Donald Trump Collects His First Un-Endorsement

trumpburnThat’s the word from Illinois, as “The Fix” reports:

Illinois Republican Sen. Mark Kirk rescinded his endorsement of Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy on Tuesday afternoon, the first elected official to vacate support for the real estate mogul in the wake of a growing controversy over his comments about a federal judge…

…The question now is whether Kirk turns into the rule or the exception among his colleagues. Lots of Senate Republicans — from Mitch McConnell to Tim Scott — have condemned Trump’s remarks about Judge Gonzalo Curiel. But, none other than Kirk have taken the next logical step of abandoning their stated support for Trump.

Bob Corker of Tennessee, who has been one of the more supportive senators in regards Trump, refused Tuesday morning to answer the question of whether the real estate mogul was “fit” to be president. By Tuesday afternoon, Corker had set a timetable for Trump to ship up — or else.

Trump is trying to stop the bleeding from his comments about U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel, which he says now were “misconstrued.”

It’s cute that Republican U.S. Senators — and other elected officials — think they are moving the needle by considering a reversal of previous Trump endorsements, but all it really does is make everyone in the big GOP tent look like a bunch of maroons. Again, from “The Fix”:

This is who Trump is. Either accept it or don’t. But no one on the Republican side of the aisle get to act surprised anymore about something Trump has said or done. You know what you are getting if you stay on as an endorser.


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  1. James Dodd says:

    I was just listening to NPR. Senator Flake from Arizona has also un-endorsed Trump. Well, actually, he never fully endorsed Trump, but today he came out pretty strongly against Trump.

  2. Jorgensen says:

    The latest, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Florida) retracted his endorsement as well as Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) who called Trump's statements, "Un-American." And former Mass. Governor and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has consistently refused to endorse Trump. How many more will have the courage to denounce Trump? Can't guess. But thanks Romney, Rubio and Lindsey, if you don't change your minds on Trump. He would be a disaster for our country and the world. 

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