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April 11, 2006 08:00 AM UTC

Tuesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

The Denver Nuggets: your Northwest Division champions!


76 thoughts on “Tuesday Open Thread

  1. Is this in your morning paper?
    Scrawled backwards in hand printing across the bottom of page 21A on a story about Tom Tancredo, under the byline of  Jody Berger, is the word “CRIMINAL.”

  2. Tom Tancredo wanted to sell off National Parks and such:

    “But turning over our national treasures to commercial enterprise is not only subject for wing-nut think tanks constricted within the Washington Beltway. Some actually advocate for this right here in Colorado, including our very own nutjobbiest of Congressmen (no small feat), the Member from Littleton, who has advocated for a wide-scale sell off of our public domain.”

  3. Colorado lawmaker proposes land sales in Western states


    WASHINGTON – A Colorado lawmaker has seized upon the Gulf Coast hurricanes as the latest good reason for the government to consider selling off vast land holdings in the West.

    A bill by Rep. Thomas Tancredo, R-Colo., orders the Interior and Agriculture departments to put 15 percent of the public land they manage onto the open market.

  4. national sales tax-

    While both a flat tax and a national sales tax would be much better than our current graduated tax system, I support a sales tax as the best way to fund the federal government.

    remember Bushit’s failed SS initiative, yep…member supports

    I am 100% behind the President in this endeavor and look forward to the final recommendation of the Commission.

    Verdict is in-whack job

  5. Arm,
    I didn’t know what you were talking about until I opened my paper. I can’t say I’ve seen anything like that in my paper. It looks like it could have been done in the printing process. There’s smear on the opposite page where the hand printing rested against. I wonder if the News knows? (Does the News know…I kill me.)

  6. Greeley man files election complaint against Paccione

    April 11, 2006
    A Greeley resident filed a federal complaint against Rep. Angie Paccione, D-Fort Collins, on Monday.

    The complaint filed with the Federal Election Commission in Washington alleges Paccione violated federal election law when an e-mail from her campaign offered free vacations to contributors.
    read more at:

    It’s a bleed over from page 20A. A kid is holding a sign saying
    “My Dad is not a CRIMINAL.”
    This is not an easily solved problem. I’ve given it a lot of thought. The only thing I can come up with is a somewhat drastic solution: The Rocky is going to having to slow down it’s printing devices so wet ink doesn’t bleed on the next page.

  8. Most immigrants are hard-working members of our communities.  $160,000 annually would be much better spent on helping these folks than on paying Tancredo’s salary.

  9. Uh oh Billstrong, that sounds like a prelude to a bill requiring a massive influx of illegal aliens that will be necessary to operate the slower equipment and still maintain the volume requirements.

  10. Greeley man files election complaint against Paccione

    April 11, 2006
    A Greeley resident filed a federal complaint against Rep. Angie Paccione, D-Fort Collins, on Monday.

    The complaint filed with the Federal Election Commission in Washington alleges Paccione violated federal election law when an e-mail from her campaign offered free vacations to contributors.
    read more at:

  11. Omigosh! I think its a conspiracy! On page 12c, perfectly lined up across the girls tennis scores is the word ROCKY written backwards. I think that they are trying to say that colorado girl’s tennis is on rocky ground. I’ve never seen anything like that ever, ever, ever before! I gotta go! I hear theres a sale on tin foil hats!

  12. Newt Gingrich says we should “Cut and Run.” The wheels are fast coming off the cart. Is he giving aid and comfor to the enemy? See this quote from him:

    Gingrich quote from 1/19/06: “I think it’s quite clear…that bin Laden and his lieutenants are monitoring the American news media, they’re monitoring public opinion polling, and I suspect they take a great deal of comfort when they see people attacking United States policies.”

