Colorado Grassroots Groups Issue Colorado Values Report Cards

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A coalition of Colorado grassroots groups released their legislative scorecards for the 2017 General Assembly session today. The scorecards include votes to support and protect clean air and water, LGBTQ equality, immigrant rights, quality public education, working families, and access to reproductive health care.

“The organizations releasing scorecards today work on behalf of an overwhelming majority of Coloradans who want to see their leaders fight for a fairer, more just, and vibrant Colorado,” said Ian Silverii, Executive Director of ProgressNow Colorado. “Coloradans can use these scorecards to evaluate whether lawmakers voted in support of the issues they care most about, or put the far-right fringe and wealthy special interests first.”

“There were consistent themes throughout all of the scorecards,” continued Silverii. “While there were important compromises on critical issues this session, the Republican-controlled state Senate killed many other important bills that would have greatly helped Colorado’s economy, environment, and public health. Despite the progress made this year, several elected officials received failing grades on all of the scorecards–including Senators Tim Neville and Kevin Lundberg, and Representatives Justin Everett, Tim Leonard, Kim Ransom, and Stephen Humphrey.”

For a compilation of each group’s score for every member of the Colorado General Assembly, visit Links to groups’ scorecards can be found at: 

The following are quotes from representatives of organizations releasing scorecards today:

“We believe it is the duty of our state legislature to pass laws that protect good jobs and help working people sustain their families. Legislation that allows corporations to exploit workers, destroy good paying jobs, or limit our ability to speak up together for better working conditions hurt our state’s economy. Our scorecard helps Colorado union members understand which legislators work to uphold the values of Colorado’s working families.”

  • Sam Gilchrist, Executive Director of the Colorado AFL-CIO

“Votes are a reflection of values and priorities. This scorecard clearly shows those who strongly value public education and those who do not. The public needs to know if their state senator and representative is serious about providing our students the schools they deserve regardless of their ZIP code. Public schools across Colorado are not adequately funded and are facing teacher shortages. Every voter should see the scorecard and use the information to elect officials who will stand with their communities to find solutions to these significant challenges.”

  • Amie Baca-Oehlert, Colorado Education Association Vice President

“The 71st General Assembly witnessed some of the most xenophobic bills our state has seen in the past decade,” said Alex Alvarado. “The Republican caucus unsuccessfully attempted to pass off hateful and divisive rhetoric as mainstream immigration policy. We saw many Republicans, especially Representative Dave Williams and Senator Tim Neville, push and extreme anti-immigrant agenda, threatening the values of strong families and inclusive communities.”

  • Alex Alvarado, CIRC Action Fund Board Member

“Coloradans consistently say that one of the primary reasons they choose to live in our state is a clean environment and our outdoor way of life. This year, the General Assembly made several advances to protect our land, air, water, and communities, including extending a popular program that saves consumers and businesses on energy costs and helping schools test for lead in their drinking water. But intransigence and ideological opposition on the part of several members of the legislature kept important work from being accomplished, including funding our transportation system, improving our state parks and wildlife areas, and keeping oil and gas development away from where kids play at school.”

  • Pete Maysmith, Executive Director of Conservation Colorado

“We don’t just need allies, we expect pro-choice champions – and our scorecard reflects that. This year was encouraging in some ways, including the passage of proactive birth control legislation and a reproductive freedom House Resolution. And even as the Trump Administration continues to attack reproductive rights at the federal level, we fought for and protected women’s health care in Colorado, including abortion rights and birth control access. The family leave bill, one of our core reproductive rights principles, made it further than it ever has before – which means we will keep fighting until it passes.”

  • Karen Middleton, Executive Director of NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado

“In 2017, 75% of Colorado’s representatives and senators took at least one vote in support of LGBTQ Coloradans and their families. Unfortunately, Republican leadership in the Colorado Senate continued to successfully block efforts to protect transgender Coloradans and LGBTQ young people this session. One Colorado will continue to hold Colorado’s elected officials accountable for their votes on these important issues.”

