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March 20, 2017 01:48 PM UTC

Bennet Introduces Gorsuch With Praise For Merrick Garland

  • by: Colorado Pols

TUESDAY UPDATE: Sen. Michael Bennet’s introduction of Neil Gorsuch appears to impressed somebody notable:


Word spread late last week that Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet would join GOP Sen. Cory Gardner in introducing U.S. Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch of Colorado to the Senate Judiciary Committee today. This afternoon that took place–with Gardner giving his widely-expected glowing endorsement of Gorsuch, and as for Bennet…well?


In short, Bennet warmly praises Gorsuch, saying he “exemplifies some of the finest qualities of Colorado.” That and several other statements by Bennet praising Gorsuch in terms that seem to gloss over very serious policy differences between these two men will be enough to make Colorado Democrats quite nervous.

Niceties aside, Bennet did speak out strongly against the treatment of Merrick Garland, President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court nominee who was denied a hearing by Republicans for almost a year. Bennet makes it clear that he considers “Judge Gorsuch a nominee to fill the Garland seat on the Supreme Court.” With that said, Bennet says that “two wrongs don’t make a right,” and that Gorsuch should receive a fair hearing.

Sen. Bennet didn’t give any definitive indication on how he intends to vote on Gorsuch, and it’s a longstanding tradition for a nominee’s home-state Senators to introduce them. But the first blush of reactions we’ve heard from Democrats are lukewarm at best. Bennet’s vote for or against Gorsuch represents what may be the greatest test of his values since his appointment in 2009, and it will be remembered.

Stay tuned, this drama is just warming up.


17 thoughts on “Bennet Introduces Gorsuch With Praise For Merrick Garland

  1. props for bringing up the Republican Ugliness and for his continuing realization that a politician cannot remain above politics.

    (Good thing you guys posted this, cuz I had 15 items ready to rip on this and why our Dear Mikey was unfit.)

    1. Dear Mikey would make a great running mate for Elizabeth Warren in '20. Geographic, gender and ideological balance, no? 

      Discuss amongst yourselves….

        1. Clearly, mj is correct  😉

          Despite the fact that many here, including the Proprietors, think the (D) behind his name makes him Perfect, it's impossible for me, and surely many voters, to know what he stands for or to believe he can be counted on for anything but the most bland pronouncements as a Democrat.

          CPoks has done their job exquisitely, which is why Bennet barely has to do his. 

                  1. Let it go, Z. This can't end well.

                    As for Bennet, I did call him, ask him not to vote for Gorsuch, or at least to drag it out as a tax for their treatment of Obama's nominee Garland, but as I wrote earlier, Bennet is likely to vote for Gorsuch, sooner rather than later.

                    I'm trying to find a silver lining in that if Gorsuch is close to Anschutz, as was alleged, Anschutz at least is a strong backer and builder of renewable energy. But the Koch Bros are courting Gorsuch as well, perhaps hoping to counter all that wind power with their own fossilonian focus.

      1. Not the comparison I was making, although it would be the argument against mine.  I was referring to Bennet's second wrong, which I can only presume is not giving a vote to Gorsuch.  I don't think that nominees are entitled to confirmation, or that Gorsuch should be treated "better" than Garland by the Dems.

        Bennet wants to be the better man.  The "better men" have been routed from government across this country at all levels.  I think that's largely because they're focused not so much on being the "better men" as they are the "lesser evil," but, regardless, the attempt by Democrats to govern by trying to play by the rules while the Republicans rob, cheat, and steal doesn't seem to have served them well.

  2. Well done, Senator! He could have just made the introduction and said nothing more but he stood up to the Republicans who shafted Garland. Bravo!

    1. I think we might hold off on the kudos if the bar is "he could have done nothing" but "he said some things, and then repeated what his kindergarten teacher said about two wrongs and stuff."  That's not standing up; that's copping out.

  3. Thurston is going to vote for Gorsuch, as he should.

    Thurston is not from the nuts and berries, fruit loops and fruit cakes wing of the party populated by Zap and MJ.  He is from the crooks and cronies branch that supported Hillary.

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