One Weird Trick That Would Give Democrats Control Of The Government Forever

Obama and Democrat leadership continue to complain about those nasty Republicans who block the good works of fair minded and compassionate citizens to implement progressive policy. Obama has in his hands the power to right this terrible wrong but refuses to use it. Why do Democrats refuse to pressure their leaders to exercise this weird thick?

What is the trick?

Grant Independence to the State of Texas. Gone from the House of Representatives would be 25 Republicans. Gone from the Senate would be two Republicans. Outright control would be within their grasp with this election if not the next forevermore.

Conservative citizens from the U. S. would immigrate to the free State of Texas while TX Democrats would flock to the Santa Claus states. Increased Democrat populations would insure control of governments at all levels. Texas could then establish their own immigration laws just as the U. S. could do, without opposition from those pesky troublesome Republicans.

It simply must be done!

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  1. JohnInDenver says:

    As someone born in New Mexico, this proposal has some appeal.

    I don't think it would work. People have a protective streak, and wouldn't want to abandon Texas school children or those in need of medical services.

    However, the combination of the current Republican leadership and the demographic forecast indicates Texas may well be Blue by 2024. That accomplishes the same goal as a much, much less disruptive plan.

  2. mamajama55 says:

    Give Texas back to Mexico. No slavery allowed, though, so the maquiladoras along the border will have to pay US wages. (Whether to allow slavery in Texas was pretty much what the Mexican-American war was fought to decide). 

    Maybe Ted Cruz could finally get that sex change operation he's been hinting about.

    Austin and Houston refugees can apply for citizenship rights under an extension of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

    And the Bushes can build the wall.

  3. Duke Cox says:

    TX Democrats would flock to the Santa Claus states.  


    "Santa Claus" states? You really are a bona-fide jackass. You obviously have no problem insulting the people you are trying to influence. You seem to like to use those little trigger insults that clearly show your disdain for anyone who doesn't fall into lock-step with you and your fascist party.

    You are a troll….a perfect example of Periplaneta americana…

    Thanks for playing. You give us a very handy target for turd shooting.


    Oh…one more thing. That little “weird trick’ meme you lifted from the internet just shows how susceptible you are to click bait. It doesn’t really impress…

    • Powerful Pear says:

      Insulting, trigger, target, shooting, I would say you are engaging in micro aggressions.  You single out one harmless phrase to go crazy about, can you not comment on the concept without using DNC code language, "fascist"? Next it will be Nazi, racist, and all the rest. It doesn't really impress…

      • Duke Cox says:

        The "concept"…independence for Texas, is ridiculous on its face and doesn't warrant any comment, except ridicule..obviously.

        It is the "Democratic " party, troll. Not the "Democrat" party. When you chose to use such a childish and unnecessary insult and, as you put it, example of "micro-aggression" (whatever that is..), you my dear cucaracha, started it.

        I don't give a flying rats' butt about your indignation, nor your criticism of me. When I see something relevant and interesting you submit, I may respond. Otherwise, I will consider you little more than a cockroach.

        • Powerful Pear says:

          I promise not to call the Democratic Party, the Democrat Party. Not sure why it's considered an insult, maybe it's like calling a Native American an Indian, must be as PC thing.

          Much has been written about Texas independence in TX. maybe not that much interest in CO news coverage.

          Come on now, are you saying you are not familiar with micro aggression and safe spaces and trigger words?

          i expect abuse and name calling, it what anonymous Democrats do. I suspect you to be a kind and caring person in real life. Anonymity let's the rudeness and crassness explode that you would never express in public.

          No one on this site is interested in being pursued on anything. It gives me some insight into the opposition, if I can find it hidden behind the hate.



          • BlueCat says:

            Changing the term from Democratic Party, to Democrat Party or Democrat candidate was a change engineered by Republican spin masters because small "d" democracy and democratic institutions are something Americans are supposed to approve of.  Democrats, on the other hand were supposed to be portrayed as terrible. So the grammatically incorrect Democrat Party (Democrat being a noun rather than the called for adjective form) was substituted for the correct Democratic Party.

