New Diebold Voting Flaw

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A new test by the Open Voting Foundation of Diebold AccuVote TS (touch-screen) machines shows a potentially devastating security hole – the ability to easily switch between a certified and tested boot image and an uncertified image loaded via flash card.

This continues the string of shortcomings and security holes that plague the new electronic voting systems required by law as of the upcoming primary election.

El Paso County appears to be the only county in Colorado using the AccuVote TS, and only at some locations…

I have serious reservations about the new systems from all the vendors currently on the market.

Our county recently purchased Hart Intercivic machines, and while I appreciate their relative security, the company still appears to have avoided attending Voting Integrity 101 class before designing their machines…  Both the eScan ballots and the eSlate paper record contain human-readable ballot numbers which can be used to verify voter preference in vote-buying schemes.  If the eScan scanner jams, the ballot box must be opened in order to clear it (as opposed to having a security cover under the scanner and placing the scanner on a hinge…).  And a continuous paper record is not a good solution for either vote anonymity or audit/recount purposes.

The other systems all have similar problems.  We *could* be ready for electronic voting – if the vendors were really thinking.  They’re not.

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