Millennial”, why does that word make me grit my teeth?

“Millennial”, why does that word make me grit my teeth?

Recently I saw a news clip of a Veteran trying to get millennial Pokemon players away from a Veterans Memorial where their stupid characters were placed in a virtual game world. One millennial can be heard saying, “I’d take a punch to get these crazy Veterans out of here”.

For the Veteran his REAL world consisted of men with guns, bayonets and explosives killing and being killed, fighting to the death. A world of blood, body parts and stench. A world of grief, loss and joy. A man who would sacrifice his life for his brother.

Our millennial Pokemon player, is a self absorbed man/woman child. Protected buy their parents, told how wonderful they are for ordinary accomplishments, living with parents and on health care insurance until the age of 26.

Millennial’s who think sending/receiving email and text is serious work; who would pee their pants in a serious face to face confrontation.

Every year at graduation we hear some esteemed person say “the youth are our future”! What a bunch of crap! The problem is these adult children believe it. Our problem is, we promoted it.

The world is on fire and we are handing it of to a generation of weak, ill informed children without the life skills to recognize a dangerous world and expect them to work magic through the awesomeness of their personality and mastery of social media.

Millennial’s, the slavish fans of Bernie Sanders who think they deserve free stuff because they can’t be expected to demonstrate real skills that employers actually find valuable.

Millennial’s, it’s all about ME….ME…..ME and if you think that’s wrong it’s still all about ME.

Me-Me-Mellinnials, Trouble is the name of the train coming for you. Your social media, feelings and virtual games will not save you. Neither will your inflated opinion of yourself. You will sell yourself into economic slavery as you choose the Government to be your next set of parents. The Government as a parent thinks of you as a bastard child and will give you nothing of lasting good.


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  1. mamajama55 says:

    Oorrrrrr…… could invest in a night guard.

    Or possibly, work to develop some tolerance, perspective, and a sense of humor, instead of blaming all of your angst and worn-down tooth enamel on "those entitled millennials".

    I admit: I don't get the Pokemon Go craze. It does seem to have been pretty harmless, and has peaked and pooped out now, anyway. Since you slyly posted no link, I can't check to see whether some selfish Pokemon chasers actually were assholes to some veterans, or whether that's just another tea party fable.

    Millenials, according to several recent surveys, are selfless optimists looking to make a positive difference in the world. Late Boomers like myself find Millenial's creative enthusiasm endearing and inspiring. That is the real secret of Bernie Sanders' base for which you express such gratuitous contempt; it is the weathered and battle-tested idealism of the 1960s and 1970s meeting the tech-savvy, globally-connected and info-rich inheritors of the earth (the parts of earth still livable 50 years from now).

    Like it or not, PP, the youth are your future. Unless you're going to freeze-dry and reincarnate your geriatric corpse to yell at some unimaginable future mixed-race, clean-energy-using, 2050 generation to get orff yer gawdammed lawn, the youth are our best bet. They'll probably be happy to support you in your golden years, assuming that you are not successful in your efforts to privatize social security and raid those pension funds of those demonic unionized teachers and postal carriers, that is…



    This seems to be the source of your toothache right here. Looks to me like the angry man that knocked over the Pokemon players’ awning was over-reacting just a tad. The “Go” players weren’t defacing gravestones or pissing on plots.

    He probably forgot, but most of those veterans buried at the memorial were cut down in their youth. I’d bet most enjoyed some drugs, drink, sex, rock n’roll, , and whatever the crazy kids of their generation indulged in. If their spirits linger, they’d grin indulgently at the antics of the “crazy kids” of today.

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