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April 11, 2006 08:00 AM UTC

And Then There Were...6???

  • by: Colorado Pols

From the Colorado Springs Gazette:

Saying that the 5th Congressional District race needs a nonpolitician, Colorado Springs businessman Patrick Carter declared himself a candidate Monday.

Carter, 37, becomes the sixth Republican to enter the race for retiring GOP Rep. Joel Hefley?s seat. He joins John Anderson, Duncan Bremer, Jeff Crank, Doug Lamborn and Lionel Rivera in competing for the party?s nomination.


32 thoughts on “And Then There Were…6???

  1. this is bad news for lamborn.  carter’s few supporters almost completely come out lamborn’s assumed support.  will lamborn even get 30 percent of the delegates to get on the ballot?

  2. I think this guy is so far down the list that he will not hurt Lamborn even if his support comes from Lamborn’s crowd.  I have to think that he is either running to promote an issue or to be able to say that he was a candidate for Congress.  His statement that the race needs a “nonpolitician” is kind of weird since Crank, Bremer, and Anderson are not in office and have private sector work.  I don’t think I know this guy so I don’t know what drives him to jump into the race against some pretty formidable candidates.  He also indicated that he will go the assembly rout so I would guess that his campaign will last about a month…

    Will Lamborn will get 30%  at the assembly?  I am wondering how well his campaign is going considering how negative his folks have been (and for my disclaimer, I am only getting this from reports in the newspaper).  Common wisdom would have it that if you are doing well you don’t need to go negative.

  3. You know (and yes I am ready to catch a TON of sh*t for this) it really sucks that you guys will not put Curtis Imrie on the big line for CD 5.  Yes, he does not have much of a chance, but at least he is running.  Can’t you all honor that?

  4. Anderson has about 50 pounds on everyone else so I would put my money on him.  The way his campaign seems to be going, maybe he should suggest that!

  5. Hotaling’s a great campaigner, and firecely loyal. How ’bout the Libs on here stop spreading baseless rumors about Jon? Doug’s gonna be the next CD5 Congressman.

  6. Oh wait… “Joe” are you reallyBeauBeau?

    You don’t know who Jon Hotowing is? You should go ask Babbwa, she lives in Wakewood, Cowowado. She knows the whow Hotowing famiwy. Nice peopwe. They really wike wandscaping in the summer and snowmobiwing in the winter.

    Ha, ha. Check and make sure no one switched your “L” and “W” keys BeauBeau.

  7. Seriously, does anyone know for sure what is going on with Lamborn’s campaign?  This weekend’s assembly in El Paso might be a good indicator of how much support he has been able to gain.  He might be putting his efforts in behind the scene and have a good performance at the assembly, but I kind of get the idea that his campaign is stalling.  I also think that his web designer works for Crank!

  8. Hotaling is a decent guy.  He doesn’t exactly have a whole lot to work with though.  Lamborn has never had a tough race and he is well regarded as one of the laziest Republicans in El Paso County.  Rivera, Crank, Anderson, and even Bremer are gaining steam while Lamborn’s campaign has weakened over time.

  9. Good point about Lamborn not having a tough race in his background.  His elections have largely been fairly easy for him to win.  This one is a bit different.  It is not a popularity contest with other state congressmen. 

    I agree with you about Lamborn’s typical effort level being low, but he really wants this job so I’ll bet his efforts would be at 100% for this campaign.  Crank and Bremer are much more go-getters; and if he wants to be competitive with those two (who are most closely aligned with his positions), he will need to work his tail off.

  10. john galt-
    you make it sound as though being an unpaid college intern is a bad thing. i always believed in being paid for my work, but theres no real shame in being an unpaid intern. i am sure there are unpaid college interns out there who could put most adults’ brain capacity to shame.

    dont make fun of young people that are actually involved. if youre going to make fun of youngsters, make fun of the fact that hardly any of them show up to vote!

  11. I don’t know who this Carter guy is but I do know Lamborn is way ahead of the pack among El Paso delegates.  I heard from the down and out Bremer camp that Lamborn is too strong so Duncan may petition.  Seems he spent all his time on the Lincoln dinner while everyone else was focusing on delegates.  He’s toast.  Crank has majority of smaller counties locked up because of Hefley but that’s only 10% of total.  My money says Lamborn 50%, Crank 30%, Anderson 20% and he petitions too.  Count it a 6-way even after the convention??  Please, you guys really are too much fun.

    Isn’t Hefley the guy that called ColoradoPols an “obscure website?” Wekll with all the crank staffers seminar posting here, I guess it’s not so obscure to the Crank crowd. Too bad Lamborn’s staff is too busy logging endorsements and contributions…

  12. cctiger, was not making fun of the fact of someone being unpaid. I haven’t been involved in a race yet that did not rely heavily on unpaid people, interns and volunteers alike.
    Though I definately was making fun of the sophomoric comments about the Lamborn campaign.

  13. Sam I Am is right on.  A lot of campaigns get lost in the minutia and forget that the bottom line is to get elected.  To get elected you’ve got to be on the ballot and that requires delegates.  Lamborn’s campaign knows what it’s doing. 

    I’m sure all of the Crank interns on here will be surprised by how well Lamborn does by sticking with the basics, the important things.

  14. While you all are looking the other way, my man Lionel will be sneaking up on you and opening a can of whoop-ass. Crankie boy and Stillborn Lamborn will split the evangelicals, “My brother is Paul” Bremmer will capture the 10 little ol’ blue haired women that show up at every Assembly, Anderson gets the 15 realtives he has as delegates, the new guy Carter gets nothing, and the mighty Lion (el) captures 75% of the delegates. No primary unless the losers petition on. Clean, easy and ooohh so predictable.

  15. The more [R]’s the better. They are all super-duper-qualified to fill Joel Hefley’s shoes. And they all deserve the seat, I hope they all take this as seriously as Joel took supporting our troops…..and standing up for ethics.

  16. Robert:  You write a derogatory comment about me but offer no rebuttal whatsoever. That’s lame and indicates to me that what I wrote is THE TRUTH. You some kind of Stillborn Lamborn shill or a Crankie-boy sycophant?

  17. Here is some substance for you: Rivera is NOT going the assembly rout so your assertion that he will have 75% of delegates shows your naivety about this race.  Crank should win at the assembly,  Lamborn will probably be in second, with an outside chance that Bremer rains on his parade if Lamborn is struggling.  Also, if you want to know my views on candidates, look back at the archives.  I think we all know your views…

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