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Get More SmarterBarack Obama may not be the best orator in his own home. It’s time to Get More Smarter with Colorado Pols. If you think we missed something important, please include the link in the comments below (here’s a good example). If you are more of a visual learner, check out The Get More Smarter Show.


► The Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Philadelphia began with controversy on Monday — largely because of the presence of Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz. But once Democrats got their shouting out of the way and Wasserman Schultz stepped aside as DNC Chair, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders helped quiet the crowd. From Politico:

Bernie Sanders loyalists heckled and hassled Democratic stars all day. But when Sanders himself addressed the Democratic National Convention on Monday, the party’s nightmarish day finally brightened.

“Hillary Clinton must become the next president of the United States,” Sanders boomed. And delegates, for the most part, cheered his call.

That was the clearest sign of an easing after an excruciating day of failed attempts at projecting unity following the divisive and protracted Democratic primary.

Colorado delegates are apparently confident that Democrats will unite behind Hillary Clinton this week.


► While Bernie Sanders’ endorsement of Hillary Clinton for President was a pivotal moment at the DNC on Monday, the most powerful speech of the night — and the new standard-bearer for the rest of the week — was an address by First Lady Michelle Obama. As “The Fix” writes, Republicans had better keep their fingers crossed that Mrs. Obama doesn’t ever decide to run for office herself.


► Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign is apparently feeling pretty good about its chances in Colorado. As First Read reports, Clinton’s campaign is adjusting its TV advertising budget away from Colorado and putting more money in state’s considered to be swingy-er.


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► Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump will be in Colorado Springs on Friday for a fundraiser on his behalf. There are no indications as yet as to whether Trump will hold any public events during his visit to Colorado.


► Jason Salzman does a fact check of a Denver Post editorial praising Sen. Cory Gardner (R-Yuma) as some sort of modern example of a good Republican. Despite what the Post claims, the facts are clear that Gardner a) Does not support comprehensive immigration reform, and b) Actually SUPPORTED a Government shutdown.


► State Rep. Justin “Sleepytime” Everett made waves at the RNC in Cleveland last week by insisting that any definition of “marriage” be preceded by the word “traditional.”


► Republican Senate candidate Darryl Glenn can’t raise money to save his life, but that isn’t preventing outside money from coming to his aid. Restoration PAC, a national conservative organization, is spending $800k to run TV ads in Colorado promoting Glenn.


► Republican Rep. Clarice Navarro is apparently not pleased that Democratic Rep. Crisanta Duran will have a prominent speaking role at the DNC on Thursday.


► A measure to increase the minimum wage in Colorado will almost certainly qualify for the November ballot after supporters turned in more than twice the required number of signatures to the Secretary of State’s office.




► Elected Republicans in Colorado are waving goodbye to the GOP.


► Gov. John Hickenlooper is speaking out against proposed transfers of public lands. Hick is speaking out after the Republican Party Platform, finalized last week, included as a key priority the transfer of federal lands to state authorities.


Bill Clinton returns to the stage at the DNC — as the potential “First Dude.”


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  1. Zappatero says:

    Politico and The Fix are about as conventional as CW gets. They might have a good take, but it's a take that the DC Gang of 500 agrees on before distributing to their loyal followers. And what they mostly care about is the politics, not the resulting policies, and how Democrats and Republicans are mirror images of each other that must be treated as equally "serious", equally venal, equally patriotic, equally motivated.

    “The divided-party narrative was already firmly in place by the time liberal crusaders Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders took the stage Monday night,” the Washington Post’s Aaron Blake writes, and far be it from Blake to diverge from that narrative—however much straining it takes to stay on message in the face of the reality of the speeches he’s writing about. He had a Ted Cruz comparison to make, and he made it.

    He had a “Dems in disarray” story to tell, and he told it:

    Warren and Sanders did nothing to exacerbate those tensions like Cruz did. They didn't necessarily defuse them, either.

    Oh, sure, they pointed to Clinton’s support of a host of the policies they and their supporters want passed, like paid family leave and raising the minimum wage; they drew strong contrasts between her and Donald Trump; and—having both already endorsed her at campaign rallies—they reiterated their endorsements for her. But somehow all that was inadequate to Blake:

    Instead, the case for Clinton from both Warren and Sanders basically boiled down to this: Clinton is right on the issues that are important, and she's better than Trump.

    Um … kind of important, no? That’s really what the choice of president is all about, isn’t it? So why is this framed as an “instead” of fully defusing tensions? Because Republicans had a major disunity problem and a few jerks had booed at the Democratic convention, so yay! False equivalence time! 

    False Equivalence is the great escape for lazy or timid journalists, which leads to cowardly politicians who use the "both sides do it" excuse for whatever malfeasance they are in the process of committing.  

  2. mamajama55 says:

    Klingenschmitt is crying about closing his bank accounts. Even though he's made $800,000 the last two years from his PIJN activities, he's "broke".  His 2014 990 form shows $853,000 income with zero grants or distributions to charities.

    He also claims not to have dental insurance for an $8,000 dental bill. Why would someone who makes 800 grand a year not have dental insurance? As the only employee and CEO of Persuade the World Ministries / Pray in Jesus' Name, why would he not have purchased dental and health insurance?

    Still want to know what happened to that money he raised "for the orphanage in India".

