Who is Scott Tipton working for? Not you

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This weekend, a devastating report in the Denver Post confirmed something many in western Colorado already knew: Rep. Scott Tipton is the tool of an oil and gas company that has given his campaign tens of thousands of dollars. Tipton takes his orders from the energy industry–not the citizens he represents in Congress.

Tell Scott Tipton to return SG Interests’ money–and stop letting them write his bills.

The Denver Post reported this weekend that Rep. Scott Tipton introduced legislation regarding a controversial energy development issue in western Colorado which “was written largely by an energy company that is also Tipton’s largest campaign contributor.” [1] The bill leaves out any plan for long-term conservation in the Thompson Divide area. The Post reports that Rep. Tipton admits to taking language for the legislation “word-for-word” from lawyers for the energy company that owns mineral rights in the Thompson Divide.

And it’s the same energy company, SG Interests, that has given almost $40,000 to Rep. Tipton’s campaign. Ordinary citizens in Tipton’s district can’t compete with the industry’s lavish support for Tipton, and the results are obvious. Western Colorado’s representative in Congress answers to the highest bidder.

Send a message to Tipton now: tell him to return SG Interests’ money, and stop letting the oil and gas industry write “his” legislation. We’ll make sure Tipton gets the message.

Thanks for standing up for western Colorado when it matters most.

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  1. Duke Cox says:

    something many in western Colorado already knew: Rep. Scott Tipton is the tool of an oil and gas company.. 

    yes..correct…he isn't listening…thanks for the update…smiley

  2. PiceanceDog says:

    Nothing like a handout from a Texas billionaire to make you want to screw over your neighbors! 

  3. Diogenesdemar says:

    Until someone teaches Tipton to read, I have to question the futility and wasted effort in sending him a message.  Even if he gets your message, I doubt he'll "get" the message. 

  4. PKolbenschlag says:


    From my 9/22/2015 diary:

    …SG Interests is currently trying to acquire additional lands in the North Fork via legislation while attempting to drill on the other side of the pass, within the Thompson Divide area, threatening to take its heavy industrial traffic right through Glenwood Springs and up Four Mile Road against everyone’s objections.

    Perhaps due to its often blunt tactics SGI has been investing heavily in the politics of the geography it hopes to drill. It is rumored to give hefty 4 figure contributions to small town Chambers of Commerce. SGI is the local congressman’s number one donor and he SGI’s number one recipient. Senator Cory Gardner also being among its top recipients of campaign cash. So far in just 2015 SGI has spent over $220,000 on high-priced DC lobbyists.


  5. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    More hysterics from Progress Now. Maybe one should read the Post article in its entirely, which I did. So, the bill is introduced with writing help from a lobbyist; maybe Progress Now can name one congress critter who doesn't get assistance from right or left oriented lobbyists in writing bills.

    Depending if the bill moves, there are committee hearings, opportunities for amendments, and so on.  

    • Duke Cox says:

      You are as full of shit as a Christmas turkey, CHB. When are you going to stop with the "it's ok because everybody does it" nonsense. Jeez, man…pick up your game.

      I am quite sure you do not live in his district…amirite? 

    • PKolbenschlag says:

      Tipton ignored outright the substantial and detailed input given to him by the all Republican Delta BoCC, and the bipartisan Gunnison BoCC, the two counties that include the lands for which SGI wants to affect its rescue from leases that are expired and about to be over turned in Thompson Divide. The SGI bill includes waiving all environmental review including NEPA and land transfer provisions of FLPMA. It is the very example of a lobbyist giveaway. 

      Those land transfer provisions require, among other things, that the exchange is a fair value to the American people.


      • PKolbenschlag says:

        from the SGI written bill exempting the public lands included in the exchange from all environmental and public lands laws, including provisions that the exchange be of an equal value, and binding their management to the 1993 GMUG oil and gas EIS despite the fact that that EIS is outdated, its RFD has long been exceeded, and a new plan is about to be scoped. 

        (2)    ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESS. – The Secretary shall follow the administrative procedures described herein to implement this Section. The Secretary shall not follow the land exchange procedures set forth in Section 206 of the Federal Land Policy Management Act (43 U.S.C. 1716). Exchanges and conversions under subsection (a), including the issuance of new leases, shall be considered actions that are categorically excluded from the requirements for an environmental assessment or an environmental impact statement under the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (42 U.S.C. 4321 et seq.) or section 1508.4 of title 40, Code of Federal Regulations (or a successor regulation). Further, such actions conducted in accordance with this section are deemed to be in compliance with the Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976, as amended, the Mineral Leasing Act of 1920, as amended, and applicable land and resource management plans.


        Sec. 206. [43 U.S.C. 1716] (a) A tract of public land or interests therein may be disposed of by exchange by the Secretary under this Act and a tract of land or interests therein within the National Forest System may be disposed of by exchange by the Secretary of Agriculture under applicable law where the Secretary concerned determines that the public interest will be well served by making that exchange: Provided, That when considering public interest the Secretary concerned shall give full consideration to better Federal land management and the needs of State and local people, including needs for lands for the economy, community expansion, recreation areas, food, fiber, minerals, and fish and wildlife and the Secretary concerned finds that the values and the objectives which Federal lands or interests to be conveyed may serve if retained in Federal ownership are not more than the values of the non-Federal lands or interests and the public objectives they could serve if acquired.



  6. gertie97 says:

    Problem is, Tipton's GOP base in the 3rd District remains fully on board with him. I think, however, that Gail Schwartz can peel off the rational Republicans. Yes, they do exist, although they are keeping low profiles.


    • PKolbenschlag says:

      I am not sure. That unknown kid from Carbondale took 40% of the convention vote.  There is trouble afoot in the 3rd CD. If its Trump and Clinton at the top of the ticket, that is another boost for Gail.  

      There are still reasonable Republicans. And even more people that would be Republicans but for the wingnuttery that has befallen that party and are now thus unaffiliated.  Without claiming to speak for them, I will note that I know quite a few and work with some on a regular basis. 

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