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“The way up and the way down are one and the same.”


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  1. RepealAndReplace says:

    Today's the big day for Trump-Care….that is, unless it isn’t (remember, we’ve been here before)

    Has Mike Coffman made up his mind yet? If it passes House, Con Man Cory will have to cast a vote on it too! 

  2. Voyageur says:

    Trump stinks.

    Stay upwind, my friends.

  3. Andrew Carnegie says:

    Obama's Justice Department

    It seems that the crooks and cronies branch of the Dems was using the Justice Department not just against their Republican enemies and to protect the ultimate crook, Hillary, but also to punish internal Dem dissent.

    At least the crooks and cronies branch of the Dems abused their power in a non-partisan way.  How many Wall Street folks went to jail for what they did during the financial crisis when the crooks and cronies were in power?  Just sayin'.

    • Gray in Mountains says:

      "just sayin'"equals talking through Moldy's anus

    • Davie says:

      What's wrong, Gerbils?  Nothing good to say about your Party's excitement over shoving at least 20 million people off healthcare?  You must be proud of the fact that if your party succeeds in getting Trump to sign the repeal of Obamacare, you can ensure (as opposed to insure) that tens of thousands more people will die each year!  

      And just think of all those hyperinflated medical bills causing even more families to declare bankruptcy — even the middle class won't be able to handle those.

      That's gotta give you a massive woody, right?

      • unnamed says:

        I don't know that Putin's designated hitter is capable of a massive woody.  But he is most likely getting his jollys off of the idea of millions of people suffering.

    • MichaelBowman says:

      It's like shooting fish in a barrel with you, KornJolio. What?!?  Someone making a claim they had more pledges than dollars?  Who'd have thunk?  I won't waste my breath on the Trump University $25mm fraud "settlement" but you might consider a refresher course.   

  4. DawnPatrol says:

    The most insightful piece you'll read all day about the profound evil these despicable, contemptible, anti-democracy, anti-American GOP pig f–kers in the House are attempting to perpetrate today:

  5. mamajama55 says:

    Call for Action after House vote to repeal ACA:

    Image Credit: Jim Cooke, posted on Jezebel

    May 4-7, 2017 Calls to Action from Colorado IFRR

    "The next step will be the Senate taking this bill up. So, we have an easy path ahead of us in focusing on GARDNER ALONE. Hi again, Senator Gardner. Are you sweating a little? You haven't seen even seen a resistance groundswell yet.
    Some say the Senate has plans to completely overhaul the bill, and that this is why Rs were cajoled into passing something. If the Senate changes anything about the bill whatsoever, the House will need to vote on it, again. ACA HAS NOT BEEN REPEALED YET."

    1.Call Gardner today to warn him we are watching RE: AHCA and to DEMAND he take a position
    2.Call your Representative:

    Don't cuss them out, don't threaten, but share a personal story about how this will affect you.

    Tipton to let him know he will answer for his AHCA vote for the rest of his career
    Buck to let him know he will answer for his AHCA vote for the rest of his career.
    Lamborn to let him know he will answer for his AHCA vote for the rest of his career.

    Cory Gardner Washington, D.C. Phone: (202) 224-5941 Pueblo, CO Phone: (719) 543-1324
    Scott Tipton Washington, DC Phone: (202) 225-4761
    Pueblo, CO Phone: (719) 542-1073
    Alamosa P: (719) 587-5105
    Durango P: (970) 259-1490
    Grand Junction P: (970) 241-2499
    Doug Lamborn Washington, DC Phone: (202) 225-4422 Colorado Springs, CO Phone: (719) 520-0055
    Ken Buck Washington, DC Phone: (202) 225-4676
    Greeley, CO Phone: (970) 702-2136
    Spanish Language Line: (970) 978-4154

    – from Indivisible Front Range Resistance

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