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November 11, 2017 06:41 AM UTC

"M" Is for Mexico

  • by: Powerful Pear

So you are going to take a trip to Mexico. What are the two pieces of advice that friends who care about you will give? Be careful! Don’t drink the water.

For sixty years I have heard that you can’t drink the water in Mexico without getting sick. Sixty years… and it is still the case. Two years ago on a mission trip to Juarez Mexico, I worked on a team that assisted the local church in building homes for families in need (everyone is in need, these were the lucky people). We stayed in the Mission compound, and yes, they cautioned us not to drink the water, don’t even use the water on your toothbrush.

The people of Mexico are poverty-stricken, a condition that is held over from el Conquistador of the Old World of Spain. If you live there, your town may have only one paved road; the rest is sand and gravel. You may be lucky to have a 12 X 50 rectangle of a house while your neighbor’s house is made of shipping pallets and tarps. You will have a black cistern for when the water truck stops by to fill it up. An outhouse usually accompanies each home. You can catch the bus into town where if you are lucky your job at the tire shop still exists. If you are fortunate enough to have some extra money left over you can deposit it at the bank, provided the local police don’t shake you down and accuse you some crime for which they are willing to overlook for payment. You may own your land, but the State owns all the rights.

It is understandable that this poverty-stricken population would desire to escape Mexico. It will always be the case.

For years and years we have heard about comprehensive immigration, “immigration policy is broken and must be fixed.” We have listened to it over and over and over.

If mere words written on paper were the answer, we would not have an illegal immigration issue. Even if the words, were powerful words, maybe even three syllable words, or words written by great legal minds, we would still have an immigration problem.

The U. S. Government will never be able to solve immigration because they can not correctly define the problem. The problem is not the impoverished population of Mexico who wants to escape. The problem is the corrupt MEXICAN GOVERNMENT!

The United States has attempted solutions. For the last 25 years, we have sent our wealth to Mexico in the form of trade deals such as NAFTA, only to see our prosperity weaken, and still, you can’t drink the water. Sending, even more, money and wealth will not solve the problem.

After good faith attempts have failed to help the Mexican Government and the population of Mexico, it is time to pursue an alternative solution.

“Build that wall!” A wall consisting of natural barriers, electronic barriers and yes, beautifully constructed physical barriers are needed to restrict the flow of illegal immigration.


14 thoughts on ““M” Is for Mexico

  1. Congratulations on your announcement, Roger. 

    You’ve conflated the issues of bad water and corrupt government as your defense for support of the Wall.  As a Congressman you will have influence on those issues domestically as well. Do you have a position on the Flint water crisis? Are the current actions by Secretary Pruitt fixing or exasperating the situation?   Children and pregnant women are discouraged from drinking water from many parts of the Ogallala Aquifer as a result of decades of failed farm policy that ignores the negative externalities of its subsidy-driven crop program. Do you support the billions in federal transfers that are driving this scenario?  

  2. Roger- 

    I hope you win your primary: good luck.
    After the ethics issue, and 'leadership' of the Congressional oversight of the Aurora VA med center, and pandering to anyone everywhere, I would think it would be easier to win against that guy.  But apparently it's not.

    If the problem is the Mexican government, why wouldn't we resume our Manifest Destiny and make more citizens not less?  We could, for example, buy the Baja. 

    Or make it easier for law abiding,  value adding people to become citzens or legal workers.  Then the US relationship is directly with people and not the government.


    And as a small government conservative (whatever that is) this would be a win, win – government that is the problem is out of the way, people are more free to do what makes most sens for them.

  3. Like our water is healthy to drink and our government isn't corrupt.

    MADCO is correct. Unlike his primary opponent, Roger is at least willing to interact with us commoners. For that, I give him credit.

    I realize it isn't as pressing an issue as drinking water in Mexico but I must ask Roger:  Do you think Alabama voters should vote for Doug Jones in the Senate race on Dec. 12?

  4. Jane Roger you ignorant slut . . . 

    . . . plenty of places is Mexico where the water is fine . . . 

    . . . plenty of places in America where it isn’t . . . 

    . . . much of Mexico’s water issues can be attributed to it’s natural sources and it’s tropical and semi-tropical climate . . .

    . . . as much as to “conquistadors” and “improvrished[ness] — or ”improvised[ness]”. . . 

    . . . I’ll never understand why Republicans are so openly proud of their embracing ignorance and bigoted stereotypes.  Next mission trip, why not consider a few years of university? — and not CCU or Heritage or any other of those ivory-tower madrasahs of right-wing ignorance and bigotry!  Maybe consider one of America’s proud and modern resort reservations?  Lot’s of really fine dirt-road communities in your gawd-fearing bible-livin’ South — for how many years now?

    Mexico’s corruption pales to that of the Trump administration.

    Jesus, Mary and Joseph, the Republican Party has no need for yet another ignorant bigot running for office.   You’ll get not one atta’[bigot]boy from me, you willfully ignorant blind Limbaugh fuck!

