How Trump Infects Colorado

Reyher Facebook Post on Electric Fence(Promoted by Colorado Pols)

If reporters want a local window into where Donald Trump is aiming with his speech last night, they should connect with Otero County Republican Chair Judy Rydberg Reyher, who apparently posted this meme on her Facebook page this week.

“Why build a Wall? A bad ass electric fence would be way more entertaining,” reads the text.

Ryher’s comment: “Yes it would. And those of us who know have been hit by one know exactly what it looks like, dance and all.”

Why would an elected GOP official post this? Maybe her next meme will be titled, “Why build a Republican Party?” Because she’s trashing her own folks–not just immigrants. You see this and say to yourself, how will Republicans ever lift their party out of the margins?

But the bigger problem for Republicans isn’t Reyher in deep red Otero County. It’s of course the Trump infection that runs down the ballot, to folks like Arapahoe County Commissioner Nancy Doty, who promises to vote for Trump and says former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is “spot on” after Palin raves about Trump.

And to Arvada Republican Laura Woods, who calls Trump the “people’s candidate” and is aligned with Trump in not wanting to grant citizenship to children of undocumented immigrants born in the U.S.

Doty and Woods are battling Democrats Daniel Kagan and Rachel Zenzinger, respectively, in two of the most important under-the-radar state senate races in memory. At stake is control of state government.

And, for Democrats, there’s a line stretching from Trump to Arapahoe County and Arvada. That’s the story, from Colorado’s perspective, that comes from Trump’s speech last night.

And, if there was any doubt yesterday, does anyone now think the story won’t repeat itself after Trump’s next appearance?

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  1. JohnInDenver says:

    I wonder if Rep. Clarice Navarro of Pueblo will be posting more pictures with Trump.

    Coffman's waffling no longer will be the biggest way to hurt his campaign. And Glenn and Gardner's clutch for Trump will now be prime fodder for Democrats.

    Is there ANY Republican who is not formally with the Trump campaign or among the alt-right who is defending this speech? Or will they simply ignore it and hope it goes away?


  2. TobiasFunke says:

    I believe it's "Rachel" Zenzinger. 

  3. MichaelBowman says:

    Forget the wall with Mexico…we need to be building one on our eastern border to keep the Kansans in their own, cat-crap-infested sand box. 

  4. Voyageur says:

    No, we should open refugee centers in Wray and Hugo, offer free marijuana to the downtrodden jayhawkers and employ them in our booming renewable energy economy. Let them keep their sex toys — anyone with Brownback as a governor has already been thoroughly serviced by just such devices.  In return, we'll send unrepentant  TABOR backers to Kansas, where they can freeze in the dark,

  5. BlueCat says:

    Why? Obviously because they just can't help themselves.They're so naturally bigoted and racist they don't know how to even pretend that they aren't. They can say it but they can't do it.

    And, BTW, why isn't there more media and Dem pol push back on their completely inaccurate claims about over the border illegal immigration being up instead of at a net loss, that immigrants disproportionately commit crimes or that immigrants from Syria and other hot spot countries aren't vetted when the opposite of all those claims is the actual truth?  

    Obviously Trump and his supporters don't have the vocabulary to understand "disproportionately" or the education (I'm convinced from Trump's limited vocabulary that he must have hired people to take his tests and write his papers in college) to understand the concept of net loss or the motivation to fact check but I would hope journalists and at least most Dem pols do and would want to share the facts.

  6. Voyageur says:

    Lord know I had my share of encounters with an electric fence.   One time I climbed over a wooden barnyard fence and caught my  pants on an electrified barb wire. Took quite a dose before jumping to the ground and tearing the wire loose.  Most farm kids have similar tales.

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