Best place to learn music lessons for kids

Do you have a child that is passionate about music and would like to learn to play guitar from a professional? Check out and find out more! Your child can learn to play from professional guitarists like Tracy Williams, an awesome guy who has played with names such as Ray Charles, Jay Leno, and even Merv Griffin, among others. You child can learn from the best, as instructors have played with the National Touring company of New York for shows like Evita, Hello Dolly, and Bye Bye Birdie. Tracy brings 13 years of professional teaching experience to your child, and has played at big venues all over the United States! So if you are looking for music lessons Phoenix then you won’t find a better place than The Note Room. You child will be playing professional style guitar in not time, setting them up for a lifetime career in the music industry. With the right talent we have heard kids playing professional class music in a short amount of time, and the longer they commit the better they are going to get. If you want your child to be the best, then you need one of the best guitar instructors in the industry. You do not find this kind of talent and this many years of experience often, so make sure you check them out and get your child on the path to becoming the next great musician while they are still young.

Tracy has done music for soundtracks and commercial work, including tracks you will hear on survivor. Years of experience can get your child started on the right foot. Not only can they learn how to be a great guitarist, but with the commercial experience accumulated by their instructor they will learn the ins and outs of the industry, and over time, learn how to put their great musical talent to use in real world applications. Would it not be awesome to hear your child’s music on your favorite television show, or in one of the commercials you hear on television or radio numerous times per day? Your child can learn to play riffs, chords, and jam along with a true professional guitarist in private lessons; something that you don’t find often. Get your child started today and watch them bloom into a true musician taught by one of the greats. You are not likely to find this kind of experience anywhere else, so what are you waiting for, get your child started today. Kids love music, it stimulates the brain and provides them a form of expression that is loved by many. How great would it be to have your child playing along at your holiday parties, performing live shows and more? Get them started today and enjoy a talent that will give your child an edge in the music world. If they are interested in other instruments besides guitar, you can get them in drum lessons, and even piano lessons, all by instructors who are some of the best in the industry.

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