Rep. JoAnn Windholz: “Don’t Believe The Poles!”

Republican incumbent Rep. JoAnn Windholz of Adams County, fighting for her political career after highly impolitic comments in the wake of the Planned Parenthood shootings in Colorado Springs last year made her a national poster child for anti-choice extremism, has a message for her get-out-the-vote team pounding the pavement this weekend:


Look, we know Rep. Windholz doesn’t like Planned Parenthood. But what has she got against the Poles?

We don’t see any reason to turn this into an international incident.

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  1. Pseudonymous says:

    First the Russkies and now these jackholes!

  2. Genghis says:

    If people didn't believe the Poles back in 1939, we might STILL be fighting WWII.

    Why do you love Hitler, Joann Windholz? And why do you hate America?

  3. davebarnes says:

    I thought the Poles were good NATO allies as they pay 2.2% of GDP for military expenditures. Is this part of Drumpf™'s anti-NATO effort?

    Or, is she referring to ?

    • BlueCat says:

      There are no good NATO allies. Trumpians are in accord with Putin on that subject, including, apparently, the Trumpian wing of the FBI since they are so willing to use FBI resources improperly to elect the anti-NATO/pro Putin candidate the KGB prefers.

      If this was a movie the members of that faction could only be portrayed as Russian mole operatives, not as loyal Americans.

      As recently as a few years ago it would have been impossible to imagine a day when being a staunch Republican meant supporting the candidate who warmly admires Putin and joins him in wishing for the destruction of NATO.

      Weren’t Dems supposed to be the soft on commie tools?

      It’s a topsy turvy Trumpy world.

  4. Davie says:

    She definitely needs to retire to the funny farm where maybe they'll have a pole-dancing class for seniors.  There were two votes in my household to show her the exit.

  5. JohnInDenver says:

    Can't even quote a Redneck correctly. Larry the Cable Guy presents his trademark line as Git-R-Done.

  6. BlueCat says:

    She can't even represent "get 'er done" in a way that makes any sense. I bet there are plenty of educated Poles with a better command of the English language than this "moran".

  7. DawnPatrol says:

    Wow. That is one dumb, dumb individual.

  8. Moderatus says:

    I don't trust polls or Colorado Pols, but Poles are okay in my book.

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