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March 31, 2017 06:49 AM UTC

Friday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Always do everything you ask of those you command.”

–George S. Patton


27 thoughts on “Friday Open Thread

  1. I'd miss him.  It's vital to have 51 to control chairmanships and legislative flow.  Give me that first vote to organize the Senate and you can defect.  Ican then offset you with Susan Collins.

    1. To some in here, less is more…..

      There are those who think that if we shed the DINOs, we will have a more pure left wing, Democratic caucus which will speak with one voice. 

      And then they will cry which Mitch McConnell can engineer a rules change or cut off a filibuster. 

      I'd rather have a coalition of 51 leftists and DINOs making Schumer the majority leader than 35 or 40 true-believing left winger making noises about injustices but being powerless to stop the Republicans.

  2. Does anyone want to offer an opinion about how long Herr Drumph will be in office and/or how he will leave?


    Inditement and arrest? Could we be treated to a perp waddle?

    Stamping his little (I assume) feet and quiting because he's not being treated "fairly"?


    PS Vger  Trump does stink laugh

    1. I'd say 6 months, tops. GOP Congress members are undoubtedly tired of all the scandal and embarrassment, but really want that Supreme Court seat and some friendly pro-corporate regulations in place, or at least existing regulations trashed.

      Once those goals are accomplished, "moderate" Republicans will be more than happy to collude in impeachment or pressure to resign, installing more-acceptable, less obviously sociopathic Mike Pence in as Pres.

      For the country, the damage will have been done….to environmental rules, to foreign relations by undermining NATO and the European Union, by trashing Obama's economic recovery. But, like the McConnell cabal on Obama's inauguration, we can vow that this will be a one-term presidency.

      I’ll bet 100 Pols points on it. (Don’t ask me what a Pols point is, I just made that up. )

      1. Thank  you Mamasmiley

        You made some points I hadn't thought of.  

        My background is psych so I see how much ill will he has been generating with so many groups since his first speech.  Plus I see his psychopathology pretty clearly.

        By the way, I checked with the WH and the Pols Points are worth $1, 000,000 and the best part is that Mexico will provide all the money. Yay!!!

        Thanks again.  I learn a lot from you folks and I hope some more will comment on my question.


      2. Karen and I have a running bet about this. I say he's in hearings by the mid-terms. She thinks he'll quit before then. And the Repubs ought not get their hopes up about Pence. He's up to his neck in these in these scandals as well. I'm betting he’ll be gone before The Yam. Agnew, anyone?

          1. Well, we can't improve on Pence or Ryan in the near future. #TrumpsterFire is a disaster waiting to happen – for all of us. The #resistance needs to get ready for one punch after another, i.e. we haven't solved our problem when #TrumpsterFire resigns, and whatever may follow. 

            It's a real dilemma for Herr Drumpf – I'm guessing he hates "governing," because he can't run it like his highly successful business (believe me). On the other hand, it would be very difficult for him to give up the power he now has (not power to MAGA, but power to fatten his own wallet, pay off some of his staggering debt, and keep pushing his "brand"). 

            Regardless, my money is still on a rather short #TrumpsterFire reign, regardless of how it ultimately ends.


          2. Yeah, I know, V. On the other hand, speaking of Ryan, my grandmother used to say "the higher a monkey climbs, the better you can see his little red ass." Don't bet on that nice Midwestern boy being squeaky-clean himself. Yes, I know that brings us to McConnell. I'll bet he's got some skeletons, too. Dammit! It's just turtles all the way down with this lot, ain't it?

    2. The two treasonous congressional pieces off filth, Nunes and Chaffetz, are the Orange Oaf's last obfuscating, obstructing line of defense against the increasingly hungry and determined legal wolves poised to bring him down:

    3. I had a dream last night. In it, Trump was subpoenaed to testify in front of Congress and the FBI.

      The subpoena was dropped on April 15th. Tax day. 

      I'm now holding out hope for that to occur. With how quickly this is moving, it wouldn't shock me.

      1. I'm really concerned that some media outlet will run an April Fool's story that Trump takes seriously and that results in the nuclear destruction of an ally.

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