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August 21, 2017 02:36 AM MDT

BREAKING: Perlmutter Will Run for Re-Election in CD-7

  • by: Colorado Pols

UPDATE #3: Democrats Brittany Pettersen and Dominick Moreno have both “suspended” their campaigns and endorsed Perlmutter for re-election.


UPDATE #2: The Colorado Springs Gazette has more response from the four Democratic candidates who had already filed to run in CD-7:

The Colorado Pols website first reported Monday morning that Perlmutter would officially seek re-election, and The Denver Post first reported Perlmutter’s statement on his decision.

Colorado Politics was the first to report Perlmutter was reconsidering his earlier decision and would likely run for his seat in Congress again, and that other candidates were reconsidering, as a result…

…Moreno announced Monday morning he is dropping out of the Democratic primary and will instead back Perlmutter.

“We continue to be in great hands with Congressman Perlmutter,” Moreno said in a statement. “Thank you to the many people who supported me along this journey. My time serving our community does not end with our campaign suspending, and I remain committed to standing up for our values in the state Senate.”

Kerr said through a spokeswoman Monday he will be discussing the development with friends, family and supporters before making a decision “in the next day or two.”

Campaigns for Pettersen and Baer also responded with comments from spokespeople. It is unlikely that any of the four Democrats will ultimately remain in the race now that Perlmutter is back.


Rep. Ed Perlmutter (D-Jefferson County).

UPDATE: Here’s Perlmutter’s official statement on his decision:

“Over the last few weeks a lot has happened, both for me and in the world. I’ve taken some time to regroup and recharge, and in so doing I’ve had many meaningful conversations with friends, neighbors, supporters and family who have encouraged me to run again. I have appreciated each and every conversation. It has made me take time to reflect on the future. And I’ve come to the conclusion to run again for re-election. To ask the hardworking people of the 7th district to once again put their trust in me to be their voice in Washington. I care deeply for our state and I love my home which is here in the 7th district.

“I’ve talked to Andy, Brittany, Dominick and corresponded with Dan about my decision. They are all wonderful people and I know for them and some others my decision is not convenient or well timed, for which I’m sorry. But I know I have more to do and more to give to the people of the 7th district. I understand this is not an ideal situation – I really do – but I know we can all work together to fight for our Colorado way of life.”


Congressman Ed Perlmutter (D-Jefferson County) has decided to run for re-election in CD-7 and has informed other Democratic candidates in the district of his decision. Colorado Pols was first to report the news Monday morning.

Perlmutter’s decision to seek a seventh term marks a whirlwind few months for the longtime Jeffco Democrat. Perlmutter was a candidate for governor for a few months before a surprise announcement in July that he would no longer be a candidate for any office in 2018. In recent weeks, however, word began to leak that Perlmutter was reconsidering that decision and being encouraged by supporters to run for re-election in a district he has never failed to win by a margin of at least 10 points.

Perlmutter’s decision likely ends the Congressional candidacies of four Democrats who had been running to succeed him. For reasons related to campaign finance laws, candidates currently in the race may not officially “close” their campaign committees until a later date.

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23 thoughts on “BREAKING: Perlmutter Will Run for Re-Election in CD-7

  1. in a district he has never failed to win by less than 10 points.

    Maybe that's "by at least 10 points?"  Also, I can think of four votes he'll have a tough time getting…

  2. And…Moreno's taken the first bullet for the team.

    State Sen. Dominick Moreno announced Monday he is suspending his campaign, leaving state Sen. Andy Kerr, state Rep. Brittany Pettersen and Dan Baer in the Democratic primary. No Republicans have yet announced.

    One has to wonder how much time, money, and energy has been wasted with this “I’m running for governor,” oh, wait, “I’m not running for anything,” “Oopsie, running for Congress, so sorry, everyone.” nonsense.

  3. Can't help but feel for the Dems who expended time, effort and money ramping up campaigns, but Perlmutter jumping back in is by multiple orders of magnitude the best chance of keeping this seat blue.

    1. I really feel badly for Andy Kerr — my favorite of the candidates that jumped into this race.  

      But I also wanted Perlmutter to stay put and keep his powder dry for the race to kick Con Man Cory out of office.  Ed's campaign for governor was a needless distraction in my view.

        1. Ugh, I hope not.  There wouldn't be much daylight separating their positions (sorta like between Bennet and Romanoff when they were duking it out).

          Maybe Trump will be gone by then, Pence gets the Oval, Kasich is appointed VP, then scandal envelops Pence, he resigns, then Hick gets appointed to the Vice Presidency by President Kasich as a unity ticket 😉

  4. Perlmutter does not look like a steady, rational man who should run for Senate. If he cannot handle a gov race, how would he do in a Senate race? And he really screwed those 4 Dem candidates. We should look elsewhere in 2020.

    1. Agree with you.  I am a big Perlmutter fan.  I feel he has done an exemplary job of representing me in Congress.  Having said that, this has been a complete cluster and he comes out of it looking weak and indecisive…two qualities that folks generally are not looking for in their leaders.

      1. It doesn't look good.  But I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.  I don't know what happened that caused this and it's none of my business.  It has been atypical with him and considering everything else I'm hoping it's an aberration.

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