The Trump Campaign is STILL Talking About Melania’s Plagiarism

Plagiarism comparisons were front-page news on on Tuesday.

Plagiarism comparisons were front-page news on on Tuesday.

The big story from Monday night at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland was the allegations of plagiarism in a speech delivered by Melania Trump, the wife of GOP Presidential nominee Donald Trump. Various Trump spokespersons spent the next 36 hours trying to downplay the fairly indisputable evidence of plagiarism, much to the confusion of politicos on both sides of the aisle.

Today, after blaming everyone from Hillary Clinton to My Little Pony for the plagiarism story, the Trump campaign finally came clean…sort of. As Chris Cillizza writes for “The Fix”:

A day-and-a-half removed from revelations that Melania Trump, the GOP nominee’s wife, had plagiarized portions of the speech she delivered Monday night to the convention crowd, the Trump campaign offered up an answer that made sense.

Meredith McIver, an employee of Donald Trump’s company (not campaign) had accidentally used first lady Michelle Obama’s words from a 2008 speech at the Democratic National Convention. Melania Trump had read McIver passages of Obama’s speeches that she liked, and McIver jotted them down without realizing they belonged to the first lady. (McIver’s full letter is here.)…

…The smart thing to do — and the thing that any even marginally traditional campaign would have done — is rapidly figure out that the blame lies with McIver, release this letter overnight Monday and cast the whole thing as an innocent mistake by a longtime loyalist who was simply trying to help her friend Melania Trump.

That approach wouldn’t have squashed the story entirely on Tuesday. But it would have taken a whole lot of oxygen out of it. By Tuesday night — and certainly by Wednesday morning — the talk of the town would have been Donald Trump Jr.’s terrific speech Tuesday night and how momentum was building to Ted Cruz and Mike Pence Wednesday night.

Instead, for some unknown reason, the Trump campaign spent all of Tuesday defending a position that they knew they could never hold.  And then they gave up on it. Inevitably.

Maybe it’s not such a good idea for the Trump campaign to operate without a clear campaign manager or a group of seasoned communications experts.


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    • Diogenesdemar says:

      Oh, this one isn't going to go away for at least a few more days . . . 

      In addition to potentially violating federal law, today's Drumpfenlogicalexplanation has Melania (beautiful and smart and speaks five languages) reading quotations she knew were Michelle Obama's to her speechwriter (which she up until recently claimed not to have), and then delivering those quotation lines in her speech . . .

      • BlueCat says:

        All McIver had to do would have been to change a few more words, shuffle the order of the phrases and intersperse them throughout the speech. They did change a few words and they are common enough phrases but the undeniable give away was that the almost word for word phrases appeared together and in the exact same sequence as in Michelle Obama's speech.

        Interesting, though, that this happened because of Mrs. Trump's admiration for Mrs. Obama. Awkward.

        Also interesting…. before the convention Obama's numbers had been sinking a bit though still in positive RCP average territory. Since the convention, they're headed back up. Guess it's not going to be another election where Dems feel they need to treat Obama like toxic waste.

        Rs, whose campaign strategy for years has been the tying of Obama to reluctant Dems who obediently concede that their President sucks by running away from him, may find that their favorite strategy doesn't work so well anymore

    • Davie says:

      I believe the President's job will finally go to Trump — as President of Future Felons of America 😉

  1. FrankUnderwood says:

    I actually feel a little sorry for Melania. She had no idea what he was signing up for when she enlisted as his third trophy wife. She probably figured she would have to parade around with him in public, perform her conjugal duties with him from time to time (eeww), perhaps bear a child or two, and basically travel, be photographed, shop and wear expensive jewelry. They never told her there would be any heavy thinking, or God forbid, a speaking role involved.

  2. itlduso says:

    As usual, it's not the crime, but the coverup.  The Trump campaign tried to blame Hillary Clinton for the scandal when, in fact, an out of work journalist, not affiliated with the Clinton campaign in any way, noted the similarities and tweeted about them.  Yet another example of why Donald Trump is unfit for the presidency.


  3. TobiasFunke says:

    Are we making too big of a deal of this? 

    These people literally want to roll America's social climate back to the 1950s, and instead of talking about that, we're talking about a couple passages from a speech on the first night of convention… three days later? 

    Trump shoulda come clean, absolutely. We've made our points, and we should move on to attacking shit that actually matters.

    • Colorado Pols says:

      The point here is exactly the opposite. It is the Trump campaign that turned this into a big deal by botching the response. 

    • This whole thing wouldn't have rated even a teapot for its tempest had the campaign not been so adamant in coming back to it over and over again.

      As you note, there are so many other things that are worse coming out of the RNC this week. Many of the more outrageous ones are indeed getting press, and I think the conversation about just how hateful and angry the convention tone has been – how devoid of levity or policy three days worth of speeches – is taking over from the stupid plagarism issue. But it is worth pointing out that this is yet another Drumpfster fire that the campaign keeps feeding rather than letting it die out.

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