Steadman wins SD31

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Last night, the SD31 vacancy committee met and nearly all of them showed up!!! 164 out of 183 members were present.

There ended up being 10 candidates including a last minute floor nomination who simply wanted a venue to talk about his pet beef.

The voting was done in 3 rounds. The first round eliminated all but the top 4. The second round narrowed the field to two and the third round was the run-off between those two.

After the first round the top four vote getters were:

Ann Ragsdale 56

Pat Steadman 44

Alex Sanchez 31 (I think?)

Jill Conrad 10

Jill announced after that she was dropping out after that so only 3 names were on the 2nd ballot. Those results were:

Steadman in 1st

Ragsdale in 2nd

Sanchez in 3rd

Sorry I did not write down the numbers, I figured someone else would have posted this thread by now.

The final vote between Pat & Ann came was 93 for Pat and 63 for Ann (we lost 8 people during the process).

The meeting itself went exceptionally smoothly, thanks in large part to the planning of the District Chair, Ed Hall, who coordinated with Denver, Adams and the State parties to pull off a very well executed election.

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  1. Middle of the Road says:

    by the vacancy committee. And by most accounts, Steadman is a really fine choice and will make a great senator.  

  2. Progressive Promoter says:

    Don’t live in the district but am a big fan of Pat. He’ll be a great Senator for the district and the state.

  3. RedGreen says:

    Steadman 63

    Ragsdale 53

    Sanchez 44

    Conrad endorsed Sanchez after the first round; Sanchez endorsed Steadman after the second round.  

  4. Craig says:

    Looks like essentially a Denver/Adams split?

    • ohwilleke says:

      The district is split 60-40 with Adams County having the larger part.

      But, it is fair to say that Ragsdale support came disproportionately from Adams County.  She and Hicks were the only candidates from Adams County in the race, so this is not surprising.

      It appeared that Sanchez also had considerable support from Adams County, but much of the Sanchez vote went to Steadman in the third round.

        • RedGreen says:

          what happened in the first round. After that, not so much.

          • MiddleRoadDem says:

            As I understood it, by landmass/area, Adams County is the larger part of the district, but Denver County has more inhabitants and more precinct committee people they contributed to the vacancy committee.

            • RedGreen says:

              oh-willike says the split is Adams 60, Denver 40, and the state Dem secretary told me the same thing when Veiga announced she was quitting. The roster of the vacancy committee isn’t a secret document, you can call state party headquarters and they’ll tell you how many are Adco and how many Denver.

              You do realize, SD 31 covers only a portion of Denver and only a portion of Adams County — we’re not comparing all of Denver to all of Adams County, just the makeup of SD 31.

  5. One Queer Dude says:

       Pat becomes first openly gay man to serve in State Senate and word is out that the Governor has signed S.B. 88!

  6. ArdentAdmirer2 says:

    I thought Jill would be in the final two or at least the final three. It is almost unimaginable that she got only ten votes.

    Ann Ragsdale still commands tremendous loyalty on her home turf in Adams but was unable to gather any support in Denver.  

  7. smellykat says:

    would have won if she commanded all the adams delegates – but Steadman picked up many of them in later rounds. Ragsdale was uninspiring.

  8. YourMyBoyBlue says:

    From what I understand the people who say that Denver has more delegates (thanks Tom) are dead on.  However the people who say that Adams has more population are also correct.  The vacancy committee is made up of part officials (read: precinct captains, county officers, etc).  Each county makes its own rules to this effect. Denver’s rules put more people in official positions, and thus they have more people on the vacancy committee… it’s a weird little rules thing.

    Rep. Ragsdale did pull most of the votes from Adams (though not all), and she did have some support from Denver (though not much).  She would have needed ~25 votes from Denver in addition to almost all of Adams to win.  Obviously, she didn’t do that.

    Overall, I thought it was a great night. The candidates and committee members handled themselves well.  With people like Ann, Alex, Jill the new Senator and others, it was a pretty awesome embarrassment of riches.

    • Dan Willis says:

      Denver tends towards smaller precincts in terms of the number of active voters (the statutory measure of how big a precinct is or can be). This means there are more of them and therefore more precinct committeepeople (PCP’s).

      I forget what Adams’ average vcoter per precinct is, but Denver attempts to keep it between 800 and 1000. The law allows us to go up to 1500 and even higher (2000 I think) with City Council (in other counties: County Commissioner) approval.

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