The Teacher Is In The Building

The Teacher Is In The Building

Oh those great and wonderful days of High School. I think it is safe to say that the majority of us delighted on the days our regular teacher was out and we had a substitute teacher. He/she did their best to appear concerned as they put a reel on the projector to deliver the lesson for the day. Generally the class paid no attention to the substitute and proceed to enjoy the next 55 minutes harassing each other and doing/saying anything they wanted to. The teacher was not in the building.

So it is with America, our teacher has been out of the building for soon to be 8 years. In those 8 years a series of substitutes have failed to maintain order in the international classroom. Those pesky rebellious students have, stolen jobs, destroyed economies, installed mass murders as heads of state, conducted ethnic cleansing, and are getting their nifty science project, (nuclear bombs) ready for show and tell.

Now that the school board has hired a new principal to make education great again, the students are pooping their pants at the thought of moving forward and graduating. Living in the basement is sooooooooooo comfortable.

Democrats and their best chums the Chi-Coms and other despots are craping their pants because the teacher is back in the building. It has happened before, it has happed now and will happen again as Democrats side with their Communist and totalitarian buds. Just as Ted Kennedy wrote to the Russians that the Democrats would do all they could to limit the danger of Reagan, and Obama told the Russians he would be more flexible after the election, and relations were restored with Castro Cuba, and the Muslim Brotherhood was granted legitimacy and many more examples. The students have had their 8 years.

Democrats lack the core values of liberty and freedom so it is understandable for them to live in fear of what someone might say or what someone might do in order to maintain their social/political status. The threat of the Chi-Coms being angry is enough to send Democrats to safe places and protest, that strength overcomes fear. We see what the world looks like when the substitutes only appear to be concerned.


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  1. mamajama55mamajama55 says:

    a. Are you in my 7th period class? Seriously, are you? Because your "substitute plans" look so familiar.

    b. What the heck is a Chi-com?

    c. Somehow Obama saved the economy from Bush's tanking it, de-escalated two wars, secured thousands of tons of nuclear material, brought unemployment down 5 points, insured millions of previously uninsured people, and killed Osama Bin Laden and other terrorists. Pretty good for not being "in the building".



    • Powerful PearPowerful Pear says:

      Familiar talking points, we have been hearing them for years. But the Country didn't buy them, did they?

      Trump has generated a new optimism in the Nation. No matter how goofy Democrats try to portray him, he is connecting with more people each day. The perceived Democrat constituency is hearing and seeing Trump act outside the narrative of the media and they are liking it! Each day Trump is picking off independents, blacks, hispanics and blue collar support for his administration. The Democratic support base is dwindling.

      The only hope for Democrats is to promote more anger at Trump and elect Keith Ellison to push the anger to a new level by heading the DNC. Giving more money to Jill Stein would also help push the anger.

      But the most important part of your post is what you did not say, and it was not unexpected because I know it to be true of Democrats. Democrats lack the core values of freedom and liberty.

      • mamajama55mamajama55 says:

        So much bullshit, so little time….(sigh). And you still owe me those three detentions for when you were so horrible with the substitute teacher.

        • Powerful PearPowerful Pear says:

          a. Not sure.

          b. Chi-com = Chinese Communist

          c. Too many points to list in opposition

          Can I go out to play now. Or are you going to keep me in because I can't remember the poem Paul Revere's Ride.

          Listen my children and you shall here, of the midnight ride of Paul Revere. On the eighteenth of April in Seventy five, hardly a man is now alive, who remembers that famous day and year. He said………………


          • MichaelBowmanMichaelBowman says:

            But the Country didn't buy them, did they?

            You mean that country where (now, and counting) 2.6 million less votes were cast for the winner?  That country? 

            In other news, our substitute VP gets an A+ for tap dancing class…

            • Powerful PearPowerful Pear says:

              Hildabeast wins 20 states, Trump wins 30. If only Obama had told Hillary how to get to the mystery 51 through 57 states she might have won.


              • MichaelBowmanMichaelBowman says:

                If you want to get facty, no one person has received a single vote to become POTUS. We elected Electors, who've yet to cast a vote. Capisci? 

                • Conserv. Head Banger says:

                  Prune lives in his own delusional echo chamber. That's one reason why he's not a real conservative. And I believe it was George W. Bush who looked Vladimir Putin in the eye and came away convinced he could deal with this man.

  2. VoyageurVoyageur says:

    A chi-com is a dot com that sells fried chicken.

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