Does Woods Really Want Soros Turned Over to Russia?

Does Woods Want Soros Turned Over To Russia?(Promoted by Colorado Pols)

I’m constantly telling my wife there’s no way Trump can win in Colorado, and she tells me I have no credibility, because I’ve said for the last year that Trump won’t win anything, here or anywhere.

How that ruins my credibility, I don’t know, but anyway, it’s a useful exercise to look for examples of politicians who’ve won in Colorado, despite exhibiting Trump-like behavior.

I’m not talking about talk-radio hosts, some of whom are deep on the Trump spectrum. Like Peter Boyles. And I’m not referring to politicians in deep red districts.

I’m talking about politicians from purple districts.

Who comes to mind? State Sen. Laura Woods, who has that same erratic quality as Trump. Woods won once by 650 votes. But can she win again, if she behaves like Trump?

Case in point, Woods recently shared an article on Facebook about billionaire Steyer’s political donations in Colorado, as part of his evil agenda to stop global warming, as well as donations by George Soros.

Woods’ Trumpish behavior came out in the comments, where she “liked” this:

“Russia has a bounty on his head and an arrest warrant in place for Soros. We need someone to turn them over to them.”

Does Woods want Steyer to be turned over to the Russians to be killed? Seriously? Does she think there’s an actual factual bounty? Does she think Soros chould be shipped out? Is this a joke?

Woods and Trump are similar on a lot of issues (guns, immigration, choice), but “liking” the bounty comment is the kind of Trump behavior I’m talking about. Throwing something out there that raises a ton of questions.

In Woods’ case, however, despite the fact that her race against Democrat Rachel Zenzinger is probably the most important contest in the state, few reporters are asking Woods to explain herself. And she’s not talking to me.

Of course, Woods has been loving Trump since she first heard him speak at Boulder’s Republican presidential primary debate—and just she recently told The Colorado Statesman’s Ernest Luning that Trump is “the people’s candidate.” That’s high praise. Is she modeling herself after him?

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  1. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    I did a google for the arrest warrant/Soros thing and it all seems rather murky. Putin may or may not have had a warrant issued for Soros on grounds of financial terrorism and trying to crash the Russian stock market by means of Danish and/or Swedish derivatives. The references I found are from various right wing and “sensationalist” web sites.I suspect Ms. Woods ought to keep her focus on her re-election.

    • Jason Salzman says:

      Wow. thank you, CHB. i didn't even check to see if it was "true" in the right-wing world that Russia has a bounty out for Steyer's head. Regardless, Does Woods want Steyer killed and Soros arrested?

    • BlueCat says:

      Doesn't seem murky to me. When something like this that ought to be a huge story only appears in "sensationalist" websites whether wacko right or wacko left, but can't be found in any legitimate primary source and gets no mention in anything approaching legitimate media, it's safe to say it's not murky…. just pure black helicopter nut bag fantasy.

      Woods is a nut bag just like her hero.

  2. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    I didn't check regarding Steyer, and no time today (Aug. 11) until late afternoon.

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