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April 10, 2006 08:00 AM UTC

Ritter Raises $465,000 in Q1

  • by: Colorado Pols

It’s that time again when fundraising reports start to roll in, and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill Ritter is the first with the news. Ritter’s campaign reported raising more than $465,000 in Q1 for a total amount raised of $1.15 million.

Ritter’s Q1 numbers are his strongest quarter by far, and not coincidentally, most of the money was raised in March (after the last of the potential Democratic candidates for governor withdrew from consideration). While Ritter can feel good about having such a strong quarter,?both Marc Holtzman and Bob Beauprez have outraised him significantly in each of the previous reported quarterly filing periods. In other words, Ritter had a good quarter, but we’ll have to wait until we get Holtzman and Beauprez’s reports to find out if he really had a great quarter.

To read the full press release, click below…


Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Raises $1.15 Million

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill Ritter has raised $1.15 million through March, generating more than $465,000 in the first quarter of 2006 and posting the campaign?s single best day on March 31.?

?It?s exciting to see Coloradans responding with such enthusiasm to this campaign,? former Denver District Attorney Ritter said. ?As we travel to every corner and every county of this state, people are connecting with our vision of responsible leadership and our goal to fulfill the Colorado promise. Not only are they connecting, but they are eager to help. It?s extremely gratifying.??

In January, February and March, the Ritter for Governor campaign accepted contributions from 1,534 donors, including 899 contributors who had not given previously. Through the end of March, 3,070 donors contributed an average of $260. Ninety-six percent of the donors were from Colorado. The maximum allowable donation is $1,000 per person.?

The campaign?s single strongest fundraising day came on the final day of the quarter, March 31, with $51,000 raised. March also marked the campaign?s best month, with $321,000 raised.?Ritter?s first-quarter fundraising numbers more than doubled the $230,000 raised in the prior quarter. The campaign finished the quarter with $728,000 cash on hand.?The first-quarter fundraising report will be submitted to the Colorado Secretary of State?s Office by the April 19 electronic filing deadline. Starting in April, the reporting periods shift from quarterly to monthly.?



21 thoughts on “Ritter Raises $465,000 in Q1

  1. Colorado Pols, you might want to change that downward arrow next to Ritter’s name, suggesting that Mr. Ritter did not have a very good day.  Ritter looks to be well ahead of the rest of the pack.

  2. Patriot,

    Once the other two candidates file  (which passed the $1 Mil mark LAST QUARTER), it will be evident that Ritter is actually behind in fundrasing. But good try!!

  3. As former President Ronald Reagan said, “Aaaah, their you go again!”  MONEY, money, money … it is what “makes” a good candidate.  Yep, “you’re right” (a bit sarcastic, sorry) but in a Capitalist system, the only thing that matters is “MONEY” and if you’re the King of England.  Ops, lets just carve out the smaller, more well infomred, more brilliant, softer soken, less intruding wing-nut Democrat, since he has no chance in November …

    Well, I counter that suggestion with the note that I have heard of a few elections that were carried on “principles” and debate.

  4. Patriot,

    You just posted that because of his announcement of his fundraising numbers, Ritter “looks to be well ahead of the rest of the pack.”

    A tip: If you are going to post that money doesn’t matter, then don’t post how fundraising numbers mean a candidate is “ahead of the rest of the pack” right above it. Seriously, do you even think before you type?

  5. Apparently, my assumption that Ritter has made an incresed upward climb in revenue, (which isn’t too bad) does not support my claim that the combination of his Democratic ticket, versus a Republican one, has an advantage for Ritter–when considering the low poll numbers nationally for the Republican Party.  In my lens, I see a bit of an advantage for the Democrats, because of the objections from the public “Bush policies” and the general feel that Republicans cannot be trusted, with a voter desire for HUGE political change.

  6. Gee, guys.  Don’t you get it.  The reason Ritter always releases his reports early is so he won’t be part of a story that says Ritter Trails Beauprez and Holtzman.  Both Republican candidates passed the $1 million mark months ago.

  7. Much of the money being raised by Both Ways Bob and MarkyMark will be spent beating each other up, while Ritter can continue to fundraise and hold on to much of what he raises.  He could well start the post-primary election season with more cash on hand than the survivor of the R primary.

  8. Rebel Rep,

    Where do you get this number? If you are wrong, I am posting it everywhere. I can’t stand how many unsubstantiated rumors are posted on Colorado Pols, regardless of the candidate.

  9. So Bill Ritter gets nearly a half million dollars in a quarter where he was working under Hickenlooper’s shadow half the time, and it will probably still fall way short of his two Republican opponents’ fundraising.  And this was just Q1.  What’s wrong with this picture?

    I’m with Russ Feingold: we need full public financing of elections.

  10. Not bad for Ritter… Well behind Marc & Both Ways Bob, but it shows that his party is getting behind him.

    Too bad to hear Bob’s numbers are so low… Makes you wonder what that helicopter he had this weekend cost him.

  11. My money is on the earlier post being wrong, though it will be interesting to see both of the R’s fundraising, and wheter either of the candidates put any of their own money in.

  12. Not having a primary can hurt as well.  Beauprez and Holtzman will receive much more free press by duking it out and most likely each of the candidates will give a message that will excite voters.  Or at least Holtzman will, Beauprez seems to be having difficulty finding a message.

  13. While Ritter doesn’t have to spend anything in the primary, he is burning up a decent chunk of that cash.  At this point, he only has enough left over for two weeks of TV.  They need to tighten their belt a little more.

  14. Cliff,

    If the Ritter campaign knew what they were doing they’d be getting almost as much free media as Both Ways Bob and Crazy Mark.  The main advantage to a primary, while it does give you a bit more media, is also that it shakes up your candidate and ensures your staff is in full working order.  Look at what just happened to Both Ways Bob – if he didn’t have a primary that sort of managerial conflict wouldn’t have materialized until a few short months, maybe weeks, before the election!

    The Rs will be coming out of August full speed ahead, while at Ritter HQ… who knows!?

  15. […] Republican gubernatorial candidate Marc Holtzman raised $363,392 in Q1 and now has $838,920 cash on hand. Holtzman’s numbers areВ $100k less than Democrat Bill Ritter raised in Q1, though Ritter had been far behind both Holtzman and Bob Beauprez (who has not yet released his figures) for months. […]

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