It Feels Like Christmas

Today, it feels like Christmas. The gift we are given today is, once again we have access to liberty and freedom.

America says goodby to an angry President with a chip on his shoulder. A President that coned a hopeful population with platitudes of hope and change. You remember, “if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor, if you like your plan you can keep your plan, premiums will go down by $2500, using chemical weapons would cross a red line, I heard about Hillary’s email server on the news, the police acted stupidly”, and it continues.

The President is leaving behind a world on fire. His opening world apology tour to Americas friends and foes set the tone that the teacher had left the building. In Iran, Obama stood aside as the democracy movement was crushed by the ayatollahs, and liberty was extinguished. In Iraq and Afganistán he signaled our lack of commitment by setting withdrawal dates. In Libya he allowed an incompetent Secretary of State turn it into as Islamic terror network. In Israel he interfered with the Israeli election process to defeat the Prime Minister. Obama and his current incompetent Sec of State supports a viscous group of terrorist that has a goal to kill all Jews. He resets the relationship with Russia and tells them he will be more flexible after the election, Russia takes him at his word and occupies The Crimea and sets up a cyber warfare capability aimed at America. The Chinese build fortress islands in the Pacific to threaten Taiwan and Japan. North Korea extends it nuclear offensive capabilities. Massive Islamic immigration is tearing apart the fabric of Europe.

This is the world and legacy of Obama. Now the Democrats want war with Russia because their poor candidate was defeated when voters were able to look behind the curtain and expose the massive corruption of the Clitons.

With our military depleted, down to pre WW11 levels, we are in great jeopardy from the evil that stocks the earth. The John McCain’s and Lindsey Graham types will stir the march to war. The body bags that return will be the legacy of a successful President Obama and the Democratic Party.

Today it feels like Christmas, tomorrow it will feel like cleaning up from, Pearl Harbor and 911.


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  1. ardy3ardy3 says:

    If, by "Christmas," you mean a pagan celebration of conspicuous consumption, then yes, you nailed it.

    If, on the other hand, by Christmas, you mean a celebration of such "Christian" values as 'love thy neighbor as thyself,' and 'turn the other cheek,' and 'care for the least among you,' and 'let he who is without sin cast the first stone' … well, it seems you missed it by nearly exactly 8 years.

  2. Civics101 says:

    The one thing Powerful Pear left out — and will remain the most significant stain on the Obama "legacy" — was the ex-president's silence and inaction regarding the plight of our nation's veterans.  As the head of the executive branch of the federal government, it was Barack Obama who had the ultimate responsibility for the mess at the VA. 

    Where was his executive order demanding an immediate accounting for the $1.1 billion cost overrun at the Aurora VA hospital?  Where was his executive order demanding an accounting of why the Phoenix VA hospital was keeping two set of appointment books so VA officials could collect undeserved bonuses, while veterans died waiting for care?  When did Obama use the presidential bully pulpit to demand the VA clean up its act, do its job, and make sure veterans got the appropriate care in a timely manner? 

    I guess he preferred using "a pen and a phone" to schedule tee times and write down his golf scores, instead of being commander-in-chief and helping our nation's veterans get the appropriate care they earned.    

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