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August 13, 2009 09:51 PM UTC

Teabaggers to Descend on Grand Junction

  • by: ThillyWabbit

UPDATE: With CNBC egging them on (to say nothing of FOX) at other events around the country, I’m sure they’re feeling pretty emboldened.

And how about that Denver Post providing free, unlimited tea party promotion for Polster and Dick Armey FreedomWorks blogger Ross Kaminsky?

I’m on several of the teabagger lists and forums, and it’s clear that they are organizing to turn out at President Obama’s town hall forum on health care this Saturday.

On a site for 9/12er assault rifle aficionados (I will not give them or any other right-wing site link juice, Use Google.), the clarion call is to bring the “violent and agressive” [sic] tactics to the President’s town hall that attendees have previously brought to Congressional town meetings. Another poster asked, “What about concealed carry..”

According to the Douglas County GOP, Jack Abramoff’s “grassroots lobbying” firm Americans for Prosperity is conducting a “Hands Off my Healthcare” rally at which “it is vitally important that Colorado Republicans make every effort to have a strong presence.”

According to NBC11, “speakers will include Senator Josh Penry, Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz and others. Two other groups attending the rally include Tea Party Activists and 9/12ers from the Front Range. Wearing solid red, white and blue members of those two groups plan to meet on the corner of 12th and North. [emphasis added]”

The Jeffco Ron Paul people inform us that “the 912 Project and Tea Party groups are joining with AFP for this rally on Sat.”

Alex Jones (radio host and Ron Paul acolyte) is encouraging people to partake in the free guns being given away by the Front Sight Firearms Training Institute.

What are YOU doing?


42 thoughts on “Teabaggers to Descend on Grand Junction

  1. When people got arrested just for having the wrong bumper sticker in the parking lot.

    Now people are hinting at trying to get guns in to the President’s town halls? That’s just disgusting.

    1. it was perfectly legit to keep people with tickets but the wrong bumper stickers out.  Hmmm guns vs Bumper stickers. I’m sure they’ll find some way to convince themselves that bumper stickers are the bigger threat, unless they represent the “right” point of view.   How about “Guns don’t kill people.  People with liberal bumper stickers do” ?!?!

    2. I’m sorry, I try to make jokes, but there’s just nothing you can say at some point.

      Right-wingers are angry because we’re not yet fighting a civil war. Nothing short of that will make them happy.

      1. Yes- the far right hates Obama

        Yes- there is a multitude of reasons.

        But not very many really want to secede or revlot or fight a real civil war. Some, but not that many.

    1. Alex Jones actually makes me physically sick to my stomach.  Beck isn’t far behind, and Ron Paul is a tool.

      I carry all the time and I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere near anything having to do with the President.

      We are not in danger of a police state.  This gun thing is really, really, stupid.

      1. If I was going to such an event I would not be carrying either.  Just common sense, the Secret Service shouldn’t have to worry about me.  And anyone dumb enough to be threatening with a firearm when the Secret Service is around deserves whatever he may get.

      2. Was on private property, a church.

        To carry to the Obama event, you’d be on school property.  I think it’s illegal for anyone except law enforcement to carry a weapon on school property, but I might be wrong.

        At any rate, nobody will get a weapon into the building.  You can’t even bring a baby stroller in there.  I attended a Secret Service secured campaign event last summer, and we couldn’t even bring in a can of bug spray.

        1. But for that guy to have even made it an issue is terribly creepy.  Not a good topic to rooster about.  It’s a gun, and it’s not funny or poignant.

          1. But not illegal unless he tried to get into the event.

            Had he tried to bring his weapon into the event, he would have been stopped and his weapon confiscated until after the event.

            By the way, we got our bug spray back when the event was over.

      3. As long as you are talking about guns, you aren’t talking about health care reform.

        It is a brilliant way to divert attention away from the issue.  The screamers win because a better way is never discussed.  This is why the country is going into the crapper.  The screamers are winning the non-debate.

          1. Because Democrats don’t march in lockstep, and because the few crazy fringe lunatics — Rush LImbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Chuck Grassley Rick Scott, Betsy McCaughey, Frank Luntz, among other fringe lunatics with giant megaphones — are successfully using classic propaganda techniques to derail the debate with deliberate lies, misinformation and distraction. Honestly, you’re proud of the “debate” your side is sponsoring?

          2. the few crazy fringe lunatics have used the age-old tactic of creating the illusion of greater numbers (like lighting hundreds of empty camp-fires). They’ve created a puffed-up “bandwagon” that has a gravitational pull greater than it’s actual size, in part by using all of the right buzz words to play on American ideological tendencies. The Democratic “supermajority” consists of people who want to get re-elected, and the fringe lunatics have created the perception of a movement, that in turn creates the stirrings of a real movement, that those legislators now have to accomodate.

            To many people, this is exactly how democracy is supposed to work. Unfortunately, what is lost in this version of the democratic process is reason applied to data in service to human well-being. It is the triumph of loud and obnoxious noise instead.

              1. to want to have an intelligent discussion of a crucial issue that involves everyone.  It is called Democracy and to those who think that Republicans can contribute it is known as accommodation.  I will accommodate your point of view if you will listen to mine.  Instead of a reasoned dialogue with bipartisan contributions we get carefully scripted rage designed to elicit emotion without thought.

                I am particularly shocked that allowing doctors to bill for end of life counseling is now considered an evil beyond all evils and “death panels”.  I just spent five days in the Boulder County hospice with my father-in-law and I have nothing but respect for the professionals who help without trying to get another $100,000 in unnecessary medical treatment from the patient.  We were fortunate that Boulder County has a really active hospice program and my father-in-law was able to stay at home until the end.

