Clarice Navarro Stands Up For Trump. It Does Not Go Well.

Donald Trump, Rep. Clarice Navarro.

Donald Trump, Rep. Clarice Navarro.

The Pueblo Chieftain’s Peter Strescino reports on this week’s debate between Colorado House District 47 GOP incumbent Rep. Clarice Navarro and her Democratic opponent Jason Munoz. With Navarro having taken on a nationally prominent role as a Donald Trump surrogate, much attention was focused on this debate to see how her constituents would respond.

If this story is any indicator, not real well:

“I proudly support the Republican nominee,” said Navarro, who has tweeted photos of her and Trump together. “There’s absolutely no reason I would support Hillary Clinton. She left Americans to die in Benghazi…”

“My nominee has the business experience we need to turn around the country,” Navarro said as groans and mentions of bankruptcy came fast and hard from the packed Occhiato Center on the Pueblo Community College campus. [Pols emphasis] “(Trump) asked me what we can do best to support Colorado and more specifically Southern Colorado.”

Navarro pitched less government and lower taxes before the exchanges and Munoz, perhaps finally feeling comfortable said, “I’m curious, if Donald Trump wins and my opponent wins, is she going to help Donald Trump expand government to deport all the people he talks about? And if so, how is that investing in the community?”

Navarro said, “My opponent is not aware we have seasonal and migrant workers in our district. I have voiced my concern and discussed this specifically. And I don’t think that deporting 11 million people is possible.”

Got that? Navarro supports Trump–just don’t blame her for the stuff he says that offends people in heavily Latino HD-47. Like how we’re going to deport millions of brown people once Trump becomes President.

Do we know how this race between an underdog Democratic challenger and an entrenched Republican incumbent will end? No. Is Rep. Clarice Navarro doing herself any favors by embracing Trump to the bitter end? No–and that’s a much easier question to answer.

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    • BlueCat says:

      Oh Come on, Dave. It's not that easy for everyone to include the accent and in fact I've seen mixed with and without on some Latino pols own websites.  We get it. It's your pet peeve.

      • Voyageur says:

        That crooked little dealie-bob is actually called a "tilde."   And, yes, in Ingles the name translates as Munoz, pronounced Munyoz,  just as Canyon city is the English version of Cañon City.  When I need tilde on the Mac, I usually just paste it in, as I did here.   On the fire,I can't.   So, yeah, that's one of Dave's many pet peeves but nothing to sorry about.

  1. JohnInDenver says:

    Trump's business experience and his ability to negotiate led to over 4,000 law suits, according to USA Today. What sort of "turn" does that suggest for the country?

  2. FrankUnderwood says:

    Maybe before the start of the next debate, Clarice can blow on the Donald's microphone to test it out for him.

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