Markey pushes fundraising total to $640,000

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Betsy Markey’s campaign will issue a news release later today announcing she raised $260,000 in the second quarter, which pushes her total for the 2009-10 cycle to $640,000.

You can see more details in my first look at the numbers at

Markey’s statement: “I made a promise to the people of this district to serve as an independent voice in Washington, DC, and the continued support of so many Coloradans shows that we are keeping that promise. In these tough economic times I am humbled that Coloradans are reaching deep in their pockets to support me as we work to rebuild and re-grow our economy across Colorado and across America.”

The freshman Democrat from Fort Collins has far outraised her potential Republican opponents, which isn’t unusual, especially at this point in the cycle. She’s raised more than $100,000 more than Marilyn Musgrave had raised at this same point in 2007, though almost $300,000 less than her Republican predecessor had raised at this point in 2005.

Markey and her campaign are aggressively raising money because they know they will face a challenging and expensive reelection battle in 2010, says CSU political scientist John Straayer.

“They know it is a tough district for Democrats, they know they will be targeted, they know that their opponent will be more formidable than Musgrave was at the tail end of her political career,” Straayer said. “And the national party and supportive groups know this as well.”

10:09 AM UPDATE: See National Republican Congressional Committee release below.  

This comes from Joanna Burgos, the NRCC’s western regional press person. The NRCC is officially neutral in the GOP primary, but look at which candidate is mentioned and which are not.

All – I wanted to bring to your attention some fundraising factoids for the 2nd quarter in the CO-04 race.  Please note timing and individual donor amounts. Also, please consider the comment below from the NRCC:


“Incumbents usually raise more money than challengers, especially at this point in an election cycle.” (Robert Moore, “Markey pushes fundraising total to $640,000,” Coloradoan, 07/14/09)



“When a challenger garners this much support from voters and out raises an incumbent in individual contributions, it is a clear indication that voters are not content with their representation in Congress.  It’s crystal clear that Betsy Markey is completely out-of-touch with voters who continue to ask her: where are the jobs?  Markey has made it her mission to support legislation that kills jobs and piles on debt for Colorado’s working families by co-sponsoring card check and voting for the failed stimulus and the detrimental national energy tax.” – Joanna Burgos, NRCC Spokesperson

It took Congresswoman Betsy Markey THREE months to raise over $200,000:

“Rep. Betsy Markey raised more than $260,000 in the second quarter…” (Robert Moore, “Markey pushes fundraising total to $640,000,” Coloradoan, 07/14/09)


State Rep. Cory Gardner raised over $200,000 in LESS THAN TWO months:

“Congressional candidate Cory Gardner raised more than $200,000 in seven weeks, he announced Tuesday, dwarfing the fundraising by other likely Republican candidates for Betsy Markey’s House seat and sending an early message in the 2010 GOP campaign.” (Robert Moore, “Gardner builds huge money lead in GOP House race,” Coloradoan, 07/8/09)

Markey depended heavily on PACs and her Democrat leaders in Congress:

“Markey campaign spokesman Ben Marter told the Coloradoan today the freshman Democrat from Fort Collins raised about $155,000 from individual donors and more than $105,000 from political action committees and other Democrats in Congress.” (Robert Moore, “Markey pushes fundraising total to $640,000,” Coloradoan, 07/14/09)


Gardner received greater support from individual Coloradoans:

[Gardner campaign manager Mike] “Ciletti said the campaign received about $203,000 in contributions from 492 individuals and $1,750 from three political action committees.” (Robert Moore, “Gardner builds huge money lead in GOP House race,” Coloradoan, 07/8/09)

In her first year as a candidate, Markey never raised over $200k:

Raised Q2 2007 = $60,320.00

Raised Q3 2007 = $116,010.10

Raised Q4 2007 = $191,539.84

(Markey for Congress, 2007 FEC Quarterly reports, accessed July 14, 2009)


Gardner exceeded the $200k target in just seven weeks:

“State Rep. Cory Gardner, R-Yuma, said last week that he raised more than $200,000 in the seven weeks after he became a candidate for the 4th Congressional District GOP nomination.” (Robert Moore, “Markey pushes fundraising total to $640,000,” Coloradoan, 07/14/09)


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  1. RedGreenRedGreen says:

    Ben is her campaign spokesman at the same time he’s her congressional press secretary?

    • BobMoore says:

      He can’t do any campaign-related work during work time or using office equipment. If I talk campaign with him it has to be early in the morning or late at night, on his personal (or campaign) cell phone. It’s not an uncommon practice. The campaign release went out on his personal gmail account.

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