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November 06, 2017 09:29 AM UTC

Remember, It's Too Soon To Talk About Guns

  • by: Colorado Pols

Please wait until it’s too late again. Those are the rules.


37 thoughts on “Remember, It’s Too Soon To Talk About Guns

  1. When a gop says, "thoughts and prayers," it really means:

    "Oh Jeebus, not another one! Ferchrissake, now many times do we have to go on defending and ignoring this evil shit so we can keep receiving checks from the corrupt NRA, and so our deplorable, ammosexual base doesn't turn on us? Damn, it's now up to about one gun-based mass killing a week! Oh well, guess I'd better at least get on record as saying something so I don't look like as big a piece of shit as trump."

    1. I have a student, a refugee from an African country I won't name, who came here to the US to be safe. He's freaking out because, he says, and it's true, "We are up to one shooting a day, now!"

      It's too familiar a feeling for him.

      1. That''s truly terrible, mama. The poor child. And yes, he's quite correct. With the gop in charge, it doesn't look like it will be improving any time soon.

  2. That's cute. What exactly do you propose that could have prevented this shooting.

    News reports say the killer bought two of his guns in Colorado. Why didn't Colorado's landmark gun "safety" laws stop him?

    Liberals don't really want to talk about guns. They want you to be afraid of the tool instead of the evil people who wield the tool. It's so they can control and disarm law abiding citizens.

      1. Shemp and his evil, immoral Gun-Fetishist Party of Hypocrites refer ever so daintily and snowflake-like to WHITE, MALE, CHRISTIAN, GUN-TOTING, MASS-MURDERING DOMESTIC AMERICAN TERRORISTS as "misguided" and "mentally challenged."

        To them, gun-based mass murder is distasteful but acceptable, its victims “regrettable collateral damage,” as long as the "right" people are committing it, and it results in no restrictions on their ilk’s amassing of personal hand-held weapons of mass destruction.

        All others (read: non-white/non-christian/non-republican) are "animals" who "must be killed immediately."

    1. Also, why was he allowed to have a gun when he was convicted for domestic abuse, and dishonorably discharged from the military?


      Do you think someone who has been convicted of Domestic Abuse, animal abuse and the like should be allowed access to deadly weapons?

    2. I remember way way way back at the beginning of this millennium, when you were still learning to hug your Kleenex box and were living in your grammy’s basement, Fluffy, . . . 

      . . . when we had a President which the past 10 months have somehow amazingly “normalized” . . . 

      . . . and when we still had an “assault-weapons” ban which was allowed to expire as “unnecessary” (because, gosh oh golly, criminals almost never used “assault-weapons” to perpetrate mayhem)??

          1. Of all the horrors described on this blog lately, the mental image of synchronized Polsters solemnly unwrapping their Kleenex boxes, removing the little cardboard cutout, pulling the first Kleenex free…etc….. is oddly adorable, and only the 37th most horrific.

    3. When I was young we hunted with single shot rifles and shotguns. No one had an assault rifle except the United States military. No one in those days expected to own one as a civilian. No one, except the military, should have them now. There is no need for them in civilian life.

      The now time honored red herrings that we need them to defend ourselves against the government or that the government is trying to take them away is complete nonsense. Those sentiments are based on one thing only – fear – unfounded, and stoked by people who cannot cite any evidence that either one is going to happen. I have acquaintances who have told me for years the government is coming to take their guns away. Each time, I ask one question. Please give the name of one person who the government has taken their gun(s) away from (other than disarming criminals)? Over more than twenty years of asking that question no has been able to name one person, not one, who they know the government has taken their guns away but they are dead set sure the government is going to do that. Their position is without merit.

      We are experiencing all these mass shootings and killings because assault rifles are available. Without them, these criminals could never do the kind and level of destruction they impose on us. The ban on those weapons should be reenacted by Congress forthwith.

      1. Agreed, R36. The language needs to be precise when public issues are concerned. First, define “assault rifle.'' The teevee twits couldn't tell you the difference between a semi-automatic and full-automatic. Full autos, as I'm sure you know, are illegal to own except in a very few, well-regulated instances. What makes a firearm an assault weapon?

        1. Wikipedia seems to do a pretty definitive job defining these items:

          Drawing from federal and state law definitions, the term assault weapon refers primarily to semi-automatic riflespistols, and shotguns that are able to accept detachable magazines and possess one or more other features.[2][9][10] Some jurisdictions define revolving cylinder shotguns as assault weapons.[11][12] Legislative definitions do not include fully automatic weapons, which are regulated separately as Title II weapons under federal law.[13][n 1] A key defining law was the now-defunct Federal Assault Weapons Ban of 1994.[13] At that time, the United States Department of Justice said, "In general, assault weapons are semiautomatic firearms with a large magazine of ammunition that were designed and configured for rapid fire and combat use."[3]

          Common attributes used in legislative definitions of assault weapons include:

          None of the above describes a hunting or target shooting gun to me.  Does it to you?

  3. The system failed. A criminal who should not have have a gun bought one legally. Passed a background check.

    The system will ALWAYS fail and that is why we cannot disarm law abiding citizens!!!!!!!

    1. Maybe the system needs to be tightened.  Maybe no guns bigger than a later 18th century musket unless the purchaser can pass a psych evaluation.

      1. I'll say it again. License guns like cars. You screw up, show you're violent, crazy, untrustworthy, no guns for you.

        Negev should be along any minute now to explain why this is completely unrealistic.

    2. What failed is your compassion Moderatus.  The bodies of those little children haven't been buried and you don't show one iota of concern or compassion towards the dead.  All you do is politicize these murders for your murderous gun gods.  You will be sent to the lowest levels of Hell for your blasphemy towards the innocent dead.  Too bad they weren't Zygotes then you would move Heaven and Earth to make sure that they were safe.  What a whackjob to be masturbating in front of his gun god to appease his NRA masters.  The blood of the innocent call out for you to refrain from your filthy profiteering from their deaths.  What an asshole you truly are in the eyes of a just and caring God.

      1. There ain't no just and caring god, GG. Moddy is just trying to make his peace with evil in the hope that in the end they will find him too useful to send to the camps.

        They won't.

    3. The dimwitted one is regurgitating talking points.  The argument is that since background checks failed in this instance then background checks are no good.  The reality is that in states that implement background checks, levels of violence and suicide by gun go down.

      Don't be discouraged by this piece of shit's conclusion that any attempts to slow the loss of our freedom to move about in our society peaceable are worthless.  Sensible gun regulations do make a difference and social change is worth the effort.

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