Michelle Obama Throws Down For Morgan Carroll, Too

Now playing along with President Barack Obama’s TV spot supporting CD-6 Democratic candidate Morgan Carroll, here’s First Lady Michelle Obama delivering her pitch for Carroll and the rest of the Democratic ticket:

As we come down to the wire in the 2016 elections, the full-bore campaign by Democrats to put an end to incumbent GOP Rep. Mike Coffman’s long career in politics stands in marked contrast to previous elections. By this time in 2012 and 2014, national Democrats had long determined that CD-6 was not winnable and shifted their resources elsewhere.

This year, those resources are shifting in to CD-6. We have heard from reliable sources that internal polls in both camps show this race extremely close, with Carroll at a small advantage. Democratic field campaigns are running at full tilt, with their success easy to see in the lead Democrats have enjoyed in mail ballot returns up to this weekend. Even now as Republicans have finally caught up in early vote returns, Democrats are keenly hopeful in this unprecedented year that has turned the conventional wisdom in our mail-ballot state on its head. Moreover there is a sense of urgency we haven’t seen before; a real feeling among Democrats that they’re never going to get a better shot at stopping Mike Coffman.

There will be no standing down this year in CD-6, as long as there’s a single vote to bring home.

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  1. davebarnes says:

    Another Easterner who does not understand that voting began on October 20th in Colorado.
    70+% of the vote is in.

    • Davie says:

      But in an extremely tight race, where Democrats also tend to wait until Tuesday, wringing every last vote out could make all the difference.

    • Mike W. says:

      Or a political calculation, not wanting to go all-in unless you know you will have a positive effect on the outcome. Early voters make their decisions early, late voters need that last little push. The Obama's are that last little push for a lot of people, and the early voters wouldn't have been swayed by their going all-in. 

      • BlueCat says:

        Bet they're seeing an ad like this in Pennsylvania, too, where they don't have early voting so definitely not too late and neither is Comey's belated attempt to undo the damage his incompetent leadership throughout has done to the the integrity of of the FBI in relation to this election by announcing that the investigation of Clinton is definitely closed with unchanged findings. No "there" there. Wasn't there when he sent the now notoriously inappropriate letter. Isn't now.

        Trump pivoted so fast from thanking the heroic Comey to Comey is in on the fix, I'm surprised he didn't get dizzy and fall down. Unfortunately there's no way to get the last days of early voting back and the Trumpians false claims that Clinton was all but indicted may have been enough to make a difference in some close Senate races.

        There's definitely something rotten in the overwhelmingly white male FBI. Just not what Trump claims it is.

      • itlduso says:

        Go, Morgan, GO!!!

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