So, Uh, This Mark Williams Guy…

Mark Williams digs into his tool chest.

If Stuart Smalley and Mr. Rogers had somehow been able to conceive a child, it would probably look and sound a lot like Mark Williams.

Williams is the former Chair of the Boulder County Democrats — he formally resigned earlier this month — who is apparently preparing a campaign for Congress in CD-2. He has a website and everything, though it’s still “under construction.”

Who is Mark Williams? Here’s how John Fryar explained his bio in a story last month for the Longmont Times-Call:

Boulder resident Williams is chief executive officer of VUmind and Dynamic Human Solutions, an organizational development consulting business.

Uh, okay. That doesn’t explain much, so here’s what it says about Williams on the VUmind website:

A former US Air Force F-15 pilot and long time practitioner of mindfulness, Mark has spent over two decades focusing on brain and body dynamics. His knowledge of stress management, concentration techniques and situational awareness in the high performance environment brings a hands-on operational perspective to the team.

That’s a lot of Marketing-speak. The best we can tell, Williams is the CEO of a business (or two) that creates how-to meditation videos. Or something. Take a look at the short clip below from VUmind, and make sure that you check out this video about the toolbox (and then try telling us we’re wrong about that Stuart Smalley/Mr. Rogers joke).


Anyway, it would be very, very, very difficult to be more of a “Boulder liberal” than Williams, so maybe he’ll have some support in a Democratic Primary. Williams has a lot of ground to make up if he hopes to provide a serious challenge to Democrat Joe Neguse, a former candidate for Secretary of State who wasted no time entering the CD-2 race after incumbent Rep. Jared Polis announced that he would run for governor in 2018.

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  1. BoulderDem says:

    Hmm … that's awful condescening and silly to make fun of a congressional candidate like that, especially one that unexpectedly won a race for county Chair in the biggest county in the district, and is a combat veteran to boot. I'm a big fan of the Goose and think he's off to a great start, but Williams is very legit and a real threat. IIRC, he was a major Bernie organizer in 2016 (and Joe was on the Hillary side), and we all know what happened in Boulder in 2016. If Mark can raise money — or if it turns out Joe can't — this will be very close.

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