                It is about more than passing legislation and “winning” which is a Republican obsession.  It is about bringing a country together and moving forward.  That’s why this is about more than super majorities.  The brutal reality is that Republicans don’t want to be part of America if they aren’t in control.  

                1. BTW, the end of life thing is apparently out of the bill (or one of them) now, along with the public option.

                  Is it worth doing if it’s going to end up being a symbolic victory at best

                  Off topic, what do you think of doctors being given a tax credit for each uninsured patient they treat?

                  1. If I’m uninsured, the doctors will all flock to my cause.

                    I’d rather get people insured, and lower the cost of insurance, than subsidize a single person’s health care.  But at some level of income we’re going to have to subsidize some people if we want everyone insured.

                    In health care reform, everything is tied together.  Requiring insurers to cover people with preconditions leads to requiring coverage to prevent short-changing the insurers.  Requiring coverage leads to figuring out how to cover those near poverty, which leads to talk of subsidies.  But we want to minimize subsidies and the expenses of so many people on health care, which means adding mechanisms to control insurance costs.  Considering those mechanisms leads to public options, exchanges, co-ops, negotiated drug pricing and best practices boards.

                    Pull any one piece out of the middle of this puzzle and you cause one interest to go out of balance, and the whole reform effort could fail for it…

                    1. If you could have a list of doctors willing to see uninsured for free and they were happy to do it, would that be a good thing

              2. with subject heading “You don’t need…” is the post above it to which it was responding.

                The bill isn’t “great,” by the way. It’s a mess, because a mess is all that is permitted in this country. “Great” would be single payer universal health care, which costs less than our system, covers more people (everyone), and achieves better health care outcomes by every statistical measure.

                But even the smallest step toward sanity is a match in the powder keg of ignorance that dominates this country. The answer to your question, again, is that politicians are scared shitless of throwing matches into powder kegs, even when the combustable involved is pure ignorance.

                  1. They’re not “my guys.” They’re Democrats. I mean, it makes just as much sense to say they’re all my guys, R’s and D’s, since we’re all Americans. And, of course, Islamic Jihadists are my guys too, since we’re all homo sapiens. What they really are is a bunch of individuals who belong to a particular political party for particular reasons, and act according to a swathe of cross-cutting motivations of their own. Sometimes, on the margins, the political organization to which they belong manages to trump those other conflicting motivations. But that’s just not a given.

          3. are plotting to fucking kill us?

            We’ve had Republicans killing cops, Republicans killing doctors, Republicans killing exercising women, Republicans killing sex workers, and Republicans killing security guards at the holocaust museum.

            Now they’re threatening to kill Obama, his wife, and his “stupid daughters.” And threatening Democratic congresspeople in general.

            At what point should we start getting worried about a few crazy fringe lunatics? Cuz after we’re all dead, it’s too fucking late.

  2. This is beyond rural “this is how we do things in the country” libertarianism–this is dangerous.

    Somebody of stature within the conservative movement needs to speak out, before this gets out of hand.  

    Dissent good: threats bad.

    1. SEIU and ACORN and Organizing for America are just as nuts as the right-wingers showing up in such small numbers at these town halls.

      The Secret Service is investigating a man who authorities said held a sign reading “Death to Obama” outside a town hall meeting on health-care reform in western Maryland.

      The sign also read, “Death to Michelle and her two stupid kids” …

  3. What’s the catch?  Do I have to listen the the death panel/birther speakers? I guess they are counting on people with half a brain to shoot themselves so that they can collect their guns back.

    But seriously, I want a free gun, how do you get one?

      1. …we’ll include a discount coupon for an attractive casket for any family member who accidently shoots themselves or another while handling your loaded and unlocked weapon.

        If it’s a child under 7, (the statistically most-likely family member to be wounded or killed by an unsecure firearm) we’ll add brass trim on the casket for FREE!!!!.

        And if that wasn’t enough, we’ll provide a list of Pro-Firearm lawyers who will agree to take your case when your angst-driven teenager takes your unsecure weapon to school and blasts away at any classmates who’ve taunted him in the past.

        They are also available to take your case for when that same firearm is stolen from your home, and used to commit a felony in YOUR community!

        (Yes, it’s Snark x 30. But almost every “Gun Expert” on this site advocates AGAINST trigger locks, safes, or any other means of securing firearms against unauthorized use. You can have your 9mm or pacifier in your house, but if I have to live in the same community with you, you need to lock it up!!!)

        ((Libertad – please respond with something you’ve stolen from Sen Brophy, and claim its’ your own….))

      2. Yes Dr. Piazza! Sign me up for your Greatest Course Offer… Ever! I understand for a single payment of $1,199. I will receive the following Courses, Knife, Gun, Gear and Bonuses valued at $4,000 … including:

        Front Sight “Any Gun Will Do– If You Will Do” Logo Shirt. I have had so many reports of people seeing our students proudly wearing their Front Sight shirts all over the country. Our students wear them to shooting ranges, gun shows, rock concerts, Disneyland and even chruch! You too will enjoy proudly flying Front Sight’s colors. Shirt Value: $30. Wearing it to your liberal brother-in-law’s house party… Priceless!

        Remember I told you to sit down when you read this and be prepared to act on it immediately!

  4. ugh.  Saw the last edition of “freshman year” and I’m surprised he could talk with his lips so firmly puckered on Boehner’s ass. Hope he has a good supply of chapstick.

    Just do whatever the seniority says, kiss their asses and vote how they tell you to, don’t think for yourself, and some day you’ll be minority leader yourself!  


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