Say It Ain’t So, Tom Tancredo (Redux)

As reported by Hatewatch, the blog of the Southern Poverty Law Center Tuesday:

Tom Tancredo has no more secrets.

The former Republican congressman from Colorado, known for his biting anti-immigration rhetoric and campaign ads suggesting Latino immigrants are rapists and drug dealers, is scheduled to be the luncheon speaker at next month’s annual conference for the white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC). The theme of the conference? “Multiculturalism – the Death of America.”

Sharing the dais with Tancredo will be a rogue’s gallery of the racist right, including James Edwards, who hosts the white nationalist Political Cesspool radio show; Don Black, the former Klansman best known for creating, the first major Internet hate site; and Leonard Wilson, a longtime segregationist and Alabama commander for the Sons of Confederate Veterans, a neo-Confederate group that, like Tancredo, staunchly opposes immigration.

For those who have watched Tancredo go through endless contortions to distance himself from his racist friends, speaking at a CCC conference seems to be a turning point…

But it would seem that 2010 Colorado gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo does have at least a few more secrets–Hatewatch updated their post yesterday:

On Wednesday – a day after failing to respond to Hatewatch’s request for comment – former congressman Tom Tancredo’s Team America PAC wrote Hatewatch to say, “Tom Tancredo is not speaking at the Council of Conservative Citizens” (CCC). The unsigned email did not say if Tancredo had withdrawn from the speaking engagement after receiving widespread criticism or had never agreed to speak…

But you too can see above the front page for the Council of Conservative Citizens’ spring 2012 newsletter, which very prominently displays a photo of Tancredo and identifies him as the Saturday keynote speaker for their annual conference in Nashville next month.

So, did Tancredo cancel? If so, why? Was his listing as the CCC’s featured speaker a mistake? Is it possible that Tancredo simply wasn’t aware he had signed up to speak before one of the leading white supremacist groups in the United States? That last possibility seems unlikely.

Perhaps the Republicans who endorsed Tancredo for Governor in 2010 will ask him.

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  1. PitaPita says:

    There is already a special place in hell for Tank.  I mean, he can’t possible want his spirit to reside in heaven where he would have to mingle with people of color.  

  2. JeffcoBlueJeffcoBlue says:

    @cohousemajority: Will @KContiforCO disavow “dear friend” Tom Tancredo’s involvement with white supremacists and hate groups?

    Why shouldn’t EVERY one of Tom’s friends be asked this question?

  3. BlueCat says:

    for why someone from Tancredo’s ethnic background would want to associate with the same types and organizations that despised his immigrant ancestors as part of an inferior, crime and depravity prone form of humanity back when they came to the US is a very deep rooted self loathing.  Maybe in his dreams he’s a big blond, blue eyed Norseman and wakes to the pain of being who he really is every morning.  In any case he really is loathsome so self loathing would be entirely appropriate.

    He may simply have correctly surmised that his political career is over, his last fifteen minutes of fame about to expire and he’s running out of lucrative options within conservative circles that entertain any pretense of being acceptable to the main stream.  He may have deluded himself that he could transfer his search for income, under the radar, to the blatant hate groups that eat up undisguised hate spewing (will pols and x-pols never learn?) while still clinging to a scrap of respectability.  Now that it’s clear that’s not the case (duh), perhaps he is further deluding himself that he has not already gone over that cliff and can still put on the brakes. Thus the denial.

    I think the denial is a mistake.  Since he doesn’t have any polite company respectability left to salvage, my advice would be to go for it.  If he can get paid  to be a white supremacist celeb, in spite of his ethnic heritage, he should take advantage.  A guy’s got to make a living and there’s not much else left for him to do, career wise.    

  4. rathmone says:

    I object to the sullying of Chicago Black Sock Shoeless Joe Jackson, whose reputation, dubious as it may be, doesn’t deserve to be anywhere near Tancredo.  

  5. ArapaGOPArapaGOP says:

    Or call the group, isn’t that their number?

    If you were interested in the facts, instead of smear, you would have already called.

  6. MADCO says:

    You guys have missed the point.  

    CCC  : BFD.

    It’s not the KKK.

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