Morgan Carroll’s Latest Ad: Holy Crap

In an ad released today, Democratic congressional candidate Morgan Carroll takes aim once again at Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump–with a new focus on how Trump’s rhetoric matches perfectly with Rep. Mike Coffman’s record:

Our humble website serves as the reference for one of the claims in this ad, that Coffman told bilingual voters to “pull out a dictionary”–which is correct and documented here.

Carroll’s ad last week attacking Trump for mocking a disabled reporter, and then tying Rep. Coffman to Trump, appears to have just been the beginning. This new ad takes a much deeper dive into Coffman’s record, establishing the commonality between Coffman and Trump in more tangible and harmful terms to Coffman than the last ad. It’s fair to say that in all the years of Coffman’s quest to hold on to a seat whose constituency completely changed out from under him with the last redistricting cycle, he has never been called out like this.

The other important dynamic to note here is how Trump has forced the “birther” issue back into the spotlight–doing so again during last night’s debate with his bizarre claiming of credit for “forcing” President Barack Obama to produce his birth certificate. For a politician like Coffman trying desperately to bury his related past misdeeds, every time Trump brings this issue back up is a new disaster. Especially with an opponent holding his feet to the fire (see above).

This is uncharted territory for Mike Coffman. And good reason to be afraid.

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  1. bullshit! says:

    Sweet Baby Jesus in the manger, let every voter in Coffman's district see this ad. Bravo!

  2. BlueCat says:

    I hope the scolding Coffman ads will be very shortly followed by positive reasons to vote for Carroll ads. Just sayin'. 

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