The race for Pueblo County GOP chair should be interesting

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A couple candidates have announced their intention to run for the Pueblo County GOP chair, recently vacated by Becky Mizel, who resigned.

First, there’s Dr. Thomas Ready, who wrote, according to a Facebook post by Brian Matar:

“I am running to be the Pueblo County Republican Party Chairman. My goal is to bring the party back together and to include all that want to be there. I’m asking for your support at the next election. Thank you in advance. Tom”

Ready made headlines last year when he asserted, during a debate, that there’s no proof the Sandy Hook school shooting happened at all. At the time, The Pueblo Chieftain quoted him as saying:

“I don’t think (the Sandy Hook shootings have) been proven. And what’s wrong with open discussion?”

A call to Ready to confirm his entry in the race was not immediately returned.

But you wouldn’t think Pueblo Republicans would let an election go by without a fight.

Yesterday, former State Sen. George Rivera announced he’s also running. Rivera, you recall, took the seat from Sen. Angela Giron in a recall election in 2013. Leroy Garcia defeated Rivera last November.

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  1. mamajama55 says:

    The wife-beater vs. the guy who doesn't believe in minimum wage laws or upgrading public transportation.

    Cheer up, Pueblo GOP. You still have Victor "Mr. Classy" Heading up  the vice-chair position.

    On the other hand, Pueblo GOP, I think you should all hold your breath until Pueblo turns Blue. It won't be long now.

  2. mamajama55 says:

    Apparently, the Pueblo County Republican Party has lost its website, its phone number, and its headquarters under Becky Mizel's "leadership". Tom Ready is running to make it all better, though….From Facebook:

    Tom Ready with Brian Mater and

    August 28 at 9:18am ·

    A note to my Pueblo Republican Friends…

    Good afternoon Pueblo County Republicans:

    Please allow me to apologize for my brief announcement the other evening. However, I wanted to reach out to you today to introduce myself if you don’t know me, and to further explain to everyone why I’m seeking the position of Pueblo County Republican Chair.
    Most of you are aware of my history, commitment and support of the Republican Party, especially in Pueblo, CO. I served as the Chair for years, and not only was it a joy, but accomplishments were made. It always made me proud to represent Pueblo County at various meetings and venues. Pueblo County Republicans truly are Pueblo Strong and Pueblo Proud. That is something I want to continue.
    Since the resignation of our former Chair, Becky Mizel, there have been a million rumors circulated about the state of the Party. Becky did a fine job, and it was always a pleasure to work with her, but having said that…since her resignation the Pueblo County Republican Party has taken many steps backwards, and that is NOT where we need to be. We have lost our headquarters, we have lost our website, we have lost our phone number, and the most serious of all of these losses is the loss of our volunteers that don’t currently have confidence in PCRP. Our volunteers have been dedicated and driven to make Republicans successful in Pueblo County, and they have done so out of the goodness of their hearts and their belief in lower taxes, less government and personal responsibility. Those are the same reasons I’m still involved today with the Republican Party. I’m no newcomer to party politics and drama, but that needs to stop, and I know I’ll bring the leadership to PCRP that can make this happen.

    While some folks are going to make lofty promises I’m here to tell you that PCRP needs to get back to some very basic things that have been lost in an effort to become the hub for our volunteers and candidates that we are so well known for. The election season is upon us, and we don’t have a headquarters, we don’t have a website, we don’t have a phone, and our volunteers are disenfranchised. Who could blame them?
    I’m humbly asking for your support because I love this Grand Old Party, and I particularly love the fight we need to strategize for against the Democrats. Again, I’m no stranger to party politics, and it’s time to direct our efforts to defeating Democrats in 2016. Our candidates need us, and it’s our obligation as loyalists to create and ensure an environment where they can and will be successful. That DOES NOT EXIST RIGHT NOW.
    My Commitments to PCRP:

    • Establish a headquarters that PCRP can be proud of, and our volunteers can feel welcome
    Recapture our website where information and donations take center stage

    • Recapture our phone number so that our interested public can, once again, reengage with PCRP

    • Attract new volunteers and bring back former volunteers – they never wanted to leave PCRP, but they felt as the organization failed them – That conversation needs to be had, and PCRP needs to make sound steps to ensure that the organization is solid and ready to function

    • Seek out and find good candidates that will bring pride and inspiration to our Party – We have great elected officials in Pueblo County like Brian Cotter (Coroner) and Clarice Navarro-Ratzlaff (State Representative) that serve as fine examples of how Republicans can and will win in Pueblo County – We just need to build on those success stories, and I’m the man that can make that happen

    • Fundraise – We can’t function and provide what we need to provide if we don’t have the funds to do it – Fundraising is a key aspect of serving as the Chair, and if I may, I’ll make another plug for the Ready Steak Fry on Saturday night – I intend to establish a fundraising strategy that will see us through the 2016 election cycle – I hope you are with me on this, and I hope that you see the importance of this – I’ll need each and every one of you to ensure we have what we need to get done what needs to get done.

    It’s time to get to work Pueblo County Republicans, and I’m willing to take the punches in the paper, I’m willing to work my fingers to the bone for our candidates, and I’m willing to do this because I still believe in this Grand Old Party and the ideals that have kept us together for so long. It’s time to pull things together, and it’s time to elevate PCRP back to where it was just a few short months ago.
    Again, I’m humbly asking for your support. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. We can do this, and we can do it together!


    Dr. Tom Ready

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