    “M” is for moron! . . .

    1. I understand Mexicans coming to the U.S. are told to not drink the water in places like Flint, Michigan, or Fort Lupton, Colorado. 

      As for Republican ignorance, let's not forget how Both Ways Bob educated us on how to reset our clocks to "Mexico Time" when he ran in 2006.

  5. To Polsters:

    The “solution” to what you dislike about Mike Coffman will not be found in your embracing, or encouraging, an even more willfully ignorant and virulent RWNJ (no matter how many dozen votes he might peel off from Coffman in the primary).

    1. We're just having some good old fun with the local GOP.  

      Like Claire McCaskell did so effectively in 2012 when she engineered the nomination of Todd Akin over some mainstream Republican.

      BTW, all things being relative, who would have thought that Todd Akin would not look quite so bad six years out. Sure he was a moron and a misogynist but at least there was no evidence that he was a kiddie diddler.

      1. ‘Cuz when it comes to elections, Democrats always get lucky? . . .

        If I remember correctly McCaskill was trailing in that race, not expected to win, and likely would have lost that election if not for Akin’s last-minute “legitimate rape” comment?

        If anyone thinks it’s a great idea giving their “strategic” encouragement to any RWNJ candidate these days, I’ve got a Mar Lago membership that I’d be willing to sell them — cheap!

        1. Touche, you do have a valid point. There is always that risk that the RWNJ will win the general election.

          But I think the risk is acceptable when it comes Powerful Pear. The Dems have proven uniquely incapable of defeating Coffman with three decent candidates. Maybe we let Roger take him out in the primary, and Crowe will have a better chance of defeating PP in the general.

          Besides, even if he won, PP would be one 435. It's not like we're entrusting the nuclear codes.

    2. It's no secret that I support Jason Crow's candidacy against Mike Coffman. In my opinion, Edwards' candidacy will do nothing but help Crow win. That's why Roger Edwards, aka Powerful Pear, aka Passionate Prune, has my support in his primary bid.

      There are more than a few disgruntled Trumpers in CD6. They're mad at Coffman for betraying their orange idol, will probably vote for Edwards or some other whackjob in a primary.  Yet, if Coffman tries to appeal to them, he'll alienate the rest of CD6.

      AFP will probably come out in force against Crow, as they did against Carroll in 2016. AFP paid canvassers to spread lies about Carroll, the gist being that she was working in the interests of trial lawyers. They'll probably try the same against Crow in 2018. Crow is also a professional attorney, who has worked for a firm that has defended less than savory clients.t. Crow seems pretty clean, as a political novice, and his Iraq combat veteran credentials (bronze star) are stronger than Mike "Green Zone" Coffman's. Photo below, printed in Westword, courtesy of Jason Crow.

      Crow's got decent fundraising ability – over $500K so far. I don't know if he, like so many of our unfortunate Democratic candidates, will rely on DNC consultants who tell him not to bother with a grassroots operation, don't bother registering people to vote, rely on paid media and doorhangers. It is going to help Crow, although it will hurt veterans,  that the VA hospital will not be fully staffed by November 2018, especially if the Republican budget, with its big cuts to veteran's benefits, passes.

      Both Crow and Coffman worked to secure funding for the new VA hospital – Coffman in Congress, and Crow on the Colorado Board of Veteran Affairs. Coffman, however, has made it actually harder to staff the new VA hospital, by pushing policies that weaken the union and would have made it possible to fire VA hospital workers "at will".

      Coffman has also pushed for the "Choice Card" program, which attempts to address the backlog of appointments for veterans by allowing private providers to care for veterans' ills. The Choice Card has never been fully implemented, and is underutilized and problematic, but is widely seen as a first step to privatization of VA services.  My family's experience with the Choice program has been negative; private providers are ignorant about special needs of veterans, and do not have access to the medical records they would need to provide appropriate care. Edwards loves the Choice program, and has advocated for complete privatization of VA services. We'll see how well that goes down in Aurora.

      It's noteworthy that three of the declared candidates are veterans.

  6. A Washington county that went for Trump is shaken as immigrant neighbors start disappearing

    But the way ICE is carrying out Trump’s policy locally, described in poignant detail by a Chinook Observer series called “Stories from the Heart” — “none of the Republicans I talk to are happy,” she said.

    “We shouldn’t be ripping families apart,” Malin said. “It seems very Gestapo.”

    ICE declined to make anyone available for interviews about its Pacific County activity.

    A lack of information adds to the sense of unease.

    Wright, the police chief, talked about “neighbors just snatched” and about sitting in church on a Sunday wondering whether the Hispanic family he hasn’t seen in a while has been arrested or is in hiding.

  7. Questions to Candidate Roger Edwards:

    Do you find it acceptable or unacceptable for a 32-year old man to date a 14-year old girl?

    If not, for whom would you recommend the voters in Alabama vote in the special election on Dec. 12?

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