¿Por qué? Coffman Oddly Declines Debate en Español

Rep. Mike Coffman (R), Sen. Morgan Carroll (D).

Rep. Mike Coffman (R), Sen. Morgan Carroll (D).

A press release from Morgan Carroll’s congressional campaign calls out Rep. Mike Coffman for something we didn’t think would be a problem–his declining to participate in a Spanish-language debate, something he hasn’t shied away from previously:

Yesterday, Donald Trump and Mike Coffman both put to rest any lingering questions about whether or not they have changed. Coffman fed the public a weak excuse for refusing to participate in a Spanish language debate only days AFTER bragging about debating in Spanish last cycle.

“Congressman Coffman paved the way for Donald Trump and now he is acting just like him,” said DCCC Spokesman Tyler Law. “His weak excuse for not participating in the only Spanish language debate further proves how out-of-touch he is with his diverse constituency…”

Here’s a snapshot of Mike Coffman over the last year:

1.    Coffman spoke to an anti-Muslim hate group

2.    Latino leaders blamed Coffman for Trump’s rise

3.    Coffman refused to denounce Donald Trump’s candidacy time and time and time again (he literally did it again this week)

4.    Coffman cited a “scheduling conflict” two months from now as the reason he can’t participate in Entravision’s Spanish language debate

So no, Mike Coffman has not genuinely changed and he is certainly not an example of how to broaden the Republican coalition. Just as Donald Trump misled people into thinking there would be a pivot, Coffman misled people into thinking he could change.

It’s of course possible that Coffman has a scheduling conflict that far in advance, but this is the kind of event he made a point of not missing in 2014 against Andrew Romanoff. This year, as Coffman walks a tightrope between triangulating off Donald Trump and holding together enough of Republican support to get re-elected, and with his predecessor Tom Tancredo blasting away at Coffman from the right as an opportunist with no convictions, it’s possible that the man who once told bilingual voters to “pull out a dictionary” doesn’t need any more compromising video clips in circulation.

Coffman and Carroll are set for three television debates in English, so we guess keep that dictionary handy.

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  1. JohnInDenver says:

    I'm wondering if other Spanish language organizations might be willing to sponsor a debate on other days.

  2. BlueCat says:

    Who's this Morgan Carroll person?  No reason any typical low info voter should know a thing about her so Coffman can pretty much do or not do any events he wants. It doesn't matter how lame his campaign is as long as his opponent is pretty much invisible.  

    Many low infos, especially Us, who don't want to vote for Trump will think…. this Coffman guy has been around a long time and seems OK.  I don't like HRC all that much but I'll vote for her over Trump and Bennet sounds really great in all those ads so I'll vote D there too. May as well mix it up, don't want to vote straight ticket cause I'm an indie, so guess I'll go for Coffman. No idea what the that Carroll is about. 

    The more time goes by without a huge name rec push from Carroll the shakier that 50/50 looks regardless of anything Coffman says or does. So preach to the choir here all you want. Coffman is still the default. It's Carroll's job to change that and so far…. crickets.

    • JeffcoBlue says:

      Rather than engage with your defeatism any more, I've decided to donate to Morgan every time you write her off. Don't break me!

      • BlueCat says:

        Sorry. I've seen nothing from her but the occasional FB post. Have you? And I don't mean to the choir stuff.

        I've voted in CD6 since the 80s and volunteered, canvassed and phone banked for every Dem CD6 candidate since 2004 even though I knew perfectly well they had no chance. I thought Romanoff did at first but knew by October that his campaign was blowing it. Udall too but I knocked on doors for him too. I've fought my share of good fights, most just in the hopes of cutting the margin so we could get targeted for the next one. I've been around the block.

        I was sure this campaign would be the one, that this time there would be a pay off but I'm just not seeing it. I'm not seeing anything likely to make this one different. And the difference is simply not going to be made by any of these same old complaints about Coffman. Nothing new there and he's won despite them all before. The difference has to come from an earth moving, stellar campaign from his opponent.

        Good luck but I'm sitting this one out.

        • itlduso says:

          I stepped away from the 11 people we have at my house right now doing phone banking.  You could have made it a full dozen.  On Tuesday, we had over 15 people.  Morgan's ads will start playing in a week or so.  Yeah, this is a real loser campaign.

          It's not too late to join this fun campaign.

          • Gray in Mountains says:

            Awfully glad to hear from you, itlduso!


          • BlueCat says:

            Been there done that. Phone banked and canvassed my ass off. I really admire your energy and enthusiasm. I used to have it and do it myself. Not feeling up to banging my head against that wall this  time. Burn out. I'd have to see something way more impressive than the Romanoff campaign to give it another go. 

            Wake me when those ads go up and people, not just activists, have some reason to recognize her name. In two weeks we’ll be half way through September and early voting will be just around the corner, BTW.

            I really do wish you all the best. Nothing would make this old cynic happier than to be completely wrong about this campaign turning out like all the others.

  3. FrankUnderwood says:

    porque Senor Coffman esta timido que recibira preguantas del payaso con pelo naranjo y su relacion con el hombre con los pequenos manos.

  4. Davie says:

    If you recall, the "debate" Coffman is so proud of (but he won't ever do again) is because he merely read from his notebook the preprepared answers to the questions that were provided to him before the debate.

    His tutoring to prepare for the debates was barely more than getting his pronunciation up to better than stupid gringo level.

  5. davebarnes says:

    ¿Camiones de tacos en cada esquina?

    ¿Sí o no?

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