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Noel Ginsburg is a Democratic candidate for Governor in 2018. On Sunday, Ginsburg held a “rally” at the State Capitol to decry what he calls “false” promises from his fellow Democratic opponents seeking the top job in the state:

On some level we can understand what Ginsburg is getting at here. Politicians of all stripes do make lofty promises on a variety of issues, and sometimes these promises are practically unworkable [cough, repealing Obamacare, cough].

However…running for office (successfully, anyway) is about inspiring people to think of an idealized version of their world. Leaders are supposed to, well, to lead.

Creating a better future is a premise that works on all levels of politics; it’s the same reason why kids who run for student council promise to fill the drinking fountains with Hawaiian Punch. Leaders should have lofty ambitions. Otherwise, why follow?

But if Noel Ginsburg is intent on driving toward modest standards, we thought we should help him out. Pick your favorite slogan from the list below, or offer one of your own in the comments section.

Which slogan should Democrat Noel Ginsburg adopt for his gubernatorial campaign?

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  1. RepealAndReplace says:

    Let's be real. Does this guy really think voters are going to vote for a man named "Noel"?

  2. PseudonymousPseudonymous says:

    I promise nothing, and I'm a man of my word.

  3. mamajama55mamajama55 says:

    In fairness to Noel Ginsburg, I think he's a credible moderate Democratic candidate. He drove up to Fort Morgan, spoke with our Morgan County Democrats group for about half an hour.

    He was relaxed, knowledgeable, relatable, has a compelling personal story about adopting "Dreamer" kids. We were a tough room (well, mostly me). We grilled him about the "false promises" thing, which is mostly Ginsburg saying that Jared Polis can't promise universal pre-K education. Ginsburg doesn't think that's an achievable promise. He also thinks that Polis' 100% renewable energy goal should be more modest.

    Several of us challenged him – my deal was that we can't afford not to invest in pre-K education, because otherwise those kids never, ever catch up to their peers. We'll be remediating them until college. Others challenged him on how well he'd stand up to Trumpian overreach vis a vis renewable energy or voting rights or immigration (DACA).

    So we were a tough room, but he listened and responded appropriately and didn't evade questions. I still think I'm probably voting for Polis in the primary, but I have to say that Ginsburg handles himself well. If people are only looking for a moderate in Colorado, he's a credible moderate.


  4. Diogenesdemar says:

    Ginsburg:  not promising more than Hickenlooper ever delivered.

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