Colorado Women Should Ask: Where does Gov. Romney stand on a woman’s right to choose????

In light of the fact Colorado will most likely be one of the key states in the November election and in the shadow of Rep. Akin’s comments in Missouri, it is time to ask Gov. Romney where he stands on a woman’s right to make her own choices about her health, especially medical procedures she may someday be faced with.

We all know that Gov. Romney was strongly pro choice when he ran against Senator Edward Kennedy for the U.S. Senate in 1994 and remained so until at least sometime during the first decade of this century. In fact, when he was governor of Massachusetts he said:

Let me make this very clear: I will preserve and protect a woman’s right to choose.

But now, with the firestorm over Rep. Akin’s comments, Gov. Romney is shifting his position again. Even though he told Mike Huckabee last November he would “absolutely” have signed a bill defining life begins at conception and even though the draft of the Republican National Convention’s platform calls for a complete ban on abortion without exceptions for rape or incest, today he began running away from his previous position:

Earlier today, Romney’s campaign issued a statement saying the former Massachusetts governor and his running mate, Representative Paul Ryan of Wisconsin,support abortion rights for rape victims.…

This isn’t just philosophically inconsistent (which it is), but it reflects a less than thoughtful response to this issue and the storm initiated by Rep. Akin. Since Gov. Romney and Rep. Ryan now support a woman’s right to have an abortion in a case of rape, why aren’t women fully competent to make that decision under any circumstances? Why are women incompetent to make this decision except when some outside force has imposed a pregnancy upon them? What is the distinction that makes abortion alright in the case of rape but not in any other circumstances? And what right do the two of you have to make that decision for any woman in Colorado or anywhere else?

It is time for Gov. Romney to give us a straight answer and if he won’t, can we trust him on any other issue?

Only he can clear this up with a straight answer. Colorado women deserve to know what he intends to use the office of the President for with regard to their health care. At the moment, under a Romney administration, it appears women could only abort a child if they are raped. Standing alone, his policy is ridiculous.


VP nominee renounces his herione

Well Rep. Paul Ryan continues to try and reshape his image to attract undecided voters. He is now renouncing his heroine Ayn Rand, the same Ayn Rand who Ryan has previously said motivated him to go into public service and who nurtured his ideas about public policy.…

Instead, he now thinks St. Thomas Aquinas is his hero. This is going to be a hard sell since Ryan has praised Rand over and over during his career and described her as one of the primary sources of his political and policy views. It will be even harder when the undecided voters learn that Rep. Ryan requires that each member of his staff read Rand’s novels. But of course, when affiliation with someone becomes politically toxic, a principled politician like Rep. Ryan throws her under the bus.

Sad News this Evening from Loveland

Former President of the Colorado State Senate Fred Anderson (R-Loveland) died this afternoon.  Fred was an expert on water issues and one of those members of the legislature who would listen and consider others opinions.  We’ve lost a good person.

Michael Gerson calls Ken Buck “uninformed, morally irresponsible and politically disastrous.”

Michael Gerson, an op/ed columnist for the Washington Post, and a former Bush White House aide that included stints on the Iraq Group, speech writer and a Karl Rove recruit to the 2000 Bush campaign, plus a stint at the Heritage Foundation, today called Ken Buck and other “Tea Party” candidates “uninformed, morally irresponsible and politically disastrous” for asserting Social Security and Medicare are unconstitutional in his Washington Post column.

Uninformedbecause the U.S. Constitution gives broad powers to the federal government to provide for the general welfare;

Morally irresponsible because, if adopted, Mr. Buck’s position would immediately push up to 13 million Americans into destitution; and

Politically disastrous because such “constitutionalism will lead Mr. Buck and the Republican Party to oppose, among other things, the federal highway ysstem and even more importantly, civil rights.

As he goes on to point out, people like Mr. Buck do not “reflect a Burkean suspicion of radical social change.”

When people like Mr. Gerson begin to line-up against the likes of Mr. Buck, there is a real chance the real conservatives aren’t going to vote for him or other such candidates around the United States, once these people are exposed for who they really are.…

McInnis is Finished – John Ferrugia Interviewed Rolly Fischer

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POLS UPDATE: 7NEWS reporting:

The man Scott McInnis blamed for the plagiarized material in an article on water rights told CALL7 Investigator John Ferrugia, the candidate for Governor lied and he wants to set the record straight.