  13. Bush approval hits low in poll: Monsters and

    US President George Bush`s approval rating has fallen 3 points to a record low 38 percent in a Washington Post-ABC News poll published

    Phone-jamming records point to White House: Seattle Post Intelligencer

    Key figures in a phone-jamming scheme designed to keep New Hampshire Democrats from voting in 2002 had regular contact with the White House and Republican Party as the plan …

  14. That was a very cool video Peggy has on the website. There’s an answer for anyone who asks “Where does she stand on the war?” Very well done. Thanks for the tip, ColoradoDem.

  15. Great Spanish, Idiotas. Now which of the 52 dialects of Azteco-Taoan do you speak? I mean, you do wish to communicate with the aliens don’t you?

  16. Why aren’t the papers pounding Sen. Salazar for being the senator from Mexico instead of the Senator from Colorado. He seems to think he’s a Hispanic Catholic first, and an American Senator last.

    How long has it been since we’ve had a president who’s endorsed law breaking, as in illegal immigration, and has backed up his support for border insecurity with blatant lies and demands that Congress put the welfare of the GOP ahead of the welfare of America? How long has it been since Colorado has had two senators who put the priorities of special interest groups—Hispanics and crooked employers—ahead of the economic and security interests of the U.S.?

    Colorado is lucky that at least Tom Tancredo has the courage and integrity to standup for his country, which is more than you can say for the local editorial writers and columnists or the editorial writers and columnists in the national papers such as the WSJ and NYT.

    Bush’s legacy: He put his party before his country.

  17. Senator Salazar is doing a fine job of representing me, skeptic, and I am neither Catholic nor hispanic.  I am proud of Senator Salazar and hope that he will be my party’s nominee for VP in ’08.  Further, I would point out that several in the Catholic Church leadership think that he is doing a very poor job of representing them, so I’m not sure where you are coming from with your assertion.

    President Bush has advocated virtually the same program that President Reagan advocated nearly 20 years ago.  Did Reagan sell out our country in your eyes?

    With regards to Tancredo, he is a certifiable loon who is an embarassment to the state of Colorado.  As a Democrat, I pray for his nomination by your party for the Presidency in ’08.  He is just about the only Republican (other than the host of them currently under or facing indictment) that Hillary could beat.

  18. “Quote”

    “It makes negotiations much harder because Iran is left with the view that, no matter what we negotiate, the U.S. is going to attack.” — Institute for Science and International Security President David Albright, on the effect of recent reports that the United States is preparing contingency plans to destroy Iranian nuclear sites.

  19. President Bush has advocated virtually the same program that President Reagan advocated nearly 20 years ago. Did Reagan sell out our country in your eyes?


    In his memoirs, President Reagan said that the amnesty program that he’d signed into law was one of the biggest mistakes of his presidency.

    In 1983 President Ronald Reagan warned: “This country has lost control of its own borders, and no country can sustain that kind of position.”

    In 1984 Governor Richard Lamm (D-Colorado) warned: “We have to find a way to regain control of our borders… The economy within the United States can never keep up with the fertility pressure outside of the United States.”

  20. With regards to Tancredo, he is a certifiable loon who is an embarassment to the state of Colorado.


    Nothing like an ad hominem attack to weaken your position.

  21. President Reagan insisted that the magnet attracting illegal aliens to the United States be removed by extinguishing any incentive for U.S. employers to hire illegal aliens. In tandem with the amnesty, Reagan campaigned for employer sanctions for hiring illegal aliens, sanctions so stringent that many at the time regarded them as draconian.

    Reagan reasoned that if an employer were fined for hiring an illegal alien (as much as $1 million in the worst cases), any payroll savings achieved by the hiring would be wiped out by the fine. In effect, it would be more expensive to hire illegal aliens than to hire Americans or lawful permanent residents. The few illegal aliens who continued to take the gamble and cross the border would be intercepted by a robust and more generously funded Border Patrol.

    While Reagan’s 1986 immigration reforms (search) can at least be called rational, they were a failure. Today, there are between 8 million and 11 million illegal aliens in the United States. The majority of them crossed our southern border and has found employment — illegal employment, but employment nonetheless. This is attributed to Sen. Ted Kennedy’s eventual gutting of the enforcement mechanism for Reagan’s employer sanctions, and successive administrations refusing to give our Border Patrol the resources it needs to achieve its mission.

