Should Obama, Gates attend Crowley’s seminar on racial profiling?

President Obama and Louis Gates need some sensitivity training.

Yes, black men have been abused by cops, but so have poor white men and lots of other people.

Obama showed the chip on his shoulder.

Gates showed who he really is.

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  1. Whiskey Lima Juliet says:

    First off, the cop is an employee of the state who has a badge, is armed and has responsibility to uphold the law and control a situation.

    Gates is a 58 year old man with a cane, who is world renowned professor in a multimillion dollar home which is currently his residence and has broke no laws.

    No one in America can be led out of their home for not showing ID and arrested for mouthing off.  Black, White or otherwise. This is not Nazi Germany or Saddam’s Iraq.  That is the first disgrace!

    Second, Cambridge police have had a vast history of racism.

    The bigger issue, some people in White America are going to have a hard time with the changing power structure.  Blacks and Latinos in power will comment on racial injustices when they occur.  This “bully pulpit” will give rise and clarity to situations such as these and make many of you feel uncomfortable.  

    The time has passed that we as Americans will tolerate a racial class system that allows injustice because of color.

    • Another skeptic says:

      Obama invited Crowley and Gates to the WH for beer.

    • DavidThi808 says:

      No one in America can be led out of their home for not showing ID and arrested for mouthing off.  Black, White or otherwise.

      The cops can basically do anything they want. If they do it to someone with enough political oomph and what they did is way out of line, then there can be reprecussions. But when they are in your house with a gun – they can do anything they want.

      They shouldn’t be able to… but they can.

      • Aristotle says:

        because it’s not about the arrest, it’s about whether charges get pressed.

        I can’t say I sympathize with Gates; if the police report is accurate, he had a lot of unnecessary attitude (he had to break into his own home so the cop was making a legitimate investigation), was only sullenly cooperative, and did nothing to de-escalate matters. The cop finally had had enough and brought him in.

        That said, there may be more to it than that, and the haste in which the Cambridge PD is testimony to the utter lack of merit in the arrest.

        No one in this looks good.

      • Canines says:

        “I would say it is not constitutional to arrest someone in his home just for being loud and abusive to a police officer,” said Boston University law professor Tracey Maclin. “That’s why the cop asked him to come outside, where he could be arrested for being disorderly in public.”

        • Aristotle says:

          That’s revealing.

        • ThillyWabbit says:

          With charges as nebulous as disorderly conduct, over time, courts refine what it means to violate the law. Certainly, there are many ways one can violate disorderly conduct restrictions. However, one requirement that Massachusetts courts have recognized is that the behavior must in some way be public.

          At the very least, the conduct must be likely to have an impact on people in an area accessible to the public.

          And generally, the presence of a police officer does not make the scene a public scene. In 2003, a Massacusetts Court of Appeals opinion (Commonwealth v. Mulvey, 57 Mass. App. Ct. 579) specifically held that the presence of a police officer is not enough to make behavior public. So behavior in a private setting with an officer present should not be disorderly conduct under Msssachusetts law.

  2. Whiskey Lima Juliet says:

    Black people in this country have had about all they take with law enforcement.  And the Cambridge police department is infamous.  (My husband grew up in Boston and his dad lives in Cambridge)

    No Black man, but especially an accomplished man that has been educated by the best and has achieved the American Dream should not be subjected to police stupidity.

    Would police go into a rich white man’s house and drag him out?  Please site one case?

    Police need to get grip, I am allowed to say whatever I want as long as I do not threaten you.  

    Once again this is not Nazi Germany, America is not a police state, however for many Black men the history has been just that.

    I appreciate that Obama and Gates are looking to educate people with this, but how long is being Black in this country going to subject you to whole different set of laws and behavior from authorities?

    On another note, Scott had a run with a cop at our restaurant questioning him about the “the Black man that was walking away with a scooter”.  The Black man happened to be my brother.  Scott asked if the cops had asked the other restaurant owners about the white kids walking around with scooters on their property.  The situation got heated and one of our employees called the cops supervisor who made the cop apologize for overacting and insulting my husband.

    Scott made a written complaint that the cop was dangerous.  As Scott was speaking to him he kept his hand on his gun and his demeanor became more and more agitated.  Would the cop have acted like that at Kevin Taylor’s restaurant?

    • rocco says:

      Two things are as relevent in AS’s thread as they have been for my entire life. Full disclosure…….I’m white, pure German ancestry, father born in New York to 2 German immigrants.

      First off, many, many, many white people have a knee jerk reaction when they find out about a minority citizen/white authority conflict. Whether it’s a black person, brown, red, it doesn’t really matter. “The white officer/s was upholding the good conservative christian values the founders built our great freedom loving nation on. The uppity minority shot his/her mouth off at the good christian conservative officer. That loudmouth minority deserves anything they got. Poor white authority figure, just trying to do his job, and the minority said those terrible and hurtfull things. Yes, it escalated out of control, but it certainly wasn’t the fault of the good christian conservative white police officer. That uppity minority needed to keep his/her mouth shut in the presence of a white man. Show some respect!!!!!!! In his own home? showed ID? So what? That uppity minority had the timerity to ask for the good officer’s badge number!! The outrage!!!!

      This is 2009 America. Conservative reds in general, racists in particular, chafe at the prospect of an educated African American as their President. That he’s smart, affable, and unapolagetic about knowing he’s qualified makes it even worse. Young, popular, won by 9 and a half million votes, and willing to bust his ass EVERY DAY to fix the mess the previous republican administration left us in puts the situation at the intolerable level. Point is, he’s not white. He’s half black. And that just ain’t gonna get it. With newt, rush, boehner, kingston, coburn, sessions, graham,  and every other racist (and birther, for that matter) in the Senate and Congress, on the air with clusterfox or khow, the mission is clear and vital…destroy this abomanation.

      Point 2 is pretty easy. While whites like crowley and buchanan, caplis, dobbs and rosen, can’t see racism, because it doesn’t happen to them, they recognize reverse racism, because, in their eyes it does. The old eye of the beholder phenomenon. President Obama was correct when he said the Cambridge police acted stupidly. Accurate statement. But it hurt the feelings of the people that acted stupidly. Can’t have that.

      It’s absolutely amazing to me how thin skinned some whites are.  this incident in Cambridge illustrates exactly that. And gullable as well. The conservative movement is moving to capitalize, and the goobers hannity and beck are preaching to can’t even see it.  

      Crowley had every chance to turn around and walk. Instead he gave into the demons. He manhandled a 58 year old cripple and arrested him for talking back. Real professional. And conservatives aren’t defending him because he’s right. People like AS are defending him because he’s white and clusterfox told them to.    

  3. Robert Jordan says:

    I tend to agree with him, but I think the public deserves to hear the 911 call and the recording of the police officer’s communications with the dispatcher (and whatever background noise is on that tape).

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