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March 03, 2017 06:16 AM UTC

Friday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Leaders who are kind of insecure or egocentric, they basically sabotage themselves.”

–John C. Maxwell


31 thoughts on “Friday Open Thread

  1. President Pissmonger will be brought down due to his deep financial involvement with the Russian mob — mark my words. It's probably all there somewhere in his tax returns, WHICH WE WILL GET, sooner or later, one way or another.

    The young KGB hookers trickling down on him were likely just a sideshow, to be held in reserve as a bit of extra "insurance."

    1. Article I, Trump Impeachment Trial:  Russian officials colluded with the Trump campaign to weaken a plank in the Republican Party platform condemning Russia for Ukranian aggression.

        1. Well there ya go, this definitely shows that Schumer met Putin at a public event. Now all ya gotta do is go to his tax returns (available online) and prove he's in the pocket of the Russian mafia. 

          So how about Trump's tax returns?

          1. Andrew Carnegie's impotence on display every day. So sad. I will have Greatest Impeachment trial ever. Greater than Nixon. Greater than Clinton. See you in court. —- @RealDonaldTrump

            1. AC got this from the near-psychotic Alex Jones Infowars website:

              The photo appears to be from 2003, when Putin made a public appearance at a New York City gas station that had recently been bought by Russia’s Lukoil. Schumer responded to Trump by highlighting the absurdity of his comparison, noting that Sessions denied having contact with Russia’s ambassador while he was under oath.

              Heckuva job, AC.

  2. Interesting natural resources issue announcement this AM that I saw on my Indianapolis-based stockbroker's web site…….  The Pawnee Nation in north-central Oklahoma has filed a lawsuit; in tribal court; against several oil companies for earthquake related damage to many buildings on the Reservation during the past couple years. The suit notes that injection of waste water from O & G production into the ground is a causative factor in the quakes. Will be interesting to watch how this suit plays out, especially since the Trump Administration ruled against tribes in the DAPL case. Also because the Utah congressional delegation is trying to get Trump to overturn the Bears Ears N.M. designation that was pushed by a number of tribes.  

  3. Fucking Chuck Schumer  is a Russian Agent. I knew it!  He should immediately resign his Senate post.  An independent counsel should be established to investigate the ties of Chuck Schumer and Claire McCaskill and all other Democrats who have met with Russian agents. 

    1. Were either Chuck Schumer or Claire McCaskill deeply involved with a political campaign to which either one was the presumptive nominee for a major cabinet position – one that would be in charge of any investigation into wrong doing – should the campaign they are supporting win?


  4. The nerve of that guy, getting together with Putin 10 years ago to discuss hacking the 2016 election! 

    You nailed him to the wall on this, peepee.

    1. Wrong he was a  surrogate for Obama in 2008. No wonder Obama was anxious to cooperate with the Russians after the 2012 election, courtesy of Chuck Schumer.

      1. I got to meet with several Russian provincial governors back in 2001 when I was in the Caucasus Mountains to climb Mount Elbrus; and have a picture to prove it (sorry, it's on film, not digital). I suppose Passionate Prune will also want me investigated since al-Qaeda was active at the time in the Pankisi Gorge on the Georgian side of the border. 

  5. Ladies and Gentlemen, the leader of the free world tweeting during his early morning bowel movement.  The only thing Sad(der)! is the 66.6k morans who buy this bullshit with a 'Like'….

    If only Grandma Nancy wasn't so incompetent as Senate Majority Leader House Minority Leader we could rush these things right through!  Apparently he missed the part where Obama's Cabinet wasn't seated until April 28? Or that 15 of his 18 nominees are already confirmed? Or that re: his administrative positions requiring Senate confirmation 549 have yet to be nominated

    On another note, nothing says 'I love you' like proposing gutting 97% of the EPA budget for the Great Lakes region – the very states that gave you your electoral victory.  

  6. And hey, something to shut up the Dunderhead Andrew Carnegie about Benghazi-Mail – VP Pence still used AOL as of a few months ago and got hacked!

    Vice President Mike Pence used a private email account that was later compromised while serving as governor of Indiana, his office confirmed on Thursday.

    The existence of the account was first reported by Indy Star, which obtained copies of Pence's emails through a Freedom of Information request.

    The paper reported that Pence used the account to conduct government business, including corresponding about potentially sensitive issues. In one exchange, Pence communicated with his chief of staff and his top homeland security adviser who conveyed an update about terror-related FBI arrests in the state. 

    Will you now please shut up about Benghazi, AC?!?!?

    1. Zap:

      I noticed they found the guy sending all the bomb threats to Jewish Community Centers around the country and he was a Bernie Sanders Dem.

      Who would have thought?

      Is he a friend of yours?

      A fellow Polster?

      I guess we know the party where Anti-Semites are welcome.




  7. To quote Cornhole: "Oops"

    Jeff Sessions Used Political Funds for Republican Convention Expenses

    The Trump administration says Attorney General Jeff Sessions was acting as a then-U.S. senator when he talked to Russia’s ambassador at an event during last year’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland, but Mr. Sessions paid for convention travel expenses out of his own political funds and he spoke about Donald Trump’s campaign at the event, according to a person at the event and campaign-finance records.


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