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► It’s that time of year in an election cycle when candidates for public office begin to participate in well-publicized debates (or not). Senator Michael Bennet (D-Denver) will share a stage this weekend when Club 20 hosts a candidate forum for U.S. Senate, also including Republican Darryl Glenn and Libertarian candidate Lily Tang Williams. The Club 20 debates will also include a CD-3 matchup between incumbent Republican Rep. Scott Tipton (R-Cortez) and Democratic challenger Gail Schwartz.

Meanwhile, Glenn is still refusing to participate in a debate hosted by the Denver Post and Denver7, ostensibly because he’s still mad at the Post for doing journalism stuff.


► If he is elected President, Donald Trump says he would give the Pentagon 30 days to develop a plan for defeating ISIS. Seems reasonable.


► Democrat Morgan Carroll released her first television ad of the 2016 election cycle as she seeks to unseat Republican Rep. Mike Coffman in CD-6.



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► Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump isn’t exactly “prepping” for his first debate with Democrat Hillary Clinton. In an interview with ABC News, Trump essentially said that he’s just going to show up and win.


► David Axelrod, President Obama’s former chief policy advisor, was in Colorado Springs on Tuesday to explain some of the particular dangers of a potential Trump Presidential administration.


9News attempts a “Truth Test” with Donald Trump’s first meandering TV advertisement in Colorado.


► Say hello to the “Ralph Carr Republicans.


► An Independent candidate for President may have unintentionally chosen a running mate. No, it’s not Carly Fiorina.


► The Donald Trump for President campaign has ended its practice of blacklisting media outlets. And it worked so well, too.

Meanwhile, in Mexico, Trump is already creating job losses. As the Washington Post reports:

Mexico’s finance minister, who was widely seen as the architect of U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump’s visit to Mexico, has resigned, his office said on Wednesday.

There was no reason given for the departure of Luis Videgaray. But it came a week after Trump appeared with President Enrique Peña Nieto in a meeting that was widely viewed across Mexico as an embarrassment for the country’s leader.

Many Mexicans expressed outrage that Peña Nieto would host Trump, who has pledged to build a wall on the U.S. border to keep out migrants from Mexico and deport millions of undocumented immigrants.


Actor Don Cheadle, a graduate of East High School in Denver, was back in his hometown on Tuesday to stump for Hillary Clinton.


► A ballot measure that would increase the minimum wage in Colorado is polling very well, according to Republican pollster Magellan Strategies. Amendment 70 has an early 13-point lead among Colorado voters. The Denver Business Journal has more on the poll results, including numbers for Amendment 69 (ColoradoCare).



► Guns don’t shoot people…well, actually, they do


► State Rep. Clarice Navarro remains a committed passenger on the Trump Titanic.


► Donald Trump is spending big money on TV ads in VirginiaHillary Clinton’s campaign is no longer buying airtime in Virginia because her campaign feels like they have a comfortable lead in the state. Somebody is wrong.


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10 Community Comments, Facebook Comments

  1. notaskinnycook says:

    Ladies and gents, we got us a Superfund site! And about damned time our congresscritters quit fighting it.

  2. MichaelBowman says:

    Meh. What does Clarice (or anyone else on the Trump Titanic) have to lose?  If Drumpf pulls off a #Brexit they'll be touted as brave souls who stood up for freedum.  If he gets trounced they'll be tapped as special correspondents for his news channel, Der Angriff, breathlessly reporting from coal mines, watermelon patches, mine tailing spills and the millions of taco trucks on every corner of a Hillary America. 


  3. BlueCat says:

    If the Virginia sitution is anything like Colorado, I kept hearing that Team HRC had pulled out of Colorado but I continued to see ads and still do, including HRC "I approved this message" ads.

    While the ads for her are full of video of Trump being Trump and saying the stupid stuff he says, the only one I've seen from Trump is the no details…. Me great HRC terrible…. one. No video showing showing HRC saying anything. Just statements that HRC for some reason wants everything to be terrible while Trump will make everything great. Believe him!

    Can't wait to hear if all of his plans are as brilliant (give the generals who apparently haven't been giving it any thought so far 30 days to give him a plan to defeat ISIS … this is the plan he had to keep secret from our enemies) as his super fantastic secret plan to wipe out ISIS. Quickly!

    In any case I'm not sure this means there will be no HRC ads running in Virginia,

    • Conserv. Head Banger says:

      I think the Hillary ads running in Colorado are independent PAC ads. 

      • BlueCat says:

        Have been seeing one recently that has the "I approved this message" at the end. That's not PAC.

        Oh and BTW, CHB. I was reminded of you and your constant warnings about not getting complacent when I received my zillionth hysterical, the sky is falling DCCC fund raising e-mail. They actually cherry pick polls for the worst ones and all of their e-mails have dire headlines featuring words like "tragedy", "disaster" to get us to please send money. Every Dem receives these from DCCC, DSCC, DNC, and various leadership figures and campaigns every single day.

        So don't worry about complacent Dems. Doom, gloom and everybody run we're all gonna die hysteria are the favorite fund raising tools. If you actually read these missives instead of deleting them, you'd think Trump was crushing it.

  4. Majority Moderate says:

    For those of us who have watched Glenn in his time as both a City Councilman and a County Commissioner, we are not surprised that he is doing as poorly as he is and that he is uncomfortable with any group that does not conform to his particular political viewpoints.

    He rarely spoke from the podium in either of his elected positions and when he did it was to spout some political opinions that appealed to his base: "TABOR good", "let the people vote", "taxes bad", etc.  He NEVER took a controversial position on anything and very rarely got involved in any project outside of his participation in the meetings.

    Many of us found it amusing that he would run for the Senate – he had very little money, he did not have any statewide name recognition, he was not one to get involved with his fellow elected officials or constituents, and he was very uncomfortable talking to groups that were not in lock-step with his views.  It is not surprising that he is backing out of a debate in Denver – he would be pressed about his service and his views would not sit well with the moderates and independents he would have to win over to have any chance in this election.

    He gives a good speech at the State Convention and the vast majority of delegates think he is the right person to be the nominee.  Amazing.  Next time, let's hope the Colorado Republican party does a little more vetting of their potential nominees before they put somebody up who is so unworthy of being an elected official and is completely incacapable of being a viable candidate

  5. gaf says:

    put somebody up who is so unworthy of being an elected official and is completely incacapable of being a viable candidate 

    Glenn saw that work for Doug Lamborn, so why not give it a try?


    • Majority Moderate says:

      Actually, I think that is exactly what happened: he knows that Lamborn can say whatever, do absolutely nothing in Congress, and refuse to debate any opponent and still get reelected. 

      While that may work in El Paso County, most statewide voters expect their elected representatives to actually do something and to conduct a reasonable campaign.

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