs. I don’t benefit,” he also said that day.

And earlier this month, according to NBC News, Trump told a group of Democratic senators in a phone call, “My accountant called me and said ‘you’re going to get killed in this bill.’”

In fact, Trump and his heirs potentially could save more than $1 billion overall under the GOP tax proposal that the House of Representatives passed Thursday, with most of that amount coming from a repeal of the estate tax, according to an analysis NBC News commissioned of Trump’s one known 2005 tax return and his estimated net worth. [Pols emphasis]

The degree to which President Trump personally benefits from the Republican tax reform plan may be debatable, but Trump has been trying to sell the American public on the absurd idea that he doesn’t benefit at all from the proposals.

Is it any wonder that public opinion is decidedly opposed to the GOP tax plans? In a recent poll conducted by Quinnipiac University, 59% of American voters say the Republican tax proposals benefit the wealthy at the expense of the middle class.


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  1. itlduso says:

    Every CO GOP House member voted for this atrocity.  Could the Dems possibly parlay this into removing Coffman and Tipton, at least, in 2018?

    James Carville said the best GOTV method is to give voters a reason to vote for you.  A family of four making $60,000 per year pays $1,800 in federal income taxes.  Don't you think the Dems could offer a reduction in those taxes?  Michael Bennet asked me if I could calculate taxes on those up to $100,000 per year.  Sure!, I said.  Thereafter, crickets.  Morgan Carroll asked me how we could possibly pay for such a cut.  Sigh.  I basically forced  Jason Crow to admit publicly that I am correct, but I doubt we will see this on his website.  

    Why can't Dems give voters what they want, a simple and real tax break for the middle class?!?



    • DavieDavie says:

      But what if those middle class families spent that tax cut, forcing businesses to meet the additional demand?  And then those business owners would be faced with the headache of hiring more workers, and desperately trying to figure out what to do with all the extra profits rolling in!

      Are you nuts? The extra tax revenue might really reduce the deficit — the horror!

  2. Diogenesdemar says:

    Great!  Now I can finally get that new I-phone! Thanks, daddy! Remember, I love your estate the most! XXOOXXOO. #MAGA!


  3. Duke CoxDuke Cox says:

    Anyone who demonstrates surprise at this news is an idiot or a liar. Donald Trump and his circle of thieves are busy raping this country. Who honestly thought he would stop being a corporate criminal when he became president? If you did…you need your head examined.

    Once again, A hearty, "thank you" to all the Trump voters who installed a fascist oligarch as leader of our nation. Now you can tell you grandchildren how proud you are of what you have done to them.

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