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February 08, 2017 06:54 AM UTC

Wednesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Catch on fire and people will come for miles to see you burn.”

–John Wesley


12 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Thread

      1. So, let me see if I've got this right:

        Two white males read the Coretta Scott King letter on the Senate floor – no problem

        White female reads the Coretta Scott King letter on the Senate floor – she's censured

        And the Republicans explain this by saying . . .  

        Silence. We can hear a letter drop . . .


  1. Here's a little reminder for S. Bennet about his BFF's on the other side of the aisle:

    …these are the same Republican elected officials who lost their collective shite every hour on the hour for the last eight years over nonsense like Barack Obama wearing a tan suit or putting his feet up on his desk.

    These are the same Republican elected officials who lied and slandered and held the United States government and the global economy hostage over and over again.

    These are the same Republican elected officials whose major accomplishment were meaningless votes to strip people of their health insurance and endless witch-hunts over manufactured "scandals" like (look away, AC!) Benghazi and Solyndra.

    And the reason for they did all of it — the reason for eight years of berserk rage against a decent man over shite they invented followed by two weeks of craven groveling before a racist lunatic who is actually wrecking the place — is the worst kept secret in America. The reason they did it all is because the paranoid, malignantly ignorant, racist base of the party love it.

    Love it.

    The bargain that Fox News, Hate Radio and the Republican Party struck with the base of the GOP many years ago was that, in exchange for their votes and their patronage and their dog-loyalty today, they would never, ever be forced to answer for the reckless, traitorous BS they said yesterday.

    After eight years of criminal incompetence, treason and disaster under Bush, the Conservative scum who had worshiped Dubya were allowed to quick-change costumes overnight and emerge as politically virginal "independents" who had never even heard of George W. Bush, but sure as sh*t hated the black guy!

    And after eight years of Republican lies, sedition and obstruction under Obama, the same Conservative scum are now being allowed to pretend that none of it ever happened and that Democratic opposition to The Bastard President's objectively insane policies and corrupt and incompetent appointments is "reckless and unprecedented."

    Why? Because Mitch McConnell, yes, THAT Mitch McConnell, says so.

    Don't play their game, Michael. Don't even pretend, let alone say, "both sides do it". 

    They don't.

    1. Thanks for the post, Zap.

      I see the Thurston acolytes on this bus are being fairly quiet in his defense these days..maybe all the bi-partisany bullshit is on the decline.

      The Mesa County Dems have apparently chosen to remain in the establishment camp when electing new leadership, BTW. Time will tell if they will join the resistance or just "co-operate in a spirit of bi-partisanship" like they always have.


      1. Actually, Sen. Bennet looks very well these days,   Even Zappy's hate spasms amount to agreeing with his positions while wishing he had presented them with more Stalinist rhetoric.  Seeing a real republican screw you over seems to have taught the uber left a lesson.

  2. Well, the media's let us down yet again.  First, Bowling Green, and now Atlanta.  Goddamned terrorists are terrorizing us and we don't even know it.

    Sean Spicer cites Atlanta terror attack that never happened

    Another high-profile Trump administration official has made statements about a terror attack that never occurred.

    This time, it's Press Secretary Sean Spicer. Three times in one week, Spicer alluded to a terror attack in Atlanta by someone from overseas.

    But the last high-profile terror attack in Atlanta was the Centennial Olympic Park bombing, 21 years ago. And that bombing was carried out by Eric Robert Rudolph, a radical right-wing terrorist from Florida — not a foreign-inspired terrorist.

    1. They're just messing with our minds, trying to muddy our sense of what is true and what isn't. Hitler's propagandist Goebbels advised to tell a Big lie. Trump's propagandist Bannon is advising a million small-to-large lies, so many that people give up trying to debunk them, and the uninvolved public just shrugs and says, "Well, all politicians lie…so what?"

      They know goddamn well that there was no attack by a refugee in Atlanta.

    1. His meds may be part of the problem…

      To keep his ridiculous hairdo, Trump takes Propecia, (finasteride is the generic name), which has now been shown to have side effects including brain fog, depression, and suicidal thoughts in 30-60% of patients. Just what one wants for the leader of the free world.

      Thomas Moore, a researcher with the Institute for Safe Medication Practices, in an editorial in the June issue of JAMA Dermatology. Moore said side-effect estimates for those drugs have since jumped from between 1 and 3 percent to between 30 and 60 percent. – from Lisa Marshall, writing in Men's Health, Are Hair Loss Drugs Safe?


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