            Unfortunately there was little push back from Democrats who, at the time, were deep in post-Reagan fetal position trying to be almost as Republican as the big bad powerful Republicans. Dems even let the Republicans turn "liberal" into a dirty word without much resistance, hence the new term "progressive" instead, a tacit cowering acceptance of the Republican defining of 'liberal" as well as"'Democrat" as an insult.

            For a couple of decades, Dems, in fact, ceded the definition of all such terms entirely to Republicans and tried to remake their party as a sort of DLC Avis to the newly all conservative all the time Republican Hertz. 

            Conservatism was supposed to be unassailable and Dems thought they could only compete by being almost as conservative as Republicans. The old liberal wing of the Republican party was gone and the moderates were simply Republicans not quite as far right as most. Dems decided they could only win by not fighting it but by morphing into a party no farther left than center right. With an assist from Ross Perot, Bill Clinton made that work for a while.

            Recently, thank God, the party seems to be relocating its balls with big boosts from Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and others.

            So there you have it. It's the Democratic Party again and we aren't going to take rightie crap anymore.


            • FrankUnderwood says:

              So the grammatically incorrect Democrat Party (Democrat being a noun rather than the called for adjective form) was substituted for the correct Democratic Party

              B.C., we're talking about people who do not believe in science (i.e., climate change, evolution, and for some hardy souls, the geometric shape of the earth) and have a twisted idea that history should be taught as propaganda which never depicts anything associated with U.S. history in a negative light. Why should we expect them to have mastered English grammar and spelling? 

          • Duke Cox says:

            it what anonymous Democrats do. I suspect you to be a kind and caring person in real life. Anonymity let's the rudeness and crassness explode that you would never express in public.

            I am not anonymous, you moron. I have been posting with my true name for years. If you weren't such a rookie troll you would have figured that out.

            You, on the other hand, hide your bullshit behind a pseudonym. Many users on this site remain anonymous because they have sensitive relationships that prevent them from openly being candid. I doubt you have such a sensitive position, so I must conclude that you remain anonymous because you don't want people around you to know you are such a cockroach.

            And, no…I am not a "kind and caring person". I am a complete asshole…a snarly, cranky, old son-of-a-bitch who profoundly detests vacuous trolls like you, 




            • notaskinnycook says:

              I'll buy the last part of that, Duke, about the vacuous trolls, but we older posters know what you're really like. As for the new troll, I'll just keep thinking of him/ her as "pee-pee".   

      • BlueCat says:

        Actually the biggest "Santa Claus" states are all pure red, dear and Santa is us, the federal tax payers. Red southern states take far more from the feds than they pay in federal taxes and far more than do blue states. Another bit of rightie spin unsupported by easily googled facts that you and righties like you accept without question or fact checking.

        And if you're really looking for the folks who get the most from Santa Claus (once again, ordinary federal tax payers) you need look no farther than Trump who pays no federal taxes and companies like Walmart who make billions by paying workers less than a living wage and having  tax payers (Santa) subsidize the difference between a non-living wage and living breathing workers. No other entity or demographic gets more from hard working tax payers (Santa) than Walmart, the biggest welfare queen that has ever existed in this country.

        One big difference between the Walton family and the Trumps. They both amassed their wealth on the backs of little people tax payers but the Waltons were smart enough to become real billionaires while the Trumps are just spinning plates as fast as they can to maintain the fiction of being billionaires, business wizards and philanthropists instead of the smoke and mirrors scam artists they really are.


  4. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    Here's an original thought for Powerful. I'd love for Texas to be independent. That way, the "Santa Claus states" could charge a $1,000 per head visa fee for all those Texans who vacation in places like Pagosa Springs, Lake City, Durango, etc. And Colorado could export its hazardous waste and garbage to Texas. 

  5. FrankUnderwood says:

    Obama should have told Rick Perry early on, "Don't let the door hit you on the ass on your way out. Sure, you're free to go as long as you take Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Ted Cruz with you."

  6. MichaelBowman says:

    "Santa Claus states". Funny stuff, Pair. You might make Google your friend and search 'Red State Rip-Off' 

  7. Voyageur says:

    Powerless pair is too stupid to read, so I know he missedmy proposal some time back to subdivide Texas Into five states — a right granted texas in the treaty in which it joined the usa.  Creative gerrymandering yields four blue states and the deep red state of Tejas.  

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