Penry Turns Hard Right for Support

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This morning the Loveland Reporter-Herald reports that yesterday at Bob Schaffer’s Monday Morning Republican Club meeting, State Senator and Republican gubenatorial candidate Josh Penry received and accepted two “major” endorsements from former Representative Jim Welker and state Senator Kevin Lundberg.

Welker and Lundberg don’t endorse candidates unless the candidate they endorse believes in their rigid fanatical right-wing ideology. Mr. penry has some quesitons to answer. First, in his announcement speech in Grand Junction, he said Republicans had to admit their mistakes. Does he include former Rep. Welker’s racist emails and comments as mistakes? The electorate has the right to know where he stands on Welker’s comments since he accepted his endorsement.

Lundberg’s basic philosphy is the government should not exist. Does Mr. penry support that idea?

Some of Mr. Penry’s first endorsements outside of Mesa County are the kind of so called Republicans or conservatives who have endorsed people like Janet Rowland and Bob Schaffer. Does he support the same off-the-wall policies those people have supported ove rthe years. The electorate needs to know.

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  1. TaxCheatGeithner says:

    From what I’ve seen thus far from the campaign trail, Penry is lining up support from all corners of the GOP.  Or perhaps you put people like State Rep. Tom Massey in the same box as Lundberg…?


    State Rep. Tom Massey represented Penry at the event. He explained that he had met Penry when they shared an office during their first year in the state House.

    “Josh is an idea guy,” Massey said. “He understands policy and he understands politics. He’s young, he’s energetic.”

    He might not have Phil Anschutz and Joe Naccio with him, but so far it looks like he’s building an impressive coalition of fiscal conservatives, social conservatives and independent voters.  

    • twas brillig says:

      These are the two creepiest Republicans in Larimer County. Further, it shows Penry taking sides in long-simmering/oft boiling ideological dispute. As many Republican primary voters will be turned off as motivated.

      If Penry was smart, he would have worked to have transcended this divide — instead he’s inflamed it. If he had had Lundberg and someone like McCluskey stand up for him, that would show he’s building a coalition in Larimer County. Instead, he’s aligned himself with the guys that have helped deliver more and more of the county to the Democrats in recent years.

      In effect, Penry has just positioned himself downwind of an intra-party pissing match…and if he survives the primary, he has helped Bill Ritter enormously in continuing recent trends there.  

    • Middle of the Road says:

      Just thinking the exact same thing. Larimer County Democrats thank you, Mr. Penry.

      • Fidel's dirt nap says:

        it turns out that Timothy Geithner is a tax cheat !  Damn you Geithner !

      • Meiner49er says:

        Some of us still have to live with being represented by those guys/gals.  It’s fun to beat up on the fringe when they’re not “your man/woman in Denver,” another thing altogether to get to work making sure they aren’t next time ’round.  Let’s stop using them as political leverage, and just figure out how to lever them out of office in 2010.

        • Middle of the Road says:

          I live in HD 49 and have suffered through Lundberg for years. Now that he’s moved on, I’ll be suffering through his successor for years to come.

          And since HD 49 will be red for a long, long time, I am going to express my fucking gratitude that the right wing nuts just made Ritter’s re-election hopes a bit better because I need something to look forward to, you dig?

  2. rocco says:

    I’m thinking the red that wins the primary will be the one farthest right. I’m talking right of Attila.

    Lundberg is primary gold. klukker john will have him on backbone radio every weekend, extolling the virtues of penry as the liberal hating, God fearing, ultra conservative, anti abortion young warrior. Global warming denier, anti choice lunatic, hard core birther, nasty, vitriolic, extreme right wing christy, lundberg is absolutely priceless to young josh’s crusade.

    Penry can always soften the message for the general, but to win a red primary, you better come a-hatin’ to the dance. And lundberg’s the perfect partner for that.

    Maybe they can hold some of their rallies at the Fellowship of the Sun headquarters.

    • gertie97 says:

      the more Ritter will be smiling. It’s too bad that the lunatic fringe of the GOP carries such weight in primaries, but it does. The Dems have their own loonies, too, but in recent years have preferred to win elections. The GOP has to re-learn that.

  3. ArdentAdmirer2 says:

    Penry did not draw over 40 people at any event after his announcement.  I hear that at one event they drew less than ten.  Steve King had almost as many people attend his announcement for State Senate today as attended Penry’s. Steve did not have to pay for 15,000 robo calls to draw his crowd.  

    The boy wonder is getting old quickly.  

  4. One Queer Dude says:

       Any word on who will get the coveted Doug Bruce endorsement?

    • Gilpin Guy says:

      John Andrews.

      Be still my beating heart waiting to see who Andrews endorses.  The man who almost single handedly governed so badly as President of the Senate that he took a deep red state and turned it purple.  Quite an impressive achievement actually to have your antics in stupidity insure a Democratic takeover of all branches of government in Colorado.

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