Some Colorado Republicans Stay #NeverTrump To The Bitter End

nevertrump1CBS4 Denver reports on a last-ditch effort by a few members of the Electoral College to thwart Donald Trump’s victory by peeling away fellow electors:

One of Colorado’s Electoral College representatives is working on an attempt to stop Donald Trump from winning the presidency.

Michael Baca of Colorado is one of four who are trying to persuade enough of their Republican electors to bail on President-elect Trump.

They are calling themselves “Moral Electors.”

“This is an American issue, and a moral imperative; someone without the requisite qualifiers should not be allowed to become our Chief Executive,” Baca said in a statement.

Politico’s Kyle Cheney has more on this decidedly longshot attempt:

Chiafalo, a self-described “regular nerdy dude who works for Microsoft” and Baca, a grad student and Marine Corps veteran, insist they’re not seeking the election of Clinton — or even a Democrat. Both, in fact, had already been considering voting against her when the Electoral College meets in five weeks. Rather, they intend to encourage Republican electors to write in Mitt Romney or John Kasich. If enough agree, the election would be sent to the House of Representatives, which would choose from among the top three vote-getters.

Both men acknowledge that their effort is unlikely to succeed. Electors throughout American history have rarely broken ranks. But the fact that members of the college — part of an arcane but powerful constitutional process — are working to undermine Trump could lead to a larger share of dissident electors than the country has seen in decades and put renewed focus on calls to abolish the controversial body.

First of all, of course, this isn’t going to work. Even if these electors were to persuade enough of their colleagues to write in alternatives to Trump, the GOP-controlled House of Representatives would be certain to vote in the winner of the election. Without at least some support from the alternative candidates they are proposing, it’s a fool’s errand.

With that said, the persistent dissent Trump has experienced from within his party since winning the presidential election is noteworthy–even though the GOP’s overall capitulation to Trump speaks much louder than the few dissenters. Here in Colorado, Trump experienced one of the fiercest uprisings against his candidacy of any state Republican Party–a sweep of the state’s primary delegates by Ted Cruz, and a still-unexplained Tweet from the state GOP’s official account celebrating Colorado as a #NeverTrump state.

They won’t say it publicly today, but more than a few Colorado Republicans would be just fine if this Electoral College insurgency against Trump were more than a doomed gesture. And if Trump’s presidency is a disaster, they might become willing once more to speak up.

And yes, this makes it a little easier to say “to hell with the Electoral College.”

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  1. Pseudonymous says:

    As my friend Moderatus, a loyal #NeverTrumper, once said.

    Moderatus says:

    April 21, 2016 at 11:52 AM MDT

    Steve House is incompetent and posting his nonsense doesn't help anyone. Trump will never be the nominee. #nevertrump

    • Moderatus says:

      I was wrong and Trump is President. It's time for all of us to stop underestimating him!

      • Gray in Mountains says:

        It's time for him to understand that he does have a chance for success. That change lies entirely in abandoning completely his campaign threats/promises and to govern as would President Barack Hussein Obama. To be truly successful he also must, as a Xtian, or just a human, apologize to all those he has insulted gratuitously or caused financial hardship.

        The taxes. Release them. 

        Reimburse with interest all those he defrauded with Trump U

      • notaskinnycook says:

        I don't, for a second, underestimate him. I fear him and the damage he will do the economy, and the standing in the world, of this country if he manages to keep a fraction of his campaign promises.

  2. allyncooper says:

    Perhaps they should be more appropriately referred to as "Moron Electors"

  3. NotHopeful says:

    Democratic electors should agree, clearly and unambiguously, to vote in the Electoral College for John Kasich. Doing so would encourage more Republican electors to defect and possibly lead to a majority for Kasich. The Electoral College is NOT obligated to vote for the election night winner. While some states have "Faithless Elector" laws, they are a minimal impediment to this strategy.

    Moreover, Democrats in the U.S. House of Representative should agree to support Kasich in the interest of avoiding the inauguration of a man who is a fascist and a threat to our very democracy. Kasich may be conservative, but he is principled, honest, respects our Constitution and our institutions, and would be an honorable President.

    There is no way that Republican electors are going to vote for Clinton. Nor should they. I'm a Democrat, a Clinton voter, and I urge Democratic electors to consider the proposal outlined here.

  4. notaskinnycook says:

    I like your thinking, NotHopeful. If we have to have a Republican president, he'd be my pick. Wait, he was my pick for them-and not as a sandbag, either. 

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