Open Letter to Cory Gardner

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Recently the Denver CBS affiliate aired a story that showed you, Cory Gardner, saying that many/most of the calls you have been getting are from paid out of staters. You also said that Coloradans should trust you. Your claim about our calls is patently false and you have not responded substantively to any of our concerns.

Although I was born in Deadwood, I have lived most of my life in Colorado. I have voted in Colorado elections since 1970. I am a graduate of Arvada High School and the University of Colorado at Denver. I am now retired, and living in Grand Junction, Colorado. Thousands and perhaps millions of Coloradans are very very concerned about what is happening to our state.

We are not paid out of staters and we do not trust you because you refuse to talk to us. We ARE friends and neighbors living in Colorado and supporting each other in the resistance. We are hosting letter writing parties and asking our friends to express our fears about any repeal of the Affordable Care Act, and we’ve been calling you to tell you about our fears. We are worried that you refuse to protect our air, water, and soil. We want you to stand up to Trump’s horrible agenda, including discrimination against the Mexican immigrants working in our orchards and vineyards. We are especially appalled at Trump’s religious test for Muslims, and we want you to know that. We want you to oppose the unqualified nominees for Cabinet positions, including Jeff Sessions and Betsy DeVos.

We keep calling because you do not hear us. We do not trust you to protect the majority of Coloradans. As you recall, Coloradans did not support Trump or his agenda. We ARE fearful – of losing our health care, of losing basic rights, of losing environmental protections, of losing economic stability, of losing our rights as women, of losing quality public schools, of losing our rights to protest, of losing our basic commitments to treating all people with respect, of losing our morality as human beings.

I previously wrote suggesting that you schedule a Town Hall in Grand Junction. That request was based on an editorial in the local newspaper. There are things you should know about how health care works here before you repeal the ACA and before you design a replacement. The people who you claim to represent in Washington want you to talk to us. In person.

About Ckonola

Retired banker, community and economic developer. Born in Deadwood, but raised in Colorado.

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  1. mamajama55 says:

    Unconfirmed rumor: Cory Gardner to appear in Fountain with Reps. Dan Thurlow and Lois Landgraf, Feb 4 at the Fountain library. Thurlow plans to talk about "Fine-tuning TABOR".

    Map of Fountain

    I recommend checking with the Fountain library before venturing down there. At this time, there is nothing on the schedule, although a meeting room may have been reserved. There is nothing on Cory Gardner's events schedule. He does not reply to my emails.

    p.s. thanks, konola, for pressing Gardner to be accountable.

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