    In 1986, though, President Reagan showed a clear recognition between wrong and right. If U.S. employers were to gain from the employment of people whose very presence in our country was a crime, then they would at least have to pay for it.

  22. BadMoon, all due respect, but is it fair to lay the burden of our current immigrant situation fully on the shoulders of Kennedy? I think it’s much more complex than that. It’s a problem , to be sure, but not impossible to solve.

  23. 33 Americans Killed in Iraq; 11 days into April.  5 US Servicemen killed today. 

    BAGHDAD, Iraq Apr 11, 2006 (AP)— Five American soldiers have been killed in Iraq, including three killed Tuesday north of Baghdad, the U.S. military said.

    A U.S. statement said the three members of Multinational Division Baghdad died Tuesday afternoon in a roadside bombing, but it did not give a precise location.

    Another soldier assigned to the 2/28th Brigade Combat Team died Monday of wounds suffered the day before in fighting in Anbar province west of the capital, the military said.

    Another soldier assigned to the 130th Engineer Brigade was killed Sunday when his vehicle was hit by a blast near Balad, the U.S. reported. Another soldier was wounded.

    At least 2,359 members of the U.S. military have died since the beginning of the war in 2003, according to an Associated Press count. The figure includes seven military civilians.

  24. I thought this war in Iraq was supposed to last a month?  Didn’t President Bush say, “Major conflict operations in Iraq have ended?” 

    MISSION ACCOMPLISHED ???  You must be joking Mr. President …

  25. You  seem jubilant at the new American deaths, Patriot.  I guess you feel its worth it if it gives you new ammunition to bash Bush and the American military effort.

  26. ProgressNowAction launched a contest to determine how Governor Bill Owens and Trailhead Group Director Alan Philp spent over $800,000 raised from donors and companies for Owens’ January 2003 inauguration dinner…

    The funds from the dinner were supposed to be used for a “think tank” called the Center for the New American Century (CNAC).

    “Were Owens, co-founder Roy Palmer who now lobbies for Xcel Energy, and Alan Philp, CNAC’s director, using the inaugural dinner to funnel corporate money through CNAC for political purposes and around the campaign finance laws?” asked Huttner.

    Philp runs the Trailhead Group, Owens’ “527” big money political attack group whose misuse of Colorado citizens’ private phone numbers are being reviewed by several District Attorneys.


  27. Well hot damn.  If Progress Now Action (a non-partisan group, nod, nod, wink, wink) says it’s true, then it must be.

    Go Back to reading the Denver Pravda will you?

  28. Too bad ‘ProgressNow’ (what an ironic name for them) isn’t as feisty when it comes to the ultra-secret R&D group.

    Too bad ‘ProgressNow’ doesn’t keep the same wary eye on that liberal big money political attack group known as BowelMoveOn – er sorry, MooveOn, darn it! !  (there!)  Are all their dollars scrutinized by PN?  If not, why not?

  29. Well GR and BMR, do your research and fine some dirt on Or, disprove what MoveOn has stated. Move on now children, go do your homework instead of sitting in the back of the class snickering.

  30. WhysoJubilant —

    First, I will not dignify a response with the words that express my deep resentment of your comment –in my mind. 

    Second, I have two first cousins in Baghdad at the moment, fighting a war that they are sure were mismanaged and mishandled from the outset.  However, I’m not going to speak for them, since I’m not there. 

    As far as those who have lost their lives, including those who are innocent civilians in Iraq, including those who died in NY on 911, you cannot place “blood” on my hands, since I’m completely against “terrorism.” 

    I was strongly against this war from its beginnings.  I did not vote for President Bush. 

