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November 04, 2015 2:31 pm MST

Why do Colorado Senate Republicans think it's a good idea to attack Jeffco voters?

  • by: Jason Salzman

(Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Senate President Bill Cadman (R).
Senate President Bill Cadman (R).

Control of the Colorado Senate swings in the balance next year, with the Democrats hoping to pick up one itsy bitsy state Senate seat and the Republicans clinging to a majority of one itsy bitsy Senate seat. And that seat is most likely in Jefferson County.

With this in mind, after last night’s uprising against conservatives in said Jefferson County, you’d think the Republicans’ official Senate Facebook page would speak in a humble tone, with an eye on the not-so-far-away-longer-term.

Instead, the Colorado Senate GOP lashed out at the Jeffco electorate, which, did I mention, will be voting again in just 12 months (or, about 364 days).

Here’s what the Colorado Senate GOP Facebook page had to say, in a statement that deserved wide coverage:

Parents not willing to support school reform get what they vote for — reform-resistant status quo schools run according to union shop rules. If that’s good enough for their kids, so be it. It’s the students, not the parents, who will live with the consequences.

Do Colorado Senate Republicans hope to hold their Jeffco swing districts with this attack line? Do they think attacking the Jeffco parents is a winning strategy for 2016? It’s a legitimate question for reporters to put to Senate Republicans, given what they said today on Facebook.


11 thoughts on “Why do Colorado Senate Republicans think it’s a good idea to attack Jeffco voters?

  1. What is with the fixation on teacher unions as the source of all evil? Is it because their members are generally highly educated?

    Teacher unions are not particularly powerful. They mainly exist to ensure teachers get decent and fair compensation and benefits, retain sufficient plan periods, get paid for "extras" administrators put on them (this is common) etc. Looking at your average teacher salary — and consider all the licensing requirements etc — they have not been that successful. And they are losing the battle with the know-nothing fat cats like Bill Gates who claim to have the next best idea to fix education (that ignores the proven successful tactics of small class sizes,well-trained  and supported teachers and an affluent student body /snark)

    Teacher unions were formed when a school administration attempted to cut the pay of all the women teachers in order to give the male teachers much larger salaries. Without a union defending them, injustices like that would be commonplace. You are kidding yourself if you think they won't.

    1. Maddow reported that right wing pundits attack teacher unions out of pure self interest. Teacher (and other public employee) unions contribute money and volunteer time to Democratic candidates. Teachers are also still one of the most trusted groups in America – so an NEA endorsement carries weight. It really is that simple.

      1. Absolutely. It's long been known that their attack on all unions is mainly about cutting off funding for Dems. You pass Citizens United and kill the unions to overpower Dems. 

    1. I was going to give them the benefit of the doubt and just figured that they aren't very bright.  I know that was the case with our old school majority.

  2. If all the parents who voted for recall remember what GOP State Senators think of them, I like our chances for taking back the State Senate and increasing our majority in the House. Thanks, Republican jerks.

  3. Maybe it's just good old "eye for an eye" Old Testament justice….except that voters in DougCo, JeffCo, and  Thompson did a lot more than poke Senate Conservatives in they eye last night!  smiley

    1. And DougCo is hardly a bastion of pro-union thug libruls or diversity. What's the rightie explanation for why all three "reformer" incumbents got ousted there?  Will the Colorado right adjust the narrative? Of course not.  

      Our wacko righties are way too committed to their "the union bullied/ tricked people" narrative to let anything like facts on the ground change it. That's their story and they're sticking to it. Nothing to see here. Just have to get their message out better. Guess there just wasn't enough Koch money. 

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