In an exclusive interview, Rolly Fischer told Ferrugia, he did not know his research was going to be used for articles for which McInnis was paid $300,000 by a private foundation.

Ferrugia asked, “Rolly, is Scott McInnis lying to us?”

After some thought, Fischer said, “Yes.”

POLS UPDATE #2: If the above report from 7NEWS is true, then what the hell was McInnis’ spokesman telling 9NEWS this afternoon? About as red-handed as it gets:

Duffy says Fischer added, “‘I feel terrible… I thought they were in the public domain,'” referring to the documents Fischer allegedly copied.

Duffy says the McInnis campaign asked him to comment on the allegations. According to Duffy, Fischer said he would write a response to them Tuesday evening after he returned from a doctor’s appointment.

This is a pretty remarkable thing to witness, folks. Original post follows.

On Channel 7 News at 10:00 p.m. this evening Rolly Fischer put the last nail in Mr. McInnis’ political coffin.

Reporter John Ferrugia interviewed Rolly Fischer at his home on the West Slope. Mr. Fischer flatly said he was not responsible for the plagiarized documents and then came the bombshell.

Mr. McInnis sent Mr. Fischer a draft letter today and ask him to sign it. The letter in essence said Mr. Fischer took full responsibility and blame for the plagiarized article at the center of this scandal. Mr. Fischer has no intention of signing the letter.

Mr. McInnis is now attempting to manufacture exculpatory evidence. In criminal law that is called suborning perjury. He has asked someone who was a supporter and friend to lie and smear that man’s reputation to save his political hide. Mr. McInnis is a fraud.

Nothing matters now except when will Mr. McInnis withdraw from the primary. He is a disgrace to the Republican Party and to his profession.

Josh Penry named Norton’s campaign manager

According to the Denver Post, Jane Norton has replaced her campaign manager with state senator Josh Penry in an attempt to attract Republican Party activist support. Could it be her decision to petition on is back firing and she really does have to focus some of her resources on the the core group of party activists?

Jefferson County Republican Activist Demands McInnis and GOP Support “Tea Party” Platform

(‘Tis better to have lost a seat than to have run the wrong candidate? This is getting weirder — and worser — by the week for Republicans. – promoted by Colorado Pols)

Laura Stansbury writes in the Jefferson County Republican Examiner today that the New York Republican Party “received a very clear message that what the voters did not want was a watered down, middle of the road candidate about whom no one could reasonably draft a list of expectations once elected.” In short, losing in New York’s CD 23 is now classified as a victory for the Republican Party.

There’s more of this kind of logic. She goes on to say that “They (meaning the Republican Party) can choose to disregard the fiscal demands of the Tea Party activists, a decision which will likely unhinge the Republican base in a time when it can hardly afford such a divide. Or they can choose to heed the petitions of the Tea Party movement and in so doing bring about a dramatic power shift in 2010.” She apparently doesn’t realize that those principles lost in NY-23.

She then goes on to praise the Colorado Republican Party’s “Platform for Propserity” and she goes on to assert that this means the Tea Party in Colorado is “beginning to realize a return on their investment.” She then goes on to say that other state Republican parties have joined Colorado’s GOP in shifting away from McCain type politics “to an extreme right of center message, fiscally speaking that is.”

It is clear from her article, she expects all statewide Republican candidates, including Mr. McInnis, to fall into line with her “extreme right of center message” that the Republican Platform for Prosperity” represents.

So the questions remain for Mr. McInnis:

1.  Do you support the three anti-tax initiatives that Governor Ritter called “dangerous?”  

2.  If you do support those inititiatives, which will cut another $2 billion out of the state budget, which programs will you cut to balance the budget?

3.  You have said you will repeal the $250 million the FASTER bill provides for roads and bridges and replace it with other general fund money while still funding infrastructure and higher education. The only way to do that is cut the budget for state prisons. How much will you cut from the prisons budget and what will be your criteria for releasing inmates early because we will be required to close prisons under your plan?