    I have a great deal of Jewish heritage.  My ancestors died in Germany by starvation and a suffered a cruel death.  I’m not jubliant over the huge mess that this Administration has created, seeminglhy without any concern for what the opinions of the American “People” are in this country.  I believe the greatest error of this Administration was the fact that they embarked on a strategy that did not consider the innocent.

    I have steadfastly disagreed with the policies of the GOP and their greedy hands of playing poker with the turth and people’s lives for the sake of oil profits and any other motivations that seemingly propels us toward “nuclear brinkmanship.” 

    I agree, the Iranian government is very dangerous.  I don’t think we have done a horrendous job at working with our allies and world partners overseas — using diplomacy.  I agree that our own political path seems to carry us into a spiral of accelerated “limited solutions.” 

    If I had a magic wand, I would bring the troops back home, turn back the clock, place former President Bill Clinton back into office and repeat my relunctance of voting for another GOP candidate.

  31. ProgressNow put forward the truth about the Cons, and ReRaiders and DumbassRising are the wingnuts reacting without hesitation.  You’ve got to look at how pathetic these guys can be, just like Welker, Lundberg, Schulthies,  and the whole lot of them.

    CNAC/Trailhead/Independence Institute/ Minutemen thay are birds of a feather my friends.

  32. I will correct my paragraph, “I think we HAVE done a horrendous job at working with our allies and world partners overseas — using diplomacy. 

    President Bush’s arrogance with the world has made it extremely difficult to “ask” other nations to help us in any peacekeeping effort, since insurgents can simply use IED’s on a daily basis to carve more hatred.

  33. Democrats Deport Republicans in favor of illegal aliens – Continued from yesterday’s open thread

    Day 13: Democrats pass open border legislation with Mexico to encourage jobs to come back to the US… Nobody Comes.

    Day 14: Republicans encourage Mexican Government to offer tax incentives for manufacturers to open up plants in Mexico.  Ford and GM relocate all assembly plants to Mexico City.  Domestic Car prices fall 30% and the concept of 40 MPG is achieved. 

    Day 15: UAW files lawsuit against mexican workers for not joining the Union.  Workers ask what the Union ever did to help them.  Union Officials decline to answer, demanding that the new plants unionize.  Workers laugh and go back to work.

    Day 16: Democrats respond with an open border offer to Canada.  Canadian Prime Minister is quoted as saying: “Take off, eh!”

    Day 17: Democrats demand that U.N. send in Peacekeeping Unions to factories located in Mexico.  U.N. Declines. Hillary Clinton presses the UN for sanctions against Republicans.  U.N. Declines, preferring not to interfere in “Domestic Matters”

    Day 18: Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry and the Smurfs decide to hold a US AID show.  Staggering amounts of money are donated by 3rd world countries to help the US re-develop.  The evening is capped off by a duet of “It’s not easy being blue” sung by John Kerry and the Smurfette

    Day 18.5: Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy are arrested prior to the AID Show, apparently they were advised it was a Hoe-Down and came for a Ho Down.  NARAL members not amused, demanded immediate sanctions.

    Day 19: DNC restates financial results from US AID. Miscalculation on the rate of the Zimbabwe Dollar.  Total US AID results in a net proceed of 8600 USD (down from an initial calculation of $853,180,200.00)

    Day 20: DNC Seeks Bankruptcy protection.

  34. The crime rate of Palermo, Sicily, the corporate world headquarters of the MAFIA, has a crime rate equal that of Jefferson County, and some ten times lower than Washington DC. But Rome isn’t falling, America is. Do I need to repeat that?

  35. The cool part of your scenerio is we would get to live where it is warm most of the time. Good scoot riding weather.
    How long will the “let the guvment pay for all our needs” liberals last, when there is no economy base left. Mostly because their system has become completely socialist, which scorns self disipline, self motivation, and self advancement. And which encourages laziness and reliance on the guvment for their every need.
    Would be really fun to watch.
    Worked well for the USSR didn’t it?

  36. On April 5, 2006 Condoleeza Rice sat before the Senate and was informed that India was training Iranian sailors. She was asked point blank, “Have you made it a condition of this ‘special nuclear deal’ with India that they cease training Iranian military. Condi di not have an answer.


