Mesa County Commissioners and Math

The Mesa County Commissioners’ weekly meeting was punctuated by several scenes of interest.
The first, was the opening statement by Rose Pugliese regarding the denial of the Jordan Cove port project with its subsequent cross-country pipelines. The usual rhetoric about “government” overreach ensued. Rose used the public’s time for a tirade that was made of her total misunderstanding of what she called “basic economics.” She ignores what the public has stated in no uncertain terms, that Jordan Cove is not in the future thinking of Oregon or Colorado citizens. The future belongs to renewables. Old oil and gas technology is a Trump-thing due to his aging brain.

The second, was Scott McInnis’ tirade at two citizens that dared to make him uncomfortable. Two citizens of Mesa County had legitimate questions and wanted answers and wanted to make sure the Commissioners were compliant with the law. Scott McInnis showed just how thin his skin really is when it comes to questioning his transparency and honesty.

The third and most disturbing issue had to do with the audience. I don’t know how many Mesa County Department heads were in attendance, but I would venture to say most of them. The meeting in which they remained an audience lasted about an hour and a half. They were sitting like dutiful lackeys, doing the Commissioners’ bidding by being there on the taxpayers’ paid time. They were there to take their turn genuflecting, at the podium, reassuring the Commissioners that they were doing a good job. Of all people, President Tim Foster of CMU, was there and was saccharin in his appraisal of the Commissioners’ attempt at making a budget and ensuring he gets his blood money from the Mesa County turnip.

Mesa County Commissioners: In, minus out equals accumulation. This is real basic economics Rose. As “fluid” as you think your budget is, you cannot spend money the county does not have. It is called money management, where “deficit spending” is NOT considered good money management. Deficit spending has become a Republican hallmark. Just ask Cheney about deficits incurred on the Iraq war and never addressed. Then remember 2008.


About Benita Phillips

Mesa County Sheriff Write-In Candidate First woman and First Registered Nurse to run for what has been historically an all-male ELECTED position.

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  1. Chickenheed says:

    Math is one of those things that librul activist teachers believe in, therefore it goes against God. If you use math, you'll go to hell with teh gays and the muzlims.

    -Alt-right version of Chickenheed

  2. Voyageur says:

    Uhh, benita, when you get to blaming theMesa County commissioners for the Iraq war, it may be time to sit down and rest for a while.  

  3. Duke Cox says:

    I didn't read it that way at all, V. The Iraq war reference was just an example of "phantom" deficit spending, which the Mesa county commissioners are trying to disguise with their "fluid" budget. Commissioner Pugliese even admitted, on camera, that they are facing a revenue problem…but too fucking scared of their Republican constituents to even consider raising taxes.

    So, instead of asking our generous Republican community to pay a little more in taxes, we here in Mesa county will do without 40 sheriffs' dept. employees (among many other sacrifices) and sacrifice our safety to make sure the portfolios of our wealthy folk don't suffer and they won't miss buying that new boat or their two weeks in Aruba next month.

    Benita is a tenacious watchdog over our local government. I fully support her and regularly encourage her to run for any office she might seek.

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