Congressman Coffman’s “Community” Challenge

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coffmansmileEvery two years Democrats choose a challenger to go against Mike Coffman. Each time Mike has defeated these challengers in spite of real/perceived massive Democrat support. This year the Democrats sense there is an opportunity to finally achieve their goal because of the Trump candidacy and the consternation it has created.

If you have an opportunity to hear Mike speak he will tell you about the challenges of a Gerrymandered district that includes portions of Adams, Arapahoe and Douglas Counties. The Democrat drawn district is meant to include a greater population of Democrat voters and fewer Republican voters to switch it to Democrat control. In his district Mike identifies the various communities. They include, Hispanic, Black, African, Ethiopian, Korean, White, Muslim, Christian, Jewish and others. The community that has the most influence that Mike doesn’t speak of is the Paul Ryan community.

Mike Coffman bends his voting commitment to the will of Paul Ryan, his friend. According to Heritage Action score card Ryan rated 58% (113th Congress, prior to becoming Speaker), and Coffman rates 56% (114th Congress). It is clear they share similar policy concerns. Ken Buck on the other hand has a rating of 100%. How does one reconcile the 44% difference between Buck and Coffman? Are “communities” the real reason? Is there not a Paul Ryan community that resides in Colorado District 4?

The Paul Ryan lead House of Representatives has aided Obama and the Democrats in achieving their goals without any serious opposition. Ryan continues to push TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership); and the total capitulation on budget restraint has cemented his position as elite Republican establishment. There is an ill wind blowing in the direction of establishment politicians and Mike Coffman has aligned himself with that wing of the Republican Party. If 56% is the best that can be done in Colorado District 6 then Mike Coffman should yield to new candidate in the next cycle, if he succeeds in this election.

If Mike Coffman loses this election, it won’t be because of “communities”, Hispanic, Black, African, Ethiopian, Korean, White, Muslim, Christian, Jewish and others that didn’t vote for him. It will be because Mike Coffman voted for the Paul Ryan community.

“Sandpaper on the conscience of politicians and group thinkers.”

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  1. MADCO says:

    When Coffman loses it won't be because of incoherent blather.


    It will be because the opposition will stand up and point out he has:

    – led the House committee with "oversight" of the boondoggle Denver VA and done nothing;

    – 3 public pensions, but supports dismantling Social Security;

    – life time health insurance and supports limiting access for everyone else;

    – no record of accomplishment;

    – a small perspective and ean spirit for those who are not like him or don't have what he has.

    • BlueCat says:

      I admire your optimism. 

      I saw two ads this evening. One about how Coffman, like Trump, is mean to Obama and kind of like Trump.  Not a Carroll "I approved this message" ad and if it mentioned her name I didn't catch it.

      The other was an ad about how high Carroll is going to raise your taxes. Carroll = high taxes. High taxes = Carroll. Over and over.

      I haven't seen an ad yet that has a strong positive message about what Carroll is going to do for the voters of CD6, a strong positive reason why we should dump the incumbent after multiple terms and go for her because of the great plans she has to create more jobs and a better future for the people of CD6. If I've missed it it must not be getting much play.

      So …. said mean things about Obama years ago and doesn't stand up to Trump versus will raise the hell out of your taxes. 

      The first thought that crossed my mind was … Oh crap. Not this again.

  2. mamajama55 says:

    By "Paul Ryan Community" you mean moderate Republicans that are interested in governing, not just posturing. You're right, Coffman is much more known for the posturing than the governing and the problem-solving. His 8 years of grandstanding on the VA hospital replacement is the best example of that.

    Coffman's district now has only ~2,000 more active registered Republicans than it has Democrats. If he goes down in flames this year, it will be because he was unsuccessful in presenting himself as "a different kind of Republican", against all evidence to the contrary.

    If he survives, it will be because 1) he hired good staff that does pretty decent constituent service especially around veterans needs 2) he is good on a couple of military-related issues: PTSD treatment and curbing the sexual assault epidemic , and 3, because the Koch brothers are spending millions on Coffman's campaign.

    Not much to do with Paul Ryan at all.

  3. Duke Cox says:

    Your persistent use of the purposeful insult of using "Democrat" as an adjective, instead of "Democratic", makes your opinion of anything irrelevant. It identifies you as a pure partisan who is willing to insult those he seeks to influence. 

    I suggest you rethink your tactics.

    • notaskinnycook says:

      You're right, Duke. It sticks out like a sore thumb and discredits the whole piece. As soon as I saw that tell-tale construction, I knew the rest of it was a pile of stable sweepings.

      • Powerful Pear says:

        Democratic is a process. Democrarts are members of a party. Democrats are no more Democratic than Republicans. But you both know that already.  

        • BlueCat says:

          And you already know that the name of the Party is the Democratic Party and that there is no such thing as the Democrat Party. Also that the US is a republic and members of the Democratic Party are no less  small "r" republican than members of the Republican Party.

          On the other hand, since Republicans have been devoting themselves for decades to making it harder for certain demographics to vote, it does seem that they are far less small "d" democratic than Democrats. 

    • Pseudonymous says:

      Personally, I'm more surprised that there are both African and Ethiopian communities in CO-6.  I don't think that's happened ever!

      • BlueCat says:

        We ate at a Senegalese food truck (West African) at concert in Aurora and there was a West African market right near where we parked. It was delicious! 

        And Ethiopian is African too.

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