  • Laura “Pinky” Reinsch, Political Director of One Colorado

“Our scorecard provides information to Coloradans about their legislators’ votes on reproductive health and education. Coloradans want to maintain access to safe and legal abortion, and not legislators wasting time trying to interfere in women’s personal health care decisions. On a positive note we finally saw a pro-women’s health bill pass, one that will allow women to pick up their annual supply of birth control at once. It is bills like this that truly represent Colorado values, where women can get the health care they need, when they need it. Unfortunately, Colorado’s legislature again saw out-of-touch anti-women’s health bills – five this year alone. We will continue to fight these horrible bills and stand up for Coloradans’ reproductive rights.”

  • Ashley Wheeland, Senior Policy and Political Director for Planned Parenthood Votes Colorado

“Every year the Women’s Lobby of Colorado tracks and scores bills that would impact women and their families. This scorecard, like others before, highlight Colorado’s continued budget issues when it comes to prioritizing what women and their families need.”

  • Peg Perl, Board Chair of the Women’s Lobby of Colorado

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20 Community Comments, Facebook Comments

  1. Andrew Carnegie says:

    This is funny.  Dishonest, but funny.

    If they put the political party next to the score of the candidate, it would be obvious.  Dem 95-100, Republican 0-30.  The implication, Dems have Colorado values and Republicans don't.  If that is the case, why all the Republican elected officials?  Were their voters from Nebraska or Wyoming?

    Political hacks will be political hacks aka ProgressNow California (or Colorado).

    • Mike W. says:

      Does it take you a while to translate everything over from English? Or do you have a Macedonian app for that?

    • MichaelBowman says:

      Speaking of 'values', these flyers are showing up on lawns and windshields in Mississippi and Alabama. But then, you probably already knew that. For those of you brave enough to have their URL in your browser history, they are a 'thing'.

      Your people, Gerbils. 

      • Andrew Carnegie says:

        Your folks try to assassinate your opposition.

        When you are called on it, you play the off shoot of the Dem Party KKK card.

        I agree that Trump has been a better President than Obama, but I suspect that is probably one of the few things I would agree with them on.

        • Davie says:

          Sorry, Gerbils.  You own the KKK lock stock and barrel.

          Not sure who you think you're fooling with your persistent claptrap.

          BTW, you know that's how you earned your nickname "Gerbils" —  Sad wannabe Goebbels

        • Duke Cox says:

          Trying to shed your racist past, Pissant? We know your history, asshole. It won't work. You and David Duke are soul brothers..or I should rather say…"soulless brothers"

          You cannot escape yourself …no matter how hard you try to rewrite your history you cannot become something you are not.

        • Gilpin Guy says:

          Andrew – On a personal level what are you doing to bring about a more peaceful world.  I understand you are a devout follower of Jesus.  How do you interpret his admonitions to act in peaceful ways to foster peace on earth as it is in Heaven?  Now is a good time to tell us how you are working to build bridges to a more peaceful world.  I've decided to thoughtfully consider your ways to imbue your life with a more peaceful purpose.  Shalom.

  2. Moderatus says:

    Liberals do not share my Colorado values.

    • Davie says:

      The majority of Coloradans don't share your values, Moldy.  So what else is new?

    • MichaelBowman says:

      Thank God, Moddy. Over the past decade and some change we've managed to create the #1 economy in the nation, ended the scourge of Prohibition, shrunk the private prison industrial complex, reigned in PayDay lenders and caused over $6 billion in clean energy investments on the eastern plains. That's just the short list. 

      • Davie says:

        Moldy's "values" have been on embarrassing display over in Kansas for several years.  Finally, enough Republicans have started seeing the light and reversing some of the resulting catastrophic damage.

        • MichaelBowman says:

          Moddy tingles in places Grammy tells him not to touch when anyone says 'Kansas'. That grand experiment that surely would have been successful if only we'd given it enough time. Unfortunately they finally ran out of sex toys to auction off to fill the big budget hole and had to make a date with reality.  Like the CO Repubs that cast their votes to save our rural hospitals, kudos to the Kansas moderates who have retaken the Shining City on the Hill  Governors Ghetto with plans to right the ship. 

    • Gilpin Guy says:

      Pray tell good man what are your Colorado values.  I am intrigued by being remiss in what they are.  Please elucidate us as how nefarious liberals have failed to assimilate such shining concepts.  Please explain what values are nearest and dearest to you.

    • Diogenesdemar says:

      Ummm, psst shitsparrow, . . .

      . . . your unabashed ignorance is NOT a value!

  3. Duke Cox says:

    They also do not share your mental affliction, Fluffy…so what?

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