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February 15, 2017 05:03 AM MST

In wake of Flynn resignation, Coffman wants to investigate the FBI

  • by: Jason Salzman

(Huh? – Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Rep. Mike Coffman

U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman (R-Aurora) has called for an investigation of the FBI, after a phone call recorded by the intelligence agency led to the resignation of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

Asked by radio host Krista Kafer on KNUS 710-AM Tuesday if the Flynn resignation should be investigated, Coffman said (audio below).

Coffman: You know, I think it should be looked into. And here’s one thing. Did the FBI go through the procedures in place in current law to be able to be able to tap into that phone conversation. Are there other violations of law.

The FBI recorded Flynn and the Russian ambassador to the United States discussing U.S. sanctions against Russia. The FBI has said it was monitoring the ambassador as part of its investigation into Russia’s meddling in the last U.S. election.

Coffman went on to say he’s relieved that Flynn resigned.

“I admit that I never had a great feeling for him because he always seemed to venture on the political side on active duty, and I think there is something to be said about the ethic of our military officers saying outside the realm of partisan politics,” Coffman said.

Kafer also asked Coffman about a “listening tour” he’s announced to get feedback on the repeal and replacement of Obamacare.

Coffman said he plans to discuss Obamacare with patient-advocacy groups that address, among other things, childhood diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. He also wants to hear from community health-care clinics and patients. Later, he plans to hold telephone calls with an undisclosed group of citizens.

“What I want to do is take out the political theater from it, in terms of these organized protests,” said Coffman. “It’s not about listening. It’s not about having a conversation. It’s only about yelling. It’s only about the next election.”

Coffman’s decision to eschew public meetings about Obamacare runs counter to a promise he made a month ago to find a large venue and hold a town hall meeting for at 300 people.

Coffman created some five-star “political theater” himself at his last public meeting on Obamacare, when he slipped out the back door early from a library packed with people wanting to talk to him about the health care law.


22 thoughts on “In wake of Flynn resignation, Coffman wants to investigate the FBI

    1. If the government is purposefully ignoring the intelligence agencies' findings, is it not their duty to make it known?  Or, should they just be good little subjects of the Reich? 



    2. The leaks that should concern us the most are the leaks from the Executive branch to foreign powers.  If the information is being given up freely, I'm not sure it counts as spying.

    3. Are you even the least bit concerned about the integrity of our elections?  Forget about non-existent voter fraud.  What is being done to insure that election fraud is identified and neutralized so that our people have confidence that our elections are free and fair and not phony affairs like in Russia.  What say you comrade?  Are you the least bit concerned that unsavory foreign governments are attempting to undermine the will of the American people?

      1. Wildly overblown at best. No one has claimed the Russians hacked the election itself. They released information that was damaging to the Democratic Party AND TRUE. Hillary Clinton has no one to blame but herself.

    4. Glad to know that you care so much about our National Security Moldy.  You are a true patriot.  Party before country always.

      Moldy to paraphrase Coffman:  In your heart, you are not an American.  You're just not an American.

    5. What if this information came from WikiLeaks?  You were jackhammering your pud when people were releasing information they didn't own about the DNC in an effort to influence our national elections.  If you were so orgasmic about those illegal disclosures why are you suddenly concerned now about people inappropriately putting sensitive information in the public domain.  Oh I know.  You are part of the lawless and orderless party that is only concerned about "winning" and everyone else has to play by rules that you ignore.  I remember a time when principles and playing by the rules were important components of a conservatives core personality.  Those were the days my friend when Americans were tolerant and cooperated for mutual success.  Now you can't trust a member of the lawless and orderless party to keep their word on anything.  What piss poor partners in Democracy.

        1. He was just giddy about it and adamant that there should be no investigations regarding the leaks from the FBI over Mrs. Clinton's email server investigation.  Oh no.  Nothing to see here folks.  Comey's just having to make public information regarding a confidential investigation because of rogue agents in the New York office who were going to leak the Wiener nonsense without his authorization anyway.  Then the leaks were important information that the public needed to know about that. It was a nothingburger but he was OK the leaks because they were before the election and might might influence votes against Clinton. He had no problems with those leaks or covering for the rogue FBI agents responsible.

          He is such a fool.  "Leaks bad for Dems.  Good".  "Leaks bad for Repubs. Bad".  "Me no stinkin hypocrite who whines when others break rules".  "Me true American patriot.  Just ask me."

    6. The paramount issue is what is Mr. Trump's relationship to Russia. There is more than enough evidence to suggest he had one long before he became President. What was its purpose, what did he get out of it and what did he give in exchange and how does that effect his presidential decisions. Who leaked the information is the least of our concerns. Besides the leaks may have come from Mr. Trump's campaign staff. I do not assume the leaks were from people in the intelligence agencies.

      1. Exactly, as suggested in this article by Jack Shafer at Politico — this needs to be investigated:

        As the New York Times recently reported, the president has been on the hunt for Russian deals for three decades, yet he claims no exposure there. “I have no dealings with Russia,” he said. Does that mean he struck out? Or was his denial about dealings with the Russian government? Trump has pursued deals there, staged his beauty pageant in Moscow, and Trump Tower houses many a rich Russian. A rich plot for the right tiller.

        Also, Trump's broken promises that would shed considerable light on his financial conflicts and risks:

        Trump’s Creditors. Trump’s Income Taxes. Who are they? In the first presidential debate, against Clinton, he indicated he would release a list of banks he owes money. “I could do that very quickly,” he said. But as Mother Jones reported, he hasn’t made good on that offer. Likewise, where are those tax returns he said long ago that he would release? I read those stories. See also his conflicts of interest and the emoluments violations.

        1. Rep. Bill Pascrell tried to use a 1924  Congressional rule to force Trump to release his tax returns. However, congressman Kevin Brady (R-TX) declined to request Trump's returns, saying it could "weaken taxpayer's privacy rights".

          Trump's reason for not releasing his returns? "I won."

          Riiiiight.  I think that this should be another point for us unwashed masses to press the members of the House Ways and Means Committee on. We could see Donald Trump's tax returns and know who he owes allegiance to, since it's clearly not the American people.

  1. Coffman should call for an investigation of the FBI but for kneecapping Clinton when there was no there there.  Blatant partisanship from the top spot.  Investigate them Mike.  Go for it.

  2. What's up with Mikey and the ACA with regard to juvenile diabetes? Is he concerned about it being adequately covered? DeGette was one of the congresscritters who hammered the thing out,  and it's no secret that one of her kids is a juvenile diabetic. I have no doubt she paid quite enough attention to that.

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