McNulty Endorses Prison Cuts, FASTER Cuts & Tuition Hikes

(This is dangerous territory for the GOP. As we noted earlier this week, Republicans are choosing the Tea Party over traditional business supporters like contractors. – promoted by Colorado Pols)

Yesterday, at the Colorado Contractors Association (CCA) legislative meeting, Rep. Frank McNulty (R-Highlands Ranch) endorsed the Tea Baggers and Mr. McInnis’ call for repealing the FASTER bill which earmarks up to $250 million annually to the Colorado Department of Transportaiton (CDOT) to repair our roads and bridges. Rep. McNulty said he would replace the FASTER funds by diverting $250 million from other general fund programs. Please keep in mind that CDOT does not receive any general fund money except the FASTER funds.

When it came time for questions, CCA members pressed, and pressed Rep. McNulty hard, to specifically identify which general fund programs he would cut to replace the FASTER funds. He was repeatedly asked the question and each time he absolutely refused to answer.…

He refused because there are only two departments of state government where $250 million in general funds can be diverted to replace the FASTER funds – Prisons and Higher Education. It is strange that Rep. McNulty would endorse diverting $250 million from higher education and prisons when he declares on the front page of his website that he will “ensure that our colleges and universities are fully funded and internationally competitive.” Apparently, the 20% tuition hike at CU next year and the corresponding increases of 50% at CSU and other public colleges in Colorado when the Stimulus money runs out doesn’t really matter to Rep. McNulty. On the same website he says we must take on challenges “such as improving our transportation infrastructure” and yet his stand on FASTER will defund higher education thus undermining his stated goal of fully funding our public higher education system and transforming it into an internationally respected system of higher education. There is only one logical conclusion . . . Rep. McNulty supports massive tuition increases even above the percentages noted above.

And yet, if he decides the $250 million should not come from higher education, then he must take it from the Department of Corrections. That can only mean the closing of prisons and the early release of inmates, including some really bad actors, long before their sentences have been served. He needs to answer the question posed several times by CCA members yesterday.

So does Mr. McInnis.

Mr. McInnis and Rep. McNutly can’t say on the one hand they support higher education and then, on the other, defund it to the point where Coloradoans can’t afford to attend our public univeristiies and colleges because of massive tuition hikes caused by their fiscal and budget policies.

Nor can they say on the one hand they are for law and order and long prison terms and then, on the other, call for policies that require the state to make massive cuts in the prison budget which will require the relase of inmates long before their prison sentences are served.

Rep. McNulty and Mr. McInnis represent the Republican Party’s descent into ideology makes good policy. It represents the Party and their refusal to deal with objective facts as they exist. Ideology has the virtue of simplicity but rarely makes successful policy.

Mr. McInnis and Mr. McNulty need to answer the question posed by CCA. Refusing to answer is a fraud upon Colorado voters. During the 1930’s, Winston Churchill pleaded with the British prime ministers to be honest with the voters about the military build-up in Nazi Germany. He told them the British citizens are a robust people who can understand and handle the truth. Mr. Churchill warned them that if they did not tell the public the truth, once the voters were made aware of it there would be significant retribution in the voting booth. The same can be said of the people of the United States and Colorado.

It is time for Mr. McInnis and people like Rep. McNulty to tell the truth.


Larimer County Republicans Steer Hard Right

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Today’s Larimer County Republican Central Committee meeting produced enough hard right statements to put the county party in the far right column for the 2010 election.

Rep. B.J. Nikkel told the members she will introduce legislation to force the legislature to refer all fee increases to the voters under TABOR. Colorado’s revenue system is broken and Rep. Nikkel wants to drive it farther into the ditch. Never mind the roads or schools that need to be built or repaired or the children to educate. Her primary purpose is to destroy the government’s ability to function regardless of the consequences.

Even more disturbing were the remarks by Rep. Delgrosso, who was selected a few months to replace Rep. Don Marostica. He told the central committee that some Democratic members of the Colorado General Assembly are “PURE EVIL.” So much for compromise and actually trying to accomplish something for the citizens of Colorado. Rep. Delgrosso’s statement is another indication of the degeneration of the Republican Party.

Taken together, these statements by two Republican state representatives explicitly indicate the Party’s intention to refuse to recognize any legitimate policy issues facing the state and on top of that assume that sticking their collective heads in the sand represents an ultimate form of morality.

The Governor’s Energy Office: Mr. Penry gets it wrong again

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In today’s Denver Post, Lynn Bartels reports that Mr. Penry was asked to name those who are part of the political silo of patronage in the governor’s Energy office. He named two, Alice Madden and GEO executive director, Tom Plant. Unfortunately for Mr. Penry, Alice Madden’s position is not funded by the GEO and she doesn’t work for the GEO.