  37. Things have come to a pretty pass in the United States of America when the first question you have to ask yourself on matters of war and death is, AND THE ACTIONS AND INACTION OF THE CURRENT REPUBLICAN PRESIDENCY AND THE RUBBER STAMP CONGRESS, “Just how crazy and incompetent are these people?”

  38. I hate to say it, but we have open borders, fellas!  We also have not too many friends overseas, due to the Bush Administration.  The incompetence of this Administration has its own set of neo-criteria … selling nuclear technology to India?  Who are we kidding? 

    Here is a bombshell for yaaaaa … Bin Laden is a free man somewhere — how kind is that?

  39. The tendency of liberals, being the good hearted human beings we are, is to forgive and forget. But let’s take a more serious look at the like of Newt Gingrich. He, nor any of the others of his ilk that supported the Iraq war, should not be allowed to assume the status of visionary hero for now seeing the light, when most of us were wearing sunglasses protesting it for over three years now. We saw the light then, and we see it now!  Newt is a guilty fucker with blood on his hands and no amount of apostasy is going to wash that off. Not off his hands, nor off the hands of the other blood thirsty, wasteful, ignorant supporters of this illegal, shamefully wasteful war.  I think it’s important to consider this point now because we are going to be seeing a lot of Rethuglicans finding their (*cough*) “conscience” as time  (and political expediency) go on.

    They should all be held accountable and be made to reimburse our treasury for their blunders. Unfortunately, they can’t return the lives of our lost children, nor their limbs, or their mental health. What a cruel travesty. What a blunder for the ages.

    Let them all be held accountable!

  40. In a week when President Bush was unable to convince House Republicans to pass his budget, was unable to convince Senate Republicans to pass immigration reform, and was caught misleading the American people about national security matters yet again, it’s no surprise that he would take a page from the Karl Rove playbook and blame Democrats to distract the American people from his own troubles.

    Looking at the pols, I don’t think the American people, or Coloradans who are paying attention, are buying it anymore.

    Hold him accountable!

  41. Lets Pile It ON …

    Does anyone have any thoughts about what we might do about US population in the next decade?  I understand that the US population total will double.  Yes, we will have 500 million people in the US.  Does anyone have any ideas on what our policy should be in regards to limiting population within our borders, unless we wish to lose our quality of life in America?  Should we tax people for having children?  Maybe, we should stop providing a tax deduction for the number of family members in a household?  Don’t we have enough people? 

    And with illegal’s coming into the US, how can we tell them not to have children, when we don’t even know who they are?

  42. It is one of the most pressing issues of our time, and is going totally unaddressed. Overpopulation must be brought front and center in the national psyche and debate. I’m in total agreement.

  43. From the Republican Study Committee of Colorado.  Since when are the Southwestern United States a sovereign nation?  Are we going to succeed if a national emergency is not called for the alien invastion?

    “Many illegal aliens now arrogantly oppose our American culture, our Constitutional process of citizenship, the Rule of Law, and the national sovereignty of the Southwestern United States.  Millions of people crossing our porous borders also mask the infiltration of tens of thousands of known criminals and likely terrorists intent on harming Americans.”

  44. Remember this?

    “Beasley told lawmakers on the Legislative Audit Committee the spending was legal and he rejected suggestions lawmakers have a role in deciding how grants are issued.

    If I had to come to the Legislature to change state statutes every time the federal government changes its mind, we’d have a session every two months,” Beasley said.

    Sen. Norma Anderson, R-Lakewood, said the issue is moot because state courts ruled Owens controls federal grants, not state lawmakers.

    Senate Democrats, who were angry over being bypassed on funding, formed the Senate Select Committee on Homeland Security that met over the past year to review how federal funds were distributed.”

    I wonder if Governor Owens was complicit in the misuse of DHS grants? Whose coffers got lined with the grants we haven’t heard about yet?

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