Ken Buck’s Endorsement of Donald Trump

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CD-4 Democratic congressional candidate Bob Seay.

CD-4 Democratic congressional candidate Bob Seay.

Ken Buck called Donald Trump a “fraud” and has said that “Trump’s proposal (to ban all Muslims) violates the Constitution, the values of our nation, the Republican Party platform, and my conscience.”

On this point, Mr. Buck was correct.

But now Congressman Buck expects you join him in supporting this fraud, this unconstitutional bigot, this violator of national values. According to a statement made on conservative talk radio, Mr. Buck believes a Trump presidency would mean that he (Buck) would “have a chance of influencing policy in the executive branch.”

What kind of influence might Congressman Buck have on a President Trump? So far, Ken Buck has supported legislation that would decrease funding for the Office on Violence Against Women, including funding for state and local law enforcement assistance. Both Buck and Trump have said that workers don’t deserve a minimum wage. Buck’s Article One Amendments were an attempt to defund everything from the EPA to tobacco education programs, more than 30 programs or government agencies in all, in a single piece of legislation.

Thankfully, Ken Buck has shown very little success in influencing policy in Congress or even within his own Party, where he is widely regarded as too uncooperative to be effective. Lack of cooperation and the inability to work with others is a large part of what is wrong with Congress today.

We need a Congressman who puts the real needs of his district first and can work with others to meet those needs, regardless of who is in the White House. We cannot afford another Congress that considers frivolous legislation while refusing to vote on our most pressing issues.

Ken Buck was right when he called Donald Trump a fraud. He was wrong when he decided that being a fraud was OK.

Bob Seay is a candidate for the U.S. House for Colorado’s 4th Congressional District. His website is or

About Bob Seay for Colorado

I am a high school music teacher in Lamar, Colorado. I am also the Secretary of the Colorado Democratic Party and a former congressional candidate. The opinions expressed here are my own.

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  1. mamajama55 says:

    Ken Buck is an equal-opportunity offender, so it's no surprise that he's partial to Trump.

    Buck was the impetus behind deporting 262 people from Greeley in a massive sting operation; Around 1000 families were split up, leaving young children alone. Then, when the meatpacking plant was short of labor, the city began bringing in Somali and Burmese refugees to fill those jobs.

    All of these people were also targets for Buck's hatred and bigotry – he is a fearmonger second to none. Women have also frequently come under attack, from Ken Buck. He was completely unsympathetic to a domestic violence victim who feared for her life. "“[Just] because you become a victim of a crime doesn’t mean you win the citizenship or green-card lottery,” Buck told I-News at the time. All he had to do was to allow her a U visa, but he refused. 

    He also famously accused a rape victim of having “buyer’s remorse” from a consensual act. This is also the guy who claimed credibility because he had shit on his shoes, and didn't wear high heels.

    I was recently on a town hall phone call for Buck, which was just squeaked in under the deadline – a day later, and it would have been ruled as an unethical use of his office for campaign purposes. I asked Buck about the Bella Romero school fracking site in Greeley – do children have a right to breathe clean air, even if the holder of the mineral rights might lose money? He never responded, on or off the phone call.

    Ken Buck is a jumped-up congressional staffer. He started out in 1986  as Dick Cheney's errand boy, covering up the Iran-Contra wrongdoing, so he learned how to be a cold-hearted SOB from the best. It's a role he has continued to excel in.

    And yes, CD4 does deserve better. Thanks for your sacrifice in running for this office, Bob.

  2. Andrew Carnegie says:

    With MJ's support maybe Bob can crack 30%.  That would be better than the last clown the Dems offered up.

    Deporting illegal immigrants is enforcing the law, not bigotry and hatred.  That is what a DA is supposed to do.

    And yes MJ, children have the same right to breath clean air that you and I do.

    Teachers like students also have a right to ask stupid questions.  The smart students after a while can figure out if their questions are stupid.  The dumb ones are surprised when they are ignored.

    • BlueCat says:

      We so didn't miss you while you were gone.

    • mamajama55 says:

      Bob, meet "Andrew Carnegie", one of Ken Buck's campaign surrogates. "AC" shows up to try to push back whenever any Polster writes something true, and damaging, about Ken Buck.

      Buck's Trump endorsement is damaging. Must push back. Even though Aaron Gardner and Redstate's Erickson knew back in February that Trump was a menace.

      Buck's silence on the endangerment of Greeley children in the interest of oil profits is damaging. Must mount a weak defense, "Yes, stupid teacher, children have the right to breathe free." Keep avoiding the harder question of whether said children's right to breathe oxygen, not 14% methane from fracking emissions, is a right to be prioritized over the owner's mineral rights.

      Buck's removal of 262 Greeley residents to pacify the anti-immigrant bloodlust is damaging. Must push back. "It was his job as a DA." The ACLU has ruled that Buck's seizure of 4900 tax records of innocent citizens in pursuit of a few illegal residents was unconstitutional. Buck went after people who had been in the country for years, working, paying taxes, not getting in trouble, and he used their tax records to deport them. He thus broke up over 200 families, violated the privacy of 5000 people, and  deprived  two Greeley meat packing industries of 25% of their workforce in one fell swoop. Greeley residents are feeling the pain of Ken Buck's raid seven years later. 

      It's no wonder that Ken Buck endorses Donald Trump. Buck is the embodiment of Donald Trump's anti-immigrant, racist policies. Buck's actions as Greeley DA are a preview  of what happens if Trump ever takes power,

      Buck's characterization of a rape victim as having "buyers remorse" is damaging.  Buck's refusal to protect a domestic violence victim is damaging. Ken Buck is no friend to women.

      Privacy will be violated, families will be broken up, bigots will be pacified, women will be slut-shamed. To see what impact Trump would have on the country, we need look no further than the actions of his reluctant surrogate, Ken Buck, and apologists for Ken Buck, such as "Andrew Carnegie".


      • Duke Cox says:

        I want to point out how much AC enjoys being referred to as PissAnt…..

        just sayin'…

        • Andrew Carnegie says:


          Former DA's generally don't endorse criminals like Hillary.

          I know, I know, she did not have intent because she can't remember anything since her concussion.

          Try to wrap Buck around Trump if you will, but Trump will win CD-4 as will Buck.

          It must suck being a progressive in CD-4.

          Your lies are not believed and you are not relevant.

          Have a nice weekend.

          • mamajama55 says:

            Hey AC,

            Hillary was not my first choice, but she's no criminal. Also, the rumors about her health are a manufactured GOP talking point from an anti-health care and anti-science PAC.

            Ken Buck's candidate, Donald Trump, on the other hand, is a known con man, and bankruptcy artist, involved in more than 3500 lawsuits, who destroyed emails, whose businesses have failed, who defrauded customers.

            Why is former prosecutor /DA Buck endorsing this hustler, whom your own party regulars called a “menace”?

            Your party's Presidential candidate has no ground game in Colorado. The head of his Colorado campaign is also a hustler and known con man. The most likely explanation for Trump's candidacy in the first place is not to win the Presidency, but to monetize his next con – a network to replace Fox News as the voice of the vanishing "alt-right"; i.e. white folks who feel like victims and hate everyone else.

            I actually feel more sorry for the voters who believe in Trump's promises, who send money and put up websites and stick their necks out for him – than for the cynical politician/pundits like you, who will back Trump for the sake of the Grand Old Party.

            The win in CD4 depends on turnout, or rather ballot turn-in. This year, Sanders voters came out in droves, 10 times the numbers than in previous caucuses. They'll mostly vote for Hillary, or for Stein, but they damn sure won't vote for Trump, or for Ken Buck. Being a progressive in CD4 sucks a lot less this year than usual.

            Also, I’m not affiliated with nor speaking for Bob Seay nor his campaign; Bob’s a lot nicer person than I am. I do want better representation for my House district, and I will be knocking doors for Seay. Buck’s not going to have a ground game, because he’s over-confident. I bet he’s also too chicken to even debate Bob Seay if he gets a chance.

            I'm not the one "wrapping Trump around Buck". Your boy did that to himself. I'm merely spreading the word.


          • MichaelBowman says:

            Oh, the irony.  The name you hide behind; a man who devoted the twilight years of his life to large-scale philanthropy, with special emphasis on local libraries, world peace, education and scientific research.  In literal terms, everything your party, Buck and Drumpf eschew.   

            His  "The Gospel of Wealth" called on the rich to use their wealth to improve society, and it stimulated a wave of philanthropy.

            We know the real Andrew Carnegie.  You're not him. 

            PS: CD4 would be well served by Mr. Seay.  He's taken on a a region infected by a virus that makes Zika look like a common cold.  God bless him for being a voice in our sea of craziness and cognitive dissonance. 

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