Further, Mr. Plant, an appointee of governor Ritter, recently hired a former Beauprez campaign staffer for a position in the GEO. Hardly a silo of democrat patronage.

On the funding side for the GEO, Mr. Penry has it all wrong again. Mr. Penry is quoted as saying he can’t wait to debate the Governor on whether the GEO is more important than funding higher educaiton and keeping criminals behind bars. Unfortunately, again, Mr. Penry doesn’t know what he is talking about. Because Governor Ritter cut $14.2 million in state funds from the GEO budget, that office now receives 99% of its funds from federal funding. Gov. Ritter cut state funding to 1% of the GEO’s budget.

Seriously, Mr. Penry who has sat in the general assembly for five years and as leader for one year in the state senate should know better. His wildly misleading and false staements continue to eat away at his credibility.  

Penry Turns Hard Right for Support

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This morning the Loveland Reporter-Herald reports that yesterday at Bob Schaffer’s Monday Morning Republican Club meeting, State Senator and Republican gubenatorial candidate Josh Penry received and accepted two “major” endorsements from former Representative Jim Welker and state Senator Kevin Lundberg.

Welker and Lundberg don’t endorse candidates unless the candidate they endorse believes in their rigid fanatical right-wing ideology. Mr. penry has some quesitons to answer. First, in his announcement speech in Grand Junction, he said Republicans had to admit their mistakes. Does he include former Rep. Welker’s racist emails and comments as mistakes? The electorate has the right to know where he stands on Welker’s comments since he accepted his endorsement.

Lundberg’s basic philosphy is the government should not exist. Does Mr. penry support that idea?

Some of Mr. Penry’s first endorsements outside of Mesa County are the kind of so called Republicans or conservatives who have endorsed people like Janet Rowland and Bob Schaffer. Does he support the same off-the-wall policies those people have supported ove rthe years. The electorate needs to know.

Shennanigans in House district 51 – McNaught May Naught Be Eligible

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The race to replace Rep. Don Marostica took an illegal turn today. Kevin Mcnaught who announced he is seeking the HD 51 seat has run into a constitutional problem.

Article 5, Section 4 of the Colorado Constitution provides the “qualifications of members” for the Colorado state house and senate. That section states:

“No person shall be a representative or senator who shall not have attained the age of twenty-five years, who shall not be a citizen of the United States, and who shall not for at least twelve months next preceding his election, have resided within the territory included in the limits of the district in which he shall be chosen.”

Unfortunately for Mr. McNaught, he “resides” in Berthoud, Colorado outside “the territory included in the limits of the district.” He owns a rental property within the district which at one time he lived in and apparently has kept his voter registration address at the address for the rental property but he does not reside there.

Therefore, he does not reside within the geographic limits of the district and he has not resided within the district for the previous twelve months.

Instead of asking the Secretary of State for a ruling, Mr. McNaught contacted the Clerk of the Colorado House of Representatives to obtain her opinion while specifically contending the above constitutional provision only applies to regular primary and general elections but not to vacancy elections. Under his interpretation, the vacancy committee in HD 51 can select someone from Cortez to represent Loveland in the General Assembly.

Needless to say, the Clerk of the House does not have any jurisdiction over the vacancy election. It is the Secretary of State who must certify all elections to the respective houses of the Colorado General Assembly.

Even more importantly, the Colorado Constitution does not carve out an exception for vacancy elections.  The mandatory qualificaitons provision applies to all elections, including vacancy elections.

Mr. McNaught isn’t qualified constitutionally to represent HD 51.  

Aren’t you glad this isn’t the Colorado State Senate

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If you want to see a really bizarre political drama read this:…

A justice in State Supreme Court told Democrats and Republicans on Friday morning to talk throughout the weekend to try to resolve the dispute that has paralyzed New York State government since Monday.

Lawyers for the Senate Democrats were in court arguing that the move by Republicans to regain control of the chamber should be stopped and deemed illegitimate.

The justice here who will eventually rule on the matter, Thomas J. McNamara, seemed disinclined to involve himself in the case. Barring an amicable resolution – which seems unlikely at this point – Justice McNamara scheduled another court appearance for both parties at 9:30 Monday morning.

“I’ll be candid,” Justice McNamara said, expressing that it was his desire “to have this matter resolved within the context of the Senate, not within the context of any court.”

He added, “You really have to do this amongst yourselves.”

complete with shifting coalitions of Democrats and Republicans, indicted state senator, secret keys to the legislative chamber, protestors banging on the windows of the state senate chamber in Albany, NY and just an all around nightmare!

Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and the Republican Party driving off the cliff

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Today Rush Limbaugh invited Senator Specter to take Senator John McCain with him into the Democratic Party and this evening conservative author and talk show host Mark Levin said senators McCain, Snowe and Graham should leave with Specter and join the Democratic Party. Today will mark another watershed in American politics. The radical extremists, who have hijacked the Republican Party, are showing their true colors. They are not interested in expanding the party’s political base, winning elections and governing. They are focused on purification.

Contrary to all the post election talk from Republican officeholders and party officials, the purging continues and they have no intention of trying to attract new adherents to the party. Their message is clear: Our way or get out.

Unlike 1964 when Senator Goldwater lost because President Johnson painted him as someone who would “push the button” and blow-up the world or 1974 and 1976 when the Republican Party lost elections because of the criminal acts of President Nixon and his cronies, the 2008 election marks a profound event in our political history. The electorate certainly rejected President Bush but we also rejected the Republican Party and its underlying assumptions, including that we, as citizens, are incapable of electing a government that can adopt policies that work. Underneath it all, the Republican Party now supports the notion that the citizens of our country can’t be trusted (i.e. TABOR)and  the only policies that should be implemented are those that undermine government or the public trust and support required to have an effective government (cut taxes, increase spending and then assert the government is incompetent). It all adds up to this: The Republican believes the government should be reformed by subverting it.  And those who deviate, even one degree from absolute adherence to this mindless and dead end philosophy, are invited to leave. The Republican Party isn’t just purifying itself, its destroying itself.    

Colorado Republican Party launches latest attack on the judicial branch

Last night on his public affairs program Aaron Harber hosted the leadership of the Republican Party, including Chairman Dick Wadhams, former Rep. and gubernatorial candidate Scott McInnis, Aurora City Councilman and senatorial candidate Ryan Frazier and former State Senate President John Andrews.

During the discussion, Mr. Andrews announced that there will be a campaign in 2010 called ‘Clear the Bench’ with the purpose of throwing four Colorado Supreme Court Justices off the bench. The only one he mentioned by name was Chief Justice Mullarkey but you can imagine who he is targeting. He expressed the usual litany of why they should be thrown off the court but the truly amazing fact was that not one of the other Republican leaders even winched or took exception to this plan. By their failure to speak, they were tacitly endorsing this latest attack upon our institutions.

It is apparent from the program, the Republicans aren’t even trying to “repackage” the same old worn out attacks upon the institutions our founders established in 1787 and 1876. It is also apparent the same leaders with the same objectives remain in control of the Colorado Republican Party with the same agenda.

Mr. Andrews stated that he didn’t like the latest decision from our court on the mill levy freeze but I question why he didn’t like it. He attempted to drape his argument in the form of judicial activism but there is more than that to it. As a practical matter, the decision in the mill levy case prevented an even greater rupture in the state budget. Without that decision the state’s share of K-12 budget would have soared and required additional substantial cuts in higher education.

We all have to remember that as recently as two months ago, in his Denver Post column, Mr. Andrews praised and eulogized the founder of the Alliance for the Separation of School and State. The deceased gentleman established that organization with the primary goal to terminate all (100%) of public funding for education, K through university. Mr. Andrews signed the pledge on that website agreeing with this goal. The Colorado Supreme Court’s decision in the mill levy case puts that further out of reach because it relieved some of the pressure on the state budget. One has to question the motives of Mr. Andrews and why he is attacking the Court but the truly appalling fact was the silence of the other Republican, people who insist they want to lead this state either from the governors mansion or the U.S. Senate and they did not even blink an eye when Mr. Andrews made his proposal. Apparently, they support his agenda. Nothing has changed.  

Bennet Raises $1.35 Million in First Three Months

(Let it begin, let it begin, let it begin! – promoted by Colorado Pols)

POLS UPDATE: Bam, says the Denver Post’s Lynn Bartels:

That fundraising success is likely to go a long way to scaring off a potential primary opponent – and could even give Republicans eyeing a run against the newly minted Democratic senator some pause.

Up to now, Bennet has been an unknown quantity as a fundraiser, a political neophyte who has never run for public office but who also has strong ties to the business community and a national reputation as an education reformer.

The last of those factors have turned out to be major assets, allowing Bennet to beat Democrat Mark Udall’s best off-year effort – $1.12 million in the second quarter of 2007 – by several hundred thousand dollars.

“He has a deep network of donors, both in Colorado and nationally, who may not be the normal, traditional folks who would give to somebody but who are really stepping up in a big way,” said Craig Hughes, Bennet’s campaign manager.

Senator Bennet raised over $1.35 million during the first three months of 2009. Very impressive for someone who just got into politics. At that rate, he will raise over $11 million by the November 2010 election which should be enough to run a very good campaign. These have to be sobering numbers for Messrs. Buck, Frazier and Beauprez.

This is another indication Senator Bennet knows what he is doing.

The Republican Party took another nose dive toward extremism this morning

(They chose poorly – promoted by Colorado Pols)

This morning State Rep. Kevin Lundberg was selected by the Republican precinct committeemen and committee women of Senate District 15 to succeed Senator Steve Johnson who was elected a Larimer County Commissioner in November. The vote wasn’t even close. Lundberg defeated Lynch 86 to 42.

This is another indication of how far out of touch the local Republican organization in Larimer County and throughout most of Colorado is at the moment. In 2005, 24 out of 26 elected Republican officials in Larimer supported Ref. “C” but the county party executive committee voted against their incumbents to oppose it. On election day Ref. “C” won in Larimer County in a landslide.

In 2006, huge numbers of registered Republicans crossed party lines to vote for Bill Ritter who carried the county with 57% of the vote and the same thing happened again in 2008 when this Republican county voted overwhelmingly for Senator Udall against their home grown candidate Bob Schaffer. And yet, the Larimer County organization continues to move hard right in the face of overwhelming evidence they are out-of-step with the electorate. Their commitment to candidates like Mr. Lundberg and his brand of mindless ideology is mind numbing.

The Republican Party has a major problem in the 2010 U.S. Senate race

His name is United States Senator Mike Bennet.

Senator Bennet made his first appearance in Loveland, Colorado this afternoon and for those who have been concerned about his ability to carry a campaign, I believe you can breath a sigh of relief.

Senator Bennet appeared before a crowd of around 250 people after attending a smaller meeting of around 25 people. He was gregarious, friendly and connected very well on a personal level as he shook hands around the room.

In his speech, he was articulate and specifically addressed the issues and problems facing downtown Loveland. He demonstrated detailed knowledge of the local area and when he discussed his governing philosophy, those in attendance erupted in applause.

Bottom line: Senator Bennet has what it takes to be a great U.S. Senator and a great campaigner.  Governor Ritter made a great decision by selecting Mike Bennet for U.S. Senate.

Romanoff garners statewide support for U.S. Senate

One of the key issues surrounding the selection of our next U.S. Senator is whether he or she can garner the broad based statewide support needed to win the next election. Andrew Romanoff has shown in just a few short days that he already has that kind of support. He has also shown that he understands what it takes to organize and win a statewide campaign.

The Ft. Collins Coloradoan and the Grand Junction Sentinel have already endorsed him.

Major business groups, inclduing Progressive 15 (Northeast Colorado’s equivalent of Club 20), the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce PAC, and the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union are supporting Speaker Romanoff for U.S. Senate.

Elected officials from the four corners of the state are supporting him, including both Democrats and Republicans.  To name a few, the Honorable Ray Aguilera, Pueblo City Councilman; the Honorable Terry Carwile, Craig City Councilman; the Honorable Frank Daniels, former Mesa County District Attorney; the Honorable Noelle Hagan, former Mayor of Montrose; the Honorable Rebecca McClellan, Mayor pro tem of Centennial; the Honorable Bill Kaufman, former Republican state representative of Loveland; the Honorable Steve Johnson, State Senator from Ft. Collins and the Honorable Rob Witner, Republican State Representative from Evergreen, as well as, many leading Democrats in the state House and Senate including the Honorable Judy Salano; the Honorable Abel Tapia; the Honorable Lois Tochtrop; the Honorable Buffie McFayden and the Honorable Jim Riesberg from Greeley. These are thirteen. There are twenty other elected officials who have endorsed him. In brief, elected officials from across the political spectrum at all levels of government support him for this appointment. He has the respect and support from both sides of the aisle.

Just as important, Andrew Romanoff is supported by thrity-five Democrat county chairpersons, including those from eight out of the eleven counties with the largest populations (Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Denver, Douglas, El Paso, Mesa, and Weld). He is well known and liked by the Democrat base statewide. The Democratic leaders most involved and knowledgable about election campaigns believe he can win the 2010 election for U.S. Senator.

From an election perspective, Andrew Romanoff already understands what it will take to organize, finance and win a statewide election. He was a prime supporter of Referendum C in 2005 and Referendum 59 this year. In each of those, he campaigned all over Colorado which is one of the reasons he has so much statewide support now for U.S. Senator. Democrats, Republicans, business and community leaders got to know him and like him personally and as a leader.

For others and for the common good, he has campaigned all over Colorado supporting candidates and addressing issues, like crumbling school buildings in rural areas. Because of his past efforts he has built a statewide reputation and base that can serve us well in the United States Senate.

In the past, I’ve heard people say we could have done worse when a particular person wins an election. In appointment process for U.S. Senator, I don’t think we can do better than Andrew Romanoff.

Allard’s Solution to the Financial Meltdown – Good Luck Your on Your Own

Today Senator Allard issued his latest email newsletter.  In the first section he discussed the present crisis on Wall Street:

“It’s clear that we are experiencing a monumental shift in the future of financial markets. While it is reasonable for the government to take steps to mitigate widespread damage to our economy, the functions of the free market are based on risk and reward.  Only the rarest of cicumstances warrant the federal government or taxpayers simply absorbing the risk in investing equation. In the end, the responsibility of wise management lies at the feet of executives and boards of directors or individual companies.”

“Rough times in the financial markets are not necessarily the result of bad government and Congress should resist the temptation of sweeping reactionary legislation, which generally has a poor track record of actually addressing underlying problems.  I do look forward to holding thorough, careful hearings to better understand the causes of the current difficulties, as well as the most practical and effective ways to prevent them from happening again.”

I may be missing something here but this sure sounds like the following:

1. GOOD LUCK, YOUR ON YOUR OWN: All of the risk to the overall financial system and to each one of us individually, risk that none of us knew about or authorized, should be solved by the CEO’s and the boards of directors who got us into this mess.  In other words, let the people who only cared about their own huge pay check at our expense solve the problem. Senator Allard wants to put the wolves in the hen house.

2.   THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION’S FAILURE TO REGULATE HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE FINANCIAL CRISIS. In other words, government regulation has no role to play in preventing this from happening again and the government’s failure to monitor and adequately regulate the financial markets and securities market was not a factor in the latest crisis.

This isn’t policy Senator Allard is spouting, its economic and financial insanity.  

Wil Armstrong to Petition on 6th CD Ballot

( – promoted by Colorado Pols)

Received a letter in the mail on Saturday from Wil Armstrong.  In his letter he asks Republicans to sign his petition to place his name on the Republican primary ballot for the 6th CD.  In his letter he reminds Republican voters that Congressman Tancredo petitioned on the ballot the first time he ran for the 6th CD.  Apparently, he lacks sufficient Republican grassroots support to go through the caucus and assembly process.

Jared Polis’ TV commercial on health insurance

Last night as I was drifting off to sleep during the 10:00 p.m. 9News when I swear I saw a TV commerical from Polis for Congress focusing on the uninsured.  The subject matter wasn’t a surprise but the video was . . . naked individuals walking in and out of the doctor’s office with their genitals and/or chests blurred out . . . I guess the point is that those who cannot afford health insurance are “going bare” but it sure seemed in poor taste all the way around.  What do others think and who is his media consultant?

Another Both Ways Bob mistake

Beauprez’s campaign mailed a direct mail piece to early voters that is hitting the mailboxes across the state today.  In one column are Beauprez’s stands on various issues and in the other are what he alleges are Bill Ritter’s.  Above each column is a picture.  Above BWB’s issues is a picture of Bob Beauprez.  Above the alleged issue statements by Bill Ritter is a picture of Andrew Romanoff, Speaker of the House.  Can’t the Beauprez campaign do anything right!