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March 09, 2017 01:11 PM UTC

Ask Your Doctor if Trumpcare is Right for You...

  • by: Colorado Pols

UPDATE: You can add the chief medical officer of the federal government’s Medicaid program to this list.


18 thoughts on “Ask Your Doctor if Trumpcare is Right for You…

  1. CNN added:

    • American Academy of Pediatrics

    NPR listed

    • The chief medical officer of Medicaid, Dr. Andrey Ostrovsky,
    • American Academy of Family Physicians

    Business Insider adds:

    • American Lung Association
    • American Heart Association
    • American Diabetes Association

    Diversity Inc. includes:

    • Children’s Hospital Association
    • National Association of Psychiatric Health Systems

    CNN also listed a number of Conservative groups expressing concern – which may or may not ultimately wind up as outright opposition.

    • Heritage Action
    • Cato Institute
    • Americans for Prosperity
    • FreedomWorks
    • Tea Party Patriots
    • Club for Growth
  2. A good characterization of the Pearl Harbor-style GOP sneak attack:

    At the Ways and Means hearing, Rep. Sandy Levin (D-Mich.), who sponsored one of those amendments, accused Republicans of rushing votes because they wanted to avoid scrutiny of the legislation.

    “You’re fearful that the CBO will provide answers to questions that you don’t like,” Levin said Wednesday. “You want essentially a sneak attack…before the public hears and we have from the CBO. That is something inexcusable.”

    Republicans should keep in mind that the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor only ensured the support of all the courageous Americans to guarantee eventual defeat of our common enemy.  If that is what the GOP wants with their attack on the 99%, so be it.  

    This means war.

    1. oh, you're still with us? Your two brother shills, Moldy Anus and Prickly Pear, have both weighed in as opposed to the Ryan bill. So are you for or against?

      1. R and R:

        I think they should repeal it with an effective date about a year out.  That would easily pass and get signed.  Then they should basically go back to the old system and work off of that to make changes and do it all out in the open.  If they want to add back in national pre-existing coverage or national stay on your parents policy until you are 26 which are popular they could make those as required parts of any policy.  Personally, I would prefer that be done on a state level, but whatever floats your boat.  

        What are you for? Universal coverage a la England?

  3. Interesting that there is no compromise in either party. Recalling now that the Dems passed the original Affordable Care Act without a single Republican vote. It appears that the Repubs are on track to try and pass their replacement without a single Dem vote. 

    As for Andrew's comment, I'll offer that it is better to fix the existing act rather than scrapping it to start all over again.

    Name of the new proposal: call it Trump/Ryan Care.  

    1. Bit of a false equivalency there, isn't it?

      Democrats passed the ACA to give people access to care and to rein in insurance companies that were blatantly cheating people. 

      Republicans will try to pass Trumpcare in order to take away access to care.

      Republicans offered no compromise to ACA, only stonewalling.  

    2. The difference C.B. is that Obama bent over backwards that first year trying to find common ground with Republicans but they already had a pact in place to oppose everything regardless of the merits of the legislation.  There are actually hundreds of amendments in the ACA that came from Republicans but when it came down to voting Republicans turned their backs on cooperation and voted in mass to try and delegitimize the bill and Obama

      Trumpcare on the other hand is a piece of dog shit stinking in the sun and no amount of Fabreeze is going to make it acceptable to the nose.  Two entirely different scenarios.  One was attempted cooperation and compromise leading to millions being insured.  The other a brain dead piece of ideology that is going to hurt millions and decrease the health of our population.

      1. Don't forget that it meets all these other GOP goals:

        1. increase the deficit

        2. reduce coverage

        3. increase premium costs

        4. increase deductibles

        5. increase personal bankruptcies

        6. increase losses for hospitals (bonus — put them into bankruptcy too!)

        7. cut taxes on the wealthy

        8. increases joblessness since sick people can't work as much or hold steady jobs

        9. brings back those 45,000 annual unnecessary deaths due to lack of medical coverage

        10. and the best of all — puts a big fat smirk on a smug Paul Ryan's face

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