    • Voyageur says:

      Dental insurance is a fairly bad deal, mj.   Mine limited itself to $1,000 per recepient per year (two recipients on my policy."  Our bills have hit $14,000 or more.   A single tooth can cost $8,000 if you need an implant.   Sigh, we need two.   That's why you need a 401k for emergency expenses when you retire.

      As for the orphanage in India, have you checked out the massage parlor near Fort Carson?   A lot of right wing preachers seem to feel their ministry starts there.

      Praise the lord and pass the dental dam.

  3. Diogenesdemar says:

    With any luck, Bill Clinton has just come down with a horrendous case of laryngitis, and Michelle Obama is being asked to speak in support of Hillary again tonight . . . 

  4. mamajama55 says:


    Ugly stuff going down at the DNC. Conflicting rumors abound. Common Dreams reports: Nina Turner and Rosario Dawson ejected,their credentials stripped, for criticizing the DNC.

    Others, among them Ben Jealous, tweeted that Nina Turner surrendered her credential voluntarily after Clinton campaign refused her request to put Bernie Sanders’ name in nomination.

    What is certain is that there was a large walkout after Clinton was nominated, which was not covered by mainstream media. See #dncwalkout for details.

    Massive walkout of ~500+ delegates, leaving hall 1/3 empty. Some reports that DNC brought in “seat fillers” afterwards.

    Big street protests:

    Some of this happened after the roll call. Some before and during Bill’s speech. Hundreds of supporters outside, marching down Broad street, trapped in media hall after DNC locked doors. Sparse coverage on regular media. CBS and USA today supposedly had some coverage.

    Guess that as soon as the DNC got what they wanted from Bernie, they wanted all his people to shut up. No, Nina Turner and Rosario Dawson were not "Bernie or Busters".  Some of the people who left were; most are not. 

    Here’s a post which sounds semi-sane:

    Please spread this far and wide.
    Nina Turner has NOT been kicked out of the Ohio Democratic Party.
    HOWEVER, the Clinton campaign refused to allow Nina to put Bernie’s nomination on floor tonight. Bernie made this request. He wanted Nina and Tulsi to do it and they refused our Nina this great honor!
    Please help me spread their shame.

    The DNC would have been better off allowing Bernie Busters to demonstrate, and Nina Turner to symbolically put Bernie’s name into nomination. They should have allowed folks to have their say.

      Is this what an HRC administration would be like?

    • BlueCat says:

      I don't know the facts on this incident but as for Bernie or Busters, they don't exist anymore. Those calling themselves that at this point are Bernie's enemies. Bernie has been begging them not to pull these stunts anymore now that HRC is the candidate and getting booed for it. He's been trying to explain to them why it's so important to elect her and not just to stop Trump but for the advancement of the progressive movement and getting booed for it. He's been pointing to all the positions HRC and the party that he is now a part of are taking that are a result of his and his movement's success and getting booed for it.

       They're Bernie booers, for God's sake.

      If they'd stop throwing hissy fits for five minutes and look at their movement's and its leader's amazing success so far, how far he's brought them and the potential to expand on that with Bernie's Party, the Democratic Party (yes he's a Democrat now), in power, they'd be breaking open the champagne and getting ready to keep working for Bernie and for themselves by working to elect HRC and a Dem Senate.

      These are clearly no longer Bernie supporters. Not in any way shape or form, not by any objective standard, not by any stretch of the imagination. 

      Thank goodness polls are showing 90% of Bernie's supporters are not like these knuckleheads and will support Bernie's candidate because they really do support Bernie.

      • Pseudonymous says:

        Read into this what you will.

        Bernie Sanders said he plans to return to the Senate as an independent, despite winning 13 million votes in the Democratic Party’s presidential primary contest.

        “I was elected as an independent; I’ll stay two years more as an independent,” Mr. Sanders said.

        • BlueCat says:

          Not crazy about this move but it's actually reasonable. He's obviously thrown in with the Dem party and it is in his interests to work for a big Dem victory as he says he will. He's caucused with Dems since the 90s . He certainly can't get anywhere with the GOP in charge. 

          I remember how pissed off I was when I voted for Ben Nighthorse Campbell as a Dem and he switched to R without resigning and giving his constituents a chance to choose to reelect him as an R  or vote in a D, as we thought we had, so I think Bernie is showing respect for his constituents by serving as what they voted for in his remaining two years.

          I don't think this affects his and his movement's dependence on being part of a Dem majority with a Dem President and Dem elected Supreme Court.

          I wish Nighthorse Campbell had shown the voters who elected him as a Dem the same respect. Of course what Nighthorse Campbell did was far more serious since he changed from a Dem caucus member to a GOP caucus member, a complete betrayal of the Dem voters who thought he was going to represent their interests as a Dem. 

          It certainly does, though, reinforce the complaint that he was never a Dem so why was was he running for the Dem nomination in the first place.

          As it has played out I'm glad he did but hope he will align himself more closely to the party that made everything he has accomplished possible. Had he run as an indie he'd just have been another Nader type bringing a little more attention to a pet issue or two. He would not be the transformative force he's become.

          DNC shenanigans notwithstanding he owes the Dem Party big time for the stature he has attained as a serious major party candidate and I hope he